Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Synergy Between MS Project and PMBOK Guide

I have been asked many times on the white paper that appeared for the Synergy between MS Project and PMBOK Guide, in 2009.

Some are unable to find it and have requested for an access. This is the ONLY paper of its kind that appeared ever in a typically theoretical driven publications and stands out as it emphasizes on practicality of PMBOK using the MS Project tool.

This white paper has been referred many times in many other management books and publications.


3.1.1. Project (PMBOK®) Vs Project Summary Task (MSP):

A “Project” is at the highest level when a WBS is created in the “Create WBS” Knowledge Area
Process (KAP) of “Scope Management” KA as per PMBOK® guide. A project can be further broken down into phases or deliverables and it is considered to be at Level-0 in the WBS.

Similarly in MSP, a Project is known as “Project Summary Task” and it can be viewed by selecting the “Show Project Summary Task” option in the View tab of Tools -> Options menu.

3.1.2 Work Package (PMBOK®) Vs Summary Task (MSP):
A “Work Package” is created in the “Create WBS” KAP of “Scope Management” KA. As per PMBOK®, a work package can be assigned to multiple people and can be broken down to “Activity” level. A “Work Package” in PMBOK® corresponds to “Summary Task” in MSP. A Summary Task can also be broken down to individual task levels.

Complete Link:

Complete Link To the White Paper is HERE (see link), for everyone to access. 

I'll update on the new version of it shortly - MS Project 2010 with PMBOK 5th Edition, which is expected to come this month. Stay tuned on this blog!

Important Note:

Please note that this is ONLY from Schedule Management (or Time Management as PMBOK calls it) perspective. If you are interested to know on how exploit MS Project with various PMBOK principles, please get in touch with me. MS Project covers many aspects of PMBOK - Time, Scope, Cost, Integration, Quality, Resource et al and also various advanced principles such as EVM, Resource Leveling, What If Analysis as well!

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