Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Book Review - I Want To Be A PMP: Must Buy Book If Seriously Preparing For PMP Certification

By Ajanata Behera, PMP

The book - "I Want To Be A PMP" is a well thought-out book which should be surely read for your PMP® certification preparation. Professionals preparing for PMP would have often come across the experiences of various people who are certified PMP and would have known that the PMBOK® Guide is a must read book for the PMP certification. But, the PMBOK Guide has a lot of details and not easy when you start off with your preparation.

If you are seriously preparing for the PMP certification, I would suggest the new book “I WANT TO BE A PMP”, written by Satya Narayan Dash.

Why This Book? 
  • This is a simplified version
    of the the concepts written in the PMBOK Guide. 
  • Topics and chapters are easy to understand and remember.
  • The chart for 10 Knowledge areas,5 process groups and 47 processes have been sequentially numbered, which becomes very easy to memorize. Once the logic for the numbering is understood, I'm sure professionals who read this book will never forget the above chart. 
  • Mathematical formulas are made extremely simple, so that one understands the concepts. 
  • A lot of videos with examples are mentioned. You take a topic,go through the videos and all the concepts are clear. This easy remembering of formulas can surely assist in getting numerical questions right in the exam.
  • Simple but powerful book where you are given the chart of formulas in the end and they can be downloaded. 
  • Easy, simple tips to memorize various concepts on project management. 
  • Important points are highlighted from the exam point of view. 
  • 3 set of full length question papers. These questions are very close to real exam. Answers for the questions are detailed.
  • 75 questions PMP 2016 Exam changes have also been included. This is in reference with the new Exam Content Outline (ECO).
  • Details about Critical Path and Critical Chain Methods are really very informative. 

I have used Satya sir's book and PMBOK together to understand the concepts. I felt these two books were more than sufficient to be thorough for the PMP certification. I want to extend my sincere thanks to Satya sir for putting in so much effort to make this book simple and easy to remember.

Written By Ajanta Behera: I am currently working as an Associate Project Manager, Standard Chartered Bank. I have 12 years of experience in various domains - Clinical, Insurance, and Finance. 

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