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New Book for PfMP Exam Prep: I Want To Be A PfMP, The Plain and Simple Way to be a PfMP

It gives me a lot of pleasure in announcing the public availability of the book for Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP®) examination preparation:

'I WANT TO BE A PfMP - The Plain and Simple Way to be A PfMP'.

The PfMP certification is the highest-level certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI®). However, unlike program, or project management and associated certifications, portfolio management is completely different. In fact, the mindset and thinking for it is so different that if you go with a program, or project management mindset, you may not be able to clear the PfMP exam!

You can learn more on PfMP certification here.

Every organization operates to create and sustain business value. To have value, an organization develops a strategic plan with strategic goals and objectives. However, an organization’s leadership can only achieve its strategic business objectives with portfolios. 

Another aspect is organizational velocity, which is my term. Velocity of an organization is determined by the velocity of the portfolio component's completion. It is portfolio management, which ensures the inclusion of right portfolio components holding highest strategic value are undertaken from various business units. This in turn enables organizational velocity.  

To make their organizations successful, C-suite executives or aspiring C-suite executives have to be deeply involved in the success of portfolio management. Because only portfolios drive the organization forward by accomplishing business objectives, providing maximum value within the organization's risk tolerance.

While teaching aspiring PfMPs and practicing multiple portfolio management software tools over years, I realized there is no book which covers portfolio management with real-world examples and hands-on software tools. In addition, not a single PfMP book covers various portfolio management standards from PMI, other needed publications (or books) and the Examination Content Outline (ECO for PfMP exam). 

This book, I Want To Be A PfMP – the plain and simple way to be a PfMP, covers multiple standards, books and references. This book also contains a lot of tips, tricks, questions, and real-world examples with usages from multiple portfolio management software tools. 

Key Features of This Book – I Want To Be A PfMP

  • In-line with the Standard for Portfolio Management, third (SPfMv3) and other editions as needed with all knowledge areas, processes groups, processes, portfolio and portfolio management fundamentals and advanced portfolio management concepts. 
  • In-line with the PfMP Exam Content Outline (PfMP-ECO) and other needed PMI standards such as the Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects. For every domain and associated tasks, clear mapping tables between SPfM and ECO are provided with explanations.
  • 100s of Yogic Tips and Revision Questions to crack the PfMP exam. This includes inputs from successfully certified PfMPs.
  • 220+ practice questions, including one full-length question and answer set. Feedback has been taken from certified PfMPs.
  • 18 videos (over 1.5 hours duration) in complex and complicated areas of Portfolio Management such as: 
    • Portfolio Process Interactions, Process Sequencing,
    • Portfolio Earned Value Management (PEVM), 
    • Portfolio Monte Carlo Analysis (PMCS), 
    • Portfolio Efficient Frontier (PEF), 
    • Portfolio Risk and Advanced Risk Management, among others.
  • Numerous flow-diagrams to clearly understand various PfMP concepts. Some areas of portfolio management can be quite complex to understand, e.g., Portfolio Governance Management. 
  • Focus on Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs (ITTOs) for the portfolio management processes. This will be an important part for your PfMP exam prep.
  • Highly simplified content and language. The book focuses on what you need to know for the PfMP exam and is written in easily understandable content. 
  • Wide usage of various Portfolio Management Software tools such as MS Project-Portfolio Management, Oracle Primavera Project-Portfolio Management, Primavera Portfolio Management, and MS Excel.
  • A dedicated chapter for various portfolio financial calculations, charts used in portfolio management such as bubble charts, matrix bubble charts, S-curves, portfolio efficient frontier curves, and portfolio burndown/burnup charts.  

Overall Content of the Book

  • Number of Chapters: 10 (+2)
  • Number of Pages: 406 
  • Number of Questions: 221
  • Number of Videos: 18
  • Number of Full-Length Question and Answer Set: 1
    • One full-length question set, with 170 questions and detailed answers
    • Extensive usage of practical, hands-on portfolio management software tools in the questions

The price, and access details for this book are available at:


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To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index. 

Index of the Book

The complete index of the book is shown below (Embedded Document). You can scroll to see the content. 

If you are want to buy or have any queries on  this book, please send an email to managementyogi@gmail.com

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