Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, speaker, coach and author of multiple books: I Want To Be A PMP, I Want To Be A CAPM and the latest ones - I Want To Be An ACP, and I Want To Be A RMP. These books have created many successful PMPs, ACPs, CAPMs, and RMPs. Refer the books section for more details.

His course PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass has created many successful PMPs. He has created new management paradigms, including Agile PMP, Practical PMP and Practical RMP and many hands-on Agile-related courses. 

He has recently launched ACP Live Lessons – Guaranteed PassRMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed PassACP 21 Contact Hours OnlineRMP 30 Contact Hours Online courses. Other courses include CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass and PMP 35 Contact Hours Online. All theses courses also come with full money-back guarantee and have seen many success stories. For other video courses such as MS Project 2016, MS Project 2013, refer the videos section.

His area of interest primarily includes Management Principles and Practices; Agile - Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, Project Management related – Project, Program and Portfolio; Telecom/Payment/Android/Online Courses/Cloud related Technologies; Six Sigma, Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis and Agile tools.

You can see related videos on various courses - ManagementYogi's YT Channel.

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He is currently based out Bangalore, India and can be contacted at: 
E-mail: managementyogi@gmail.com

Other social media handles for informal communication. Please contact only via Email for questions, clarifications, help or guidance. 

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit: @managementyogi


Success Stories and Reviews

With his leadership and guidance, hundreds of professionals have succeeded in being PMI-PMPs, PMI-RMPs, PMI-ACPs, and PMI-CAPM. Few of these professionals have written their detailed success stories so that one day you could be one. 



Recent Ones (Partial List):
  1. What Should You Know About the PMP Exam Changes in 2021 and Beyond, October 7 and 11, 2021 (Part-1Part-2)
  2. Understanding and Using Resource Graph View in MS Project, September 21, 2021 (Link)
  3. Agile Asanas: Scrum Sprint Inputs and Outputs 2021, September 15, 2021 (Sprint I/Os) (Part-1, Part-2
  4. Planned and Actual Percent Complete in MS Project, August 10, 2021 (Link)
  5. Using Custom Fields and Project Functions in MS Project 2019, July 31, 2021 (Part-1, Part-2)
  6. The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence, June 29, 2021 (Link)
  7. End to End Risk Management with Microsoft Project and Primavera Risk Analysis, May 18, 2021 (Link)
  8. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Governance, April 27, 2021 (Link)
  9. Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development, March 09, 2021 (Link)
  10. The Value of an Agile Project Management Office, February 02, 2021 (Link)
  11. A Deeper Look: Top Changes in the New 2020 Scrum Guide for Agile Practitioners, December 29, 2020 (Link)
  12. Displaying Total Slack (Float), Free Slack (Float) and Negative Slack (Float) Graphically in MS Project 2019, December 2, 2020 (Link)
  13. Probabilistic Branching and Analysis in Risk Management, November 30, 2020 (Link)
  14. The Close Sibling of Communications and Stakeholder Management: Resource Management, November 2, 2020 (Link)
  15. Mapping Traditional Project Roles to Agile Frameworks, October 4, 2020 (Link)
  16. Earned Value Management (EVM) in Agile Development, September 22, 2020 (Link)
  17. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Traditional and Agile Life Cycles with MS Project, August 18, 2020 (Link)
  18. The Twins  – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management, July 28, 2020 (Link)
  19. Story Map Vs Product Backlog in Agile Development – The Differences, July 9, 2020 (Link)
  20. The Big Picture with Story Map in Agile Development, June 23, 2020 (Link)
  21. Bus Factor, Broken-Comb Skills and Cross-Functional Agile Teams, June 19, 2020 (Link)
  22. Range of Incentive Effectiveness in Procurement Management, June 04, 07, 2020 (Link1, Link2)
  23. Estimate to Complete (ETC) Calculation – Formulas for ETC (Composite), ETC (CPI), June 02, 2020 (Link)
  24. Point of Total Assumption in Procurement Management, May 19, 2020 (Link)
  25. A Deep Dive into Risk Matrix Reporting, April 14, 2020 (Link)
  26. Key Guidelines to Follow for Velocity in Agile, March 16, 19, 2020 (Link 1Link 2)
  27. Understanding Velocity in Agile Approaches with MS Project, March 3, 2020 (Link)
  28. Using Naikan as an Agile Practice, January 14, 2020 (Link)
  29. Product Prioritization Techniques in Agile Development, January 7, 2020 (Link)
  30. Benefits Realization Management for Projects, November 26, 2019 (Link)
  31. Step by Step Guide - Install, Setup and Test Primavera Risk Analysis R8.7.5 on Windows 10, November 14, 2019 (Link)
  32. Step by Step Guide - Install, Setup and Configure Primavera P6 Professional R18.x/19.x on Windows 10, November 10, 2019 (Link)
  33. Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners, October 15, 2019 (Link)
  34. What Should You Know about the PMP Exam 2020 Changes, September 3, 2019 (Link)
  35. Stories about Stories in Agile Development, July 16, 2019 (Link)
  36. Up and Running MS Project and JIRA with a Bridge, May 28, 2019 (Link)
  37. PMP, RMP, CAPM Prep: Fundamentals of Project Risk Management Framework, March 26, 2019 (Link)
  38. PMP, CAPM Prep:Earned Schedule Management (ESM), February 5, 2019 (Link)
  39. PMP, ACP, CAPM Prep:Agile Release Planning, Let's Break It Down!, December 11, 2018 (Link)
  40. PMP, RMP, CAPM Prep:Understanding Qualitative Risk Analysis, November 6, 2018 (Link)
  41. PMI-PMP Prep:Transitioning from PMBOK 5th Edition to PMBOK 6th Edition, September 25, 2018 (Link)
  42. PMI-PBA Prep:How To Become A PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA), August 14, 2018 (Link)
  43. PMP, RMP Prep: Contingency Reserve and Management Reserve, July 17, 2018 (Link)
  44. PMP, RMP Prep: Critical Path, Criticality Analysis, and Criticality Index, June 19, 2018 (Link)
  45. PMP, ACP Prep: Why and When To Go For Agile Life Cycle, April 17, 2018 (Link)
  46. Step by Step Guide: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 with Visual Studio Community 2015 for Agile DevOps, June 20, 2017 (Link)
  47. Step by Step Guide - JIRA 7.3 for Lean/Agile Development, March 13, 2017 (Link)
  48. RMP Prep: Probability Distribution in Risk Management, May 5, 2017 (Link)
  49. RMP, PMP Prep: Decision Tree Analysis in Risk Management (Link
  50. The Sign Warned Me: “Enter at Your Own Risk”, October 24, 2016 (Link
  51. 5 Metrics for Agile Development (Link) [Metrics will be needed in PMI-ACP]
  52. PMI-ACP Prep: Introduction to Kanban, Kanban System and Kanban Development (Link) [Good understanding of Kanban is a must for PMI-ACP]
  53. PMI-ACP Prep: Understanding Project Estimation in Agile Development (Link)
    [Iterations, Story, Story Points, Velocity - Must know for PMI-ACP]
  54. PMP Prep: Strategic Alignment of Projects (Link)
  55. Step by Step Guide - Install, Setup and Configure Oracle Primavera P6 Professional R15.2 on Windows 7/8 (Link)
  56. PMP Prep: Understanding Internal Rate of Return (Link)
  57. PMP Prep: Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing (Link)
  58. RMP Exam Prep: Influence Diagram in Risk Management (Link)
  59. PMP Prep: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Risk Analysis (Link)
  60. PMP® Prep: Calculating EAC and ETC for Forecasting (Link)
  61. Lost in Translation? 5 PMBOK® Terms Explained for Project Users (Link)
  62. Step by Step Guide - How to Install, Setup and Configure Oracle Primavera P6 Professional R8.3 on Windows 7/8 (Link)

White Papers (partial list):
  1. Author White Paper - "PMBOK Guide 5th Edition and Oracle Primavera P6 - A Practical Step by Step Approach for Time Management", published by PM World Journal, January 2015, USA (Link)
  2.  Author White Paper - "PMBOK Guide 5th Edition and MS Project 2016 - A Practical Hands-on Guide", December 2015 (Link)
  3. Author White Paper - "PMBOK Guide 5th Edition and MS Project 2010 - A Practical Step-by-Step Approach", published by PM World Journal, February 2013, USA (Link)
  4. Co-Author of White Paper – “Synergy between PMBOK and MS Project 2007 - A Schedule Management Perspective” published by PMWorldToday, March 2009, USA (Link)
  5. Author of White Paper – “Offshore Software Project Development and Agile Framework - Can there be a Confluence?” published by PMWorldToday, May 2009, USA (Link)
  6. Author of White Paper - PMBOK 5th Edition with MS Project 2013 - A Practical Guide (Updated version on Project 2010) - (Link)

(partial list):
  1. PMP Prep: Understanding Internal Rate of Return -  December 22, 2015 by MPUG (Link)
  2. PMI-ACP Prep: Agile Scrum - Sprint I/O (Inputs and Outputs) - November 07, 2015 by ManagementYogi (Link)
  3. PMP Prep: Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing - November 03, 2015 by MPUG (Link)
  4. PMI-ACP Prep: Scrum and Kanban – Similarities and Differences - October 31, 2015 by ManagementYogi (Link)
  5. PMP Prep: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Risk Analysis - August 25, 2015 by MPUG (Link)
  6. PMP Prep: Calculating EAC and ETC for Forecasting - June 23, 2015 by MPUG (Link)
  7. Lost in Translation? 5 PMBOK® Terms Explained for Project Users - May 5, 2015 by MPUG (Link)
  8. Myths and Facts on PMI-ACP Examination - Part 1 (Link)
  9. Myths and Facts on PMI-ACP Examination - Part 2 (Link)
  10. Agile Is About Adaptive Actions, Not Corrective Actions or Preventive Actions (Link)
  11. PMP Certification and Maintenance: A Truly Cost Effective Way (Link)
  12. 11 Signs that Your Project will Fail (Part1 and Part2)
  13. Surviving Organizational Politics - Part I and II (Link1Link2)
  14. Percentage of Completion - Is It Meaningful? (Link)
  15. Nine Myths and Facts on PMI-PMP Examination (Link)
  16. Key Steps to Starting a Project - PMHut (Link)
  17. 7 Sins in a PMO (Program Management Officer) Role (Link)
  18. Differentiating Between Project Success and Project Management Success - PMHut (Link)