Thursday, May 04, 2017

Step by Step Guide: Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Agile Development

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Content Summary: Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a well-known tool for Agile Development, Agile Project Management and Agile DevOps. You can install this software on your local machine or you can take the cloud edition of this software. However, while installing, a number of agile practitioners find it difficult. This post informs how TFS can be installed on your local machine and how you can create your own Scrum and/or Kanban collections.

For this installation, set-up and run, I’m using the following software. 

1) Main Software: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 (TFS 2015) with Update 1.

2) Operating System: Windows 10 x64

3) SQL Server: Bundled one that comes with TFS executable.

Many say, it is very difficult to install and work with MS TFS 2015 (or 2017) on a typical windows client machine. Not really. Installation took some time, but it works perfectly. 

Below image just shows that. It is the administration console of the TFS and shows a default collection running on my local machine. You can create as many Scrum and/or Kanban collections you want to work on.

The step by step installation and running instruction for MS TFS 2015 is outlined in the embedded document. It informs on what you have to do to install, set-up and run the Team Foundation Server 2015 software. Also, it shows how to create scrum collections. 

To see the document in a separate window, click on the arrow mark on the top right corner of the below embedded screen. 

Direct link for the document: Step By Step: Step by Step Guide: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 for Agile Development

Note: The collection created "My Scrum Collection" will be used while working with Visual Studio and MS TFS 2015 for Agile DevOps purpose. This is outlined in another post:

Step by Step Guide: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 with Visual Studio Community 2015 for Agile DevOps

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