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PMP Protein: How To Be A PMI-PMP

By Mahendra Reddy Vakati, PMP

I am very happy to share with you that I have cleared PMP® Certification on 8th May 2017 just one day before my birthday. I hope my experience will be helpful for the future PMP aspirants.

My friends and colleagues had taken training with Satya and cleared the PMP exam; so I thought of attending the same. I strongly decided that I must attend and immediately clear the exam. 

I have attended 2 weekend classes in February 2017. Satya is a very good mentor and give lot of confidence that you will clear the exam. He explains the concepts very clearly and give lot of tips. I used to read the PMBOK® chapters before going to the classes. This helped me a lot to understand the classes and to be more interactive. Immediately after my training, in the 1st week of March 2017, I submitted the application and my application got approved in 4 days and paid the payment. My application didn’t go through audit.

Materials Referred:
  • The PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition: I have read 3 times. 1st time it took lot of time to finish and didn’t understand much. 2nd time, concepts were very clear and it took lesser time than before. 3rd time it was very quick and I just read 3 days before the exam and completed in 3 days’ time.
  • Other than PMBOK Guide, you need to refer a book which helps you the most; various online apps.
  • Ensure you take sufficient practice tests.
First time I did the test and got 65-70% in some tests. After studying the materials twice, I have redone the tests where ever I got less score and my score was 80-85%.

Note: If once you get 80-85% in many tests, then you are ready to take up the PMP certification. Doing lot of mock tests is the key to success.

Type of Questions Faced the PMP Exam:
I’ve noted the type of questions faced in my exam. However, do note that everyone’s experience is unique.  
  • I got many situational questions
  • Had few math’s questions – questions on Earned Value Management (EVM) Metrics:
    • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
    • Cost Performance Index (CPI
    • Schedule Variance (SV)
    • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Questions on number of communication channels.
  • Questions on communication plan, tools and techniques. 
  • Very few questions (2 to 3) on Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs (ITTOs).
  • I had written down change flow, data flow diagrams, all the formulas and 47 processes flow chart before I start the exam and it took 20 mins. These I had it from Satya.
  • First hour I could answer only 38 questions because 20 mins already spent on writing formulas etc. Slowly I have increased the speed and able to manage to answers all 200 questions. I was left with only 1 min before my exam ends.
My heart was beating so fast even though I kept my self very cool and confident. I clicked the Submit button and closed my eyes, prayed the god. Slowly opened my eyes and saw the Congratulations message on the Screen. All the pain went off and very happy to see the message. 

Dos and Don’ts for Your PMP Preparation:
  • Don’t read too many books. Choose any 2 books (the PMBOK Guide is a must read).
  • Study each book 2 to 3 times.
  • Do as many as mock tests.
  • Keep your mind cool and relax.
  • Don’t postpone exam for more than 3 months after your training.
  • Don’t delay in submitting the Application. Submit the application immediately after the training and do the payment. If once you do the payment, then only you will get to know that your application will go for audit or not.
  • Don’t keep the food inside the locker at Exam center. If you want to have food in between the exam, then instructions won’t allow you to open the locker so keep the water and food outside.
  • Don’t over study and take breaks in between studies. e.g. watch movies, participate in sports.  
  • Don’t revisit the questions and try to finish at the first attempt because if you revisit or if you don’t get much time at the end then there is a possibility of choosing wrong answer. 

Brief Profile:
I am working with SAP as a Senior Technology Consultant. I have 12 years of Project Management, Test Management and SAP functional experience.

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