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CAPM Live Lessons (PMBOK 6th Edition) – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

This course has been updated in May, 2022 with Agile contents of PMBOK 6th edition and the latest ECO for 2022. To know more, refer this link: What's New in CAPM Live Lessons

It gives me a lot of pleasure in announcing the availability of CAPM® Live Lessons - a complete video course for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exam.  

"CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back"

This is one of its kind course in the world. No one ever has given a guaranteed pass, with FULL money back on CAPM exam in two attempts with live (video) lessons. 

I believe the CAPM certification is surely achievable for any sincerely preparing candidate. The questions are relatively direct. It mainly checks your understanding of the PMBOK® Guide, 6th edition. One needs right content, sound understanding of the PMBOK Guide, good quality questions and of course, sincere work to crack the exam.

This course is fully compliant with: 
  • PMBOK Guide 6th edition, and 
  • Examination Content Outline (ECO) for CAPM exam. 

The PMBOK guide 6th edition is bigger and complicated as compared to its earlier edition (though better organized), which makes aspiring CAPMs struggle. Also, many times as I’ve seen professionals appear for the CAPM exam, without any project management experience as the CAPM exam has one such option. Also, there are professionals who have experiences, such as architects, senior specialists, but they also have no formal project management experience. However, the good part is this: for CAPM exam, your one and only reference guide is the PMBOK Guide.

Hence, the entire course is presented and explained in layman’s language. It has been prepared based on my interactions and discussions with many successful CAPMs as well as PMPs. 

Top 10 Highlights: CAPM Live Lessons
  1. Total Video Duration: 30+ hours 
  2. Number of Videos: 522
  3. Number of Lessons: 14 (+2)
  4. Number of Questions: 1,900+
  5. Number of Full Length Question Sets: 4 (total = 600 Questions) 
  6. Lesson End Practice Questions: 70 questions (average); Total = 1,000+
  7. CAPM Smart Cards: 250+
  8. CAPM Process and ITTO exercises: 200+
    (Will help you master the processes as well as the ITTOs)
  9. Tips and Tricks: Many throughout the lessons.
  10. Content: Simplified content and interactive videos, with lots of exercises

High Level Course Breakdown
  • Welcome (9 videos): 14m 13s [14 minutes 13 seconds]
  • Lesson 1 – About PMI-CAPM Exam (16 videos): 50m 21s
  • Lesson 2 – Introduction (45 videos): 2h 53m 36s
  • Lesson 3 – Project Environment (24 videos): 1hr 37m 32s
  • Lesson 4 – The Role of PM (24 videos): 1hr 31m 14s
  • Lesson 5 – Project Integration Management (58 videos): 3h 27m 07s
  • Lesson 6 – Project Scope Management (47 videos): 2h 08m 29s
  • Lesson 7 – Project Schedule Management (56 videos): 2h 47m 08s
  • Lesson 8 – Project Cost Management (31 videos): 1h 41m 05s
  • Lesson 9 – Project Quality Management (29 videos): 1h 56m 32s
  • Lesson 10 – Project Resource Management (45 videos): 2h 38m 37s
  • Lesson 11 – Project Communications Management (26 videos): 1h 36m 11s
  • Lesson 12 – Project Risk Management (48 videos): 2h 51m 15s
  • Lesson 13 – Project Procurement Management (30 videos): 1h 39m 43s
  • Lesson 14 – Project Stakeholder Management (33 videos): 1h 47m 39s
  • Lesson 15 – 4 CAPM Full Length Question and Answer Sets
  • Lesson 16 - Final Talk (1 video): 2m 43s

The details on it are also available also available:

What is CAPM Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back Program?
You go through the videos, along with detailed instructions (also in video format), and appear in the CAPM exam – only two attempts. If you couldn’t clear, share your exam report. I’ll refund your entire money - no questions asked. 

There are no little tricks, such as – “terms and conditions apply”, “** conditions apply” and others.

The premise is simple.
Give the exam. You pass and you are a CAPM. You win. 
In case you couldn’t clear the exam, your full money will be with you. You still win.  

To know more about Guaranteed CAPM Pass, you can watch this video (2 minutes 48 seconds).

Applicability and Validity
  • Project Management Experience: None needed
  • CAPM Latest Exam (2022): PMBOK Guide, 6th edition and ECO for CAPM Exam
  • Course Duration: 6th months or 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Price:
    $ 189 / Rs 15,119 (for 6 months)
    $ 279 / Rs 22,319 (for 1 year)
  •  Course Extension:  As per your need.
    (Price calculation will be pro-rata)
  • Payment Link:
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of, Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to to get account the details.
  • Available since: January, 2019 [Updated May, 2022]
  • Primary Format: Video
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

Detailed Course Breakdown
The detailed course breakdown of the course is shown below (Embedded Document). It details on hours of learning, number of videos, practice questions, smart cards along with process and ITTO exercises for the CAPM exam. You can scroll to see the content. 

If you want to buy or have any other question, please send an email to

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Book for CAPM Exam Prep: "I Want To Be A CAPM"

I am delighted to announce the public availability of the book for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination preparation:

'I WANT TO BE A CAPM - The Plain and Simple Way to be A CAPM'.

This book is based on the PMBOK® Guide 6th edition. This book is in continuation of the "I Want To Be..." series of books in project management domain. This blogpost is a formal declaration of the book going public.

Over years, I’ve interacted thousands of professionals from various organizations. A common question is this:

What to go for – CAPM or PMP certification?

That’s the dilemma faced by many professionals when they want to build a career in project management.  Organizations also want to know which will help their employees to be proficient in project management, preferably in a short period of time. 

So, this book is for professionals:
  1. Who find PMP exam to be time consuming. The CAPM exam, on the other hand, is much easier and will take much less time.
  2. Who find PMP exam to be hard. Because many professionals find the PMP questions to be complicated and requires a lot of effort. The questions in the CAPM exam are quite straight.
  3. Who want to have a good understanding of the PMBOK Guide.
    To be a CAPM professional, you need to have a good understanding of the PMBOK guide. This is your only reference guide. 
  4. Who don’t the qualify pre-requisites needed for the PMP exam or have little to no experience in project management. But they want to build a career in project management. In one of its options, CAPM certification doesn't ask for any project management experience - you only need to have 23 formal hours of education.
  5. Who have been asked by their organizations or potential recruiters to be a CAPM. The CAPM credential is recognized and valued within project management community.
This book would not have been made possible without the feedback from CAPM aspirants with whom I’ve interacted over years. Also, there are many certified PMPs who have contributed to make this book better. 

There are many other management professionals, including certified CAPMs and PMPs, who I’ve never met, but interacted in last 10 years over calls, webinars, emails and other mediums. Your inputs have made the book better.

Thank you to all of you.

Key Features of This Book - "I Want To Be A CAPM"
  • In-line with the PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition and the Examination Content Outline (ECO) for CAPM Exam.
  • 500+ practice questions, including 2 full-length question sets and many chapter end practice questions. These questions are specifically designed for aspiring CAPMs and in compliance with the CAPM-ECO.
  • 30 Process and ITTO exercises with over 240 questions focusing on the processes, inputs, tools and techniques and outputs (ITTOs). This is excluding the 500+ practice questions and one of its kind to remember the ITTOs. 
  • 100s of Tips to crack the CAPM exam. This includes inputs from the many successful CAPMs.
  • Videos and Flow diagrams on critical areas for your CAPM exam.
  • High simplified content and language. The book focuses on what you need to know for the CAPM exam and written in an easily understandable content. 

Overall Content of the Book
  • Number of Chapters: 15 
  • Number of Pages: 682
    • Excluding pages for questions, number of pages: 464
  • Number of Questions: 508
  • Number of Full Length Question Sets: 2
    Two full length question sets, each with 150 questions and detailed answers
    (total 300 questions and answers)

To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index (partial one). The detailed index is part of the book. 

Index of the Book
The partial index of the book is shown below (Embedded Document) You can scroll to see the content. 

If you are want to buy or have any queries on  this book, please send a mail to

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