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A Partial List of Testimonials
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"Coach has very good knowledge. Easy to understand."
- Sivasathian S, Project Manager, Trinity Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

"It helped me know different knowledge areas, process groups and processes. Satya's guidance on how to prepare for the PMP exam."
- Akila CK, Sr Analyst, E&Y

"Very Interactive."
- Pradeep Kumar, Manager, HSBC

"Satya's knowledge is good and able to get for what we came here for."
- Vijaya Krishna Raghavan, TCS, Associate Consultant

"Trainer is:
1. Very interactive;
2. Very knowledgeable
Very much impressed."
- Kiran Kumar S, Project Manager, (Technical) Atos Global Solution Ltd.

"Satya's explanation was awesome."
- Shams Ul Haq, Sr Manager, Sapient

"Best was knowledge of the coach."
- Tarun Kumar, Software Development Manager, Verifone

"Training methods from Satya."
- J. Jaganraj, Competency Center Engineer, HP-Enterprise

"Best was coach's knowledge."
- Anthony E, Sr Manager, UCB

"The coach made it simpler for all to understand the concepts. His tips and tricks were extremely helpful to remember as well."
- Sumanth K, Sr Manager, ANZ

"Best - Trainer/Coach."
- Adinarayan Murhty Bhuvanagiri, Lead Consultant

"Coach's knowledge."
- Madeppa Remman, Technical Advisor, Microsoft

"Best: Satya - the trainer's knowledge on the subject."
- Vinod Dhoka, Consultant, Shell IT

"Helped me to understand the value of project manager which I looked at just as people management set of tasks."
- Chandrasekar Ramakrishnan, Project Test Lead, Softvision (formerly SPI)

"Example provided by the facilitator, easy and efficient methods to learn."
- Vinesh Kumar, Sr Development PM, Cerner Healthcare

"Good concept understanding, best way to understand about the knowledge areas, processes and how they are related."
- Sujith Mohan, Manager, Test Architect, Cerner

"Breaking the size of PMP, getting a clear PMP concept, terminologies, overall clear understanding (from a BIG professional.)"
- Jiju Thomas, Manager, DPM, Cerner

"Best - The coach! His teaching methods
 and logical explanations."
- Nadeem Ansari, Technical Adviser, Microsoft Corp

"Well planned, time managed well."
- Sandeep Jacob, Sr Test Manager, Cerner

"Course is detailed, explanatory and helps to understand."
- Yogendra Trivedi, TL, Accenture

"Best - Interaction"
- Saswat Sinha, Sr Manager, IBM

"Satya's coaching was crisp and to the point. Basically, PMP simplified. I am in awe of his memory, management and teaching skills. Covered all topics beautifully."
- Sahna Shenoy, Project Manager, UST Global

"Satya has very deep knowledge on PMP. He has been able to explain the concepts in a practical way. Very good."
- Poornima I, GT Nexus, An Infor Company, QA Manager

"It was exhaustive, tiring and yet we were able to focus."
- Mrinal Mukti, Solution Architect, Ericsson

"Trainer's knowledge and insight."
- Sushmit Sinha, Sr Analyst, Citrix R&D

"Course content sequence, flow of teaching, practice sets, knowledge on the certification."
- Kumari Warsha Goel, Sr Test Lead, Eurofins IT Solutions

"Best part of the program is the coach, his tips and techniques, reminders."
- Sasi Kumar Allada, General Motors

"Crisp information delivered, lots of tricks shared."
- Anjali Pandey, Account Manager, Drishti Soft Solutions

"Concepts will real-time examples."
- A N S V Ramana Murthy, Scrum Master, Siemens Gamesha

"Clear and concise agenda. Good mix of both theory and practice."
- Maitreyee Kadoo, Project Manager, Unilever

"Best was the coaching provided by Mr Satya Dash."
- Omkar Satam, Consulting Manager, ISG

"The simplicity with which complex topics were explained by the coach."
- Surjadeep Bhattacharya, Test Lead, HCL Technologies

"The online resources and practice exams. Trainer is v knowledgeable."
- Arman Ghani, Manager, CapGemini

"1) Knowledge of Satya is extremely good. 
2) Satya cleared all the doubts with real time examples."
- Abhishek Anand, Team Lead, Timken

"Excellent sessions on PMP and experience shared by Satya Narayan Dash. Definitely recommend my colleagues to attend PMP training by him."
- Rohit Kumar Pandey, Sr Manager, Ericsson

"1) Program covers as much detail as possible in 4 days.
2) Mr. Satya Dash covers very well with examples."
- Lokeswaranath P, Group Technical Specialist, HCL

"Interactive session which was useful to understand PMP concepts."
- Vaibhav Sutar, Solution Architect, Ericsson Global

"Excellent teaching."
- Anikumar Edacheri, Project Leader, NIIT Technologies

"Coaching was excellent."
- Vimadas Divakaran, PM, Shell

"Very structured way of teaching. Coach is excellent. Made it easy to  learn. Very happy with the course."
- Khusboo Agarwal, Project Manager, Cisco Systems

"Good knowledge on the PMP. 
Met the requirements what is expected.
Good learning."
- Vijaya R, Transition Manager, WIPRO

"Before attending the training had 0% confidence on the subject. After attending the train, got confidence to attend the exam."
- Savitha, Transition Manager, WIPRO

"Effective way to learn. 
Would recommend to my friends."
- Vivin Kurien, Manager, Accenture

"Best execution of the training."
- Vaishna Priya

"Satya's knowlede was excellent and I would recommend to my acquaintances."
- Pranith Raju B, Project Manager, Sonata Software

"Tips and tricks and time with examples.
 An expert to resolve queries."
- Reema Bardhan Acharya, Associate Director, Scentific Comm, Eli Lilly

"Key points in the PMBOK guide were explained in an excellent way."
- Sathesh KVK

"1. Program is planned and executed well to meet the trainee needs 
2. Coach's training style".
- Tanushree Bhoi (Senapati)

"It was interactive, very knowledgeable traininer. Facility was good."
- S. Lingrajaju, Sr Project Manager, Xavient Digital

"Interactive sessios, whick kept the learnings interesting."
Ahishek Singh, Asst. Vice President, JP Morgan

"Best were explanations given by Satya. Easily understandable."
- Manuella Edward, Project Manager

"Got good know how to take PMP certification.
Confidence to take the PMP exam."
- Ramyadevi Raghavan, Process Lead, Bosch

"The coach's knowledge. The way he explained and the effort he took to make us understand are simply awesome."
- Anusha A, Consultant, E&Y

"Excellent coach. Excellent 4 day program."
- Karthik K, Sr Engineer, Honeywell

"Timely completion of chapter and real working examples provided."
- K.M Cariappa, Vice President, Transformation; Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd.

"1. Collaborative and interactive. 
2. Not very hectic."
- Mukul Bansal, Consultant, Thoucentric

"Best - Very knowledeable trainer.
 Met new people."
- Avinash Hegde, Consultant, SolutionSatI Consulting

"To the point discussion and more practical."
- VishwaDeepak Tiwari, Principal Consultant, Symantec

"Best - knowledge Satya has, teaching method and building confidence. 
Knowledge and materials like PMP Protein is very good. His guidance and success stories to motivate."
- Manohar SH, Manager, Fiserv

"Very methodical. Mind mapping technique for process groups, knowledge areas and processes are very good."
- Bala Sripada, CSM, ACC

"Trainer was knowledgeable. He was able to answer all the queries and doubts were answered in the class itself."
- Aparna Saraswat, Manager, State Street Financials

"The entire program was good."
- Randhish, Manager, Scale-up Vision

"The way contents are explained."
- Banitha Bhaskaran, PMO, Accenture

"Coach was good and has good knowledge about the subject. He explains difficult things in a simple way."
- Monalisha Das, IBM

"1. Detailed understanding about the subject.
2. Tips given during the training.
3. Practical method of teaching."
- Nirmal Kumar, Team Lead, GE India Technology Center

"The trainer's has high knowledge on the subject."
- Manikandan S, Lead Engineer, GE 

"Course content and training style of the coach."
- Nebu Johnson Eapen, TCS, AST

"Knowledge of the coach and his patience."
- Bharathi Venkatesh, Account Manager, Pay Asia

"Interactive learning with real life examples. The instructor knowledge of the subject is extensive".
- Anup Agarwal, Deputy Ops Manager, IBM India

"Coaching is good."
- Rema Varma, Consumption Manager, Hindustan Unilever

"Overall execution of the courseware and facilitation. Trainer is a high profile trainer and very knowledgeable."
- Shyamsundar S.C, CapGemini, Consultant - Project Management

"Knowledge and technique of the instructor."
- Gautam Soner, Oracle Financial Services

"Trainer Mr. Dash has indepth knowledge of PMP and delivered effectively in 4 days."
- Harish Bangalore Kumar, Project Manager, Mindtree

"Best: Coach"
- Kiran Kumar, Project Manager, Dell

"Integrating the processes, Kas, PGS and project management info of teach in 4 days."
- Harsha S N, Associate Manager, Syngene International Limited

"Coach is the best SME seen and gave good guidance."
- Padmapriya, Imaging, QA Arc Engineer

"The interaction of processes among the process groups an knowledge area."
- Monisha Naik, Operations IT, Manager

"Trainer helped us to focus on key areas ad taught us to memorize certain topics in an easy way."
- Kavita Nambiar, Project Manager, SAP

"Interactive learning. Quality aid like white board etc."
- Pravin Sardey, PM, Shell India

"Best - Examples shared and making one understanding the fundamentals."
- Brijesh Rajan, Medical Coder, HGS

"The trainer was good with the tech stuff. He conveyed things in an easy and understandable way."
- Sathiya Anandi S, DXC Technologies

"Best - Trainer's knowledge on PMP."
- Pavan Balaji, Project Manager, Wipro

"The level of interaction is high. Explanations with examples from real life focus on exam."
- Harish Kumar Roy, Linux SME, IBM

"Trainer was knowledgeable and provided lots of tips and tricks."
- Sonal Keshav, SSQA Engineer, Oracle

"PMBK 6th edition was covered to a maximum extent though it is newly launched."
- Durga Mahadevan

"Practical insights on the expected questions. Interactive sessions by Satya."
- R. Rekha, Tech Lead, Honeywell

"Was interactive and very extensive."
- Surjit P, Manager and DevOps, SAP

"Satya the trainer has knowledge and competency, which makes me feel PMP can be done easily. He has imparted his knowledge to us."
- Basaveshwaran J, Project Manager, DXC Technologies

"The coach'es knowledge on project management program and his delivery style is unique and impressive."
- Dilip Kumar Ray, Delivery Manager, Nokia

"Good coverage of all areas related to project management. 
Within 4 days best was achieved."
- Shaji Antony

"Practice tests and real life examples given by Satya.
Exam tips given by Satya were also very helpful."
- Ashita Singh, Sr Manager, Data and Analytics, GE Digital

"The coach has a very good grip on the subject."
- Shalini Pathak, Associate Manager, 
Tavant Technologies

"Best was the trainer, the best way of training, knowledge transfer. 
Tips for the exam."
- Sravya Avadhanula, Chiltern, External Data Specialist Lead

"The schedule (time breakdown) of the training and the trainer."
- Vinny Dsilva, Manager, Chiltern India Pvt Ltd.

"Coach is excellent and makes the session very interactive and meaningful."
- James Pradeep Roche, Manager, Wilko

"It was very interactive and educating."
- Saadia Asmath, Project Manager - Mentor/Lead, eClinical Works

"Best: In-depth knowledge of the trainer."
- Shalini Bangia, Sr Software Engineer, Infinera

"Real time guidance and examples."
- Suman Mathew, Client Capability Lead, DXC

"Tips and techniques taught by Satya."
-  Punam Samah, Sr G&C Operations Analyst, Adobe 

"The course as such was tough. Te trainer made it easy to understand."
- Sangeetha Viswanath, Analyst, Accenture

"Satya is very knowledgeable. Answered every question in a very simplified manner."
- Bhavani Sankar Immanni, Sr Manager, Spirent Communications, Global Services

"Satya is a good mentor and motivator. Thanks for his time and lessons."
- Prasad Kadambi, Tech Marketing Engineer, HP Inc

"The coach (Satya) is very knowledgeble in project management conceots and his pratical oriented training was very helpful."
- Bibhuti Bhusana Bagha, Technology Consultant, HP Inc

"Best - knowledge of the trainer and the way he explains."
- Pandiarajan Sivakumar, Sr Manager, Engineering, Pramati Technologies

"Study material and content of the subject was explained very well. Tips provided are very helpful while studying."
- Prachi Deshpande, Team Lead, Omega Healthcare Ltd.

"Leaning news things in a different way."
- Syed Abdul Guffar, DGM - Operations, Omega Healthcare Ltd.

"Best: Interactive sessions."
- K N Sunil Kumar, PM, IBM

"Simple and easier methods taught to understand the concepts."
- Sakthivel P, Project Manager, Skava Systems

"Best: Tips, Tricks, and Discussions."
-  Debjyoti Chatterji, Sr Manager Grp, Microsoft Corp

"Best: Ineraction with the instructor. He was very patitne and answered all the questions posed by the students."
- Tanveer Anjum, US

"Coach. He knows what he speaks. Understands the crowd. Shares experiences. Speaks positively. Engages the group."
- Pradeep Prabhakar, DGM , Omega Healthcare Ltd.

"Best - Mr. Satya Narayan Dash."
- Mani Shankar, Process Lead, Omega Healthcare Ltd.

"The course material and the online availability of resources. The trainer/facilitator has in depth knowledge in Domain."
- DGM, Business Analytics, Omega Healthcare Ltd.

"Coach and his apprroach."
- John PS Oliver, Associate Director - Omega Healthcare

"Induces interest and motivation to write PMP."
- Sriram Srinivasan, IT Project Manager, Philips

"Coach is very knowledgeable and his trainig approach is very effective."
- Vignesh Godiya Radhakrishnan, VP, Credit Suisse

"Tips and tricks provided by the coach is very helpful."
- Khushbu Kumari, Consultant, SAP

"Articulation by Satya was effective in understanding the PMBOK for PMP exam."
- Prashant Kumar K N, Capco

"Real life examples that helped in relating to most of the topics."
- Vipin Gopinathan, Team Supervisor, Amazon

"Best - The amount of content covered and the teaching in layman's language."
- Chirag Jain, Process Engineer, Amazon

"Coach was very supportive and making concepts understandable and interresting."
- Pramodh Kumar BN, Sr Design Engineer

"Coach, his way of interaction and examples."
- Savan Kumar Chandru, Compositive Engineer, Senvion Australia Pvt Ltd.

"Best: Interactive sessions."
- Praveen Kumar, Technical Consultant, Pure Software (Oracle)

"1. Knowledge based program.
2. Interactive.
3. Live program."
- R. Bharathidasan, Sr. DGM, Bharat Electronics

"Best -  MR. Satya narayan  Dash."
- Aditya Pratap Singh, Software Manager, Swiggy

"Quick learning and number of topics covered within a specified amount of time."
- Eishan Bhatt, Deputy Manager, Huawei Technology

"The trainer knowledge, expertise and way of training delivery."
- Hemanth Thimappa, PMO Analyst, Shell India Pvt. Ltd.

"1) Cleared all basic concepts. 
2) Key notes taken. 
3) Involvement. 
4) Interactive and knowledgeable.
5) Very well explained."
- Parinay Kumar Pathak, Associate Project Manager, Champion Infometrics Pvt. Ltd.

"The coach is a subject matter expert."
- Amodh Sinha, Associate Manager, Quinnox

"Best: The coach's interaction with the members present."
- Vivek Karat, Sr Consultant, Yethi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

"Trainer is very knowledgeable and communicative."
- Vijay Arumugan Thangasamy, Project Manager, Shell India

"Was provided live examples for every concept taught."
- Ashwin Joshi, Manager I, Amazon Dev Center

"Best - Coach."
Ramesh Puranam, Director, Mycom Imaging Suppliers

"Training, understanding and collaborating in learning. All these because of Satya."
- Mythri Madhurya, Project Manager

"Instructor is very well versed with the subject."
- Dimple Khurana, TCS, Associate

"Very well executed and facilitated. Trainer was excellent."
- Vikram Chavala, Project Manager, HPA

"1. Interactive sessions.
2. Satya's knowledge, interpretation on PMP topics was excellent."
- Srikanth Subba Rao, Scrum Master, Adobe

"Best: Coach'es expertise."
- Annarao Patil, Asst Manager, Buhler India Pvt. Ltd.

"Content, examples to practical sitations. Satya made sure everyone understood the concepts."
- Rajeev Ranjan, Sr Project Manager, HCL Technoligies

"The best part was the way the trainer - Mr Dash has given valuable inputs. I'm confident enough now to take the PMP exam."
- P. Giri Babu, Sr Manager, BE Solutions Pvt. Ltd

"Satya has given relevant examples and tips"
- Rajesh Parthasarathy, Software Development Manager, TESCO Bangalore 

"Got an excellent coach. Satya has excellent knowledge in pmp and overall program well done."
- Rajesh Rangarajan, Project Manager, IBM India

"Coach is awesome. Highly knowledgeable. Facility good for learning."
- Krishnan Sudarshanam, Sr. IT System Business Analysst, Medtronic India Pvt. Ltd.

"The group, very lively and collaborative sessions."
- Raju Chandrasekharan, Business Development Manager, Cisco System

"Trainer is very good. Excellent way of explaining tech."
- Siva Shankar, Project Lead, Hewlett-Packard

"Very interactive session and course oriented. But not only PMP point of view (other aspects as well). Very helpful."
- Krupa Sagar Patchala, Delivery Manager, Sunrise Biztech

"Session was very interactive."
- Dilip Nenmelil, Project Manager, Infosys Ltd.

"Prepared well for the exam, well paced."
- Rajesh Manipurath Veedu, Sr Project Manager, Fidelity Investment

"Best - train session, group activity and learning."
- Prathima Ranganath, Implementation Manager, Ramyam Intelligence Labs

"Extremely knowledgeable trainer and style of teaching."
- Rakesh Bengani

"Interactive sessions and clear explanations."
- Vishwajeet Singh, R&D Project Leader, Philips Lighting

"Well prepared according to PMBOK concepts and exam."
- Kailash Pandva, Consultant, IBM

"Best - Flow charts, methodology used in teaching, simplified contents. Trainer spoke to the point. One of the best trainings I have attended."
- Rashmi Sidharthan, Freelance Trainer

"The objectives of the course was met. Coach has very good knowledge of the subject."
- Jitendra Pathak, Technical Ops Manager, AON

"Had good experience with the training, which will be elpful to complete the exam."
- K.S Sridhar, Project Manager, JMT Consultants

"Trainer, coach, Satyanarayan sir is the best coach I have ever seen and experience. His knowledge, way of presentation and skill is excellent."
- Tanaya Jana, Program Manager, Dell International

"The best thing always in a classroom program is the trainer. 
Trainer's knowledge is exceptional and can train easily. We understood (the concepts) easily."
- Harish Kumar K, Project Manager, Volvo India PVt Ltd

"Interactive and engaging."
- Anjali Trivedi, Acceture

"Systematic and easy way of teaching. Coach is very knowledgeable."
- Veerjanjit Singh Sahota, Senior Consultant, Sapient

"Best - The example given to explain each concept."
- Ranjita Hari, Ops Manager - HR, Titan Company Ltd.

"Simplification of the training conent. 
Examples relating to daily work."
- Hari Prabakaran, Client Services Manager, Medtrix Healthcare

"Enjoyed the coaching which made learning and understanding easier."
-  Anand V Mathapati, Technical Specialist

"Instructor's knowledge on the subject was best seen".
- Jayashree K.R., Software Development, Sr Manager - NASDAQ

"Coach's approach"
- Nandeesh Kabbur, Safety Assurance Manager, ALSTOM

"Best - The coaching provided by Satya."
- Satrajit Chakraborty, Project Leader, WIPRO

"Efficient and Effective training methodology"
- Rajesh Ramachandra Bhat, PMO, Robert Bosch

"Coach is excellent."
- Subhashree Parida, PMO Analyst, Solgen Technologies

"Best - Teaching of Satya."
- Asgar Khan, Project Lead, Fidelity Investment

"Best - Coach. Lots of examples and easy learning techniques taught."
- Jyoti Kandpal, Geomechanics Engg, Shell 

"Best - Coach".
- Kastubh Mani Sharma, Sr Manager, Ericsson

"Able to related the knowledge to my real life scenario and can be implemented for my project."
- Sasmita D, PM, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd

"Best - The coach. It's perfect."
- Mohammed Rizwan Khan, Technical Analyst, JDA Software

"The approach to remember and understand things"
- Karthik H, Tech Lead, Eurofins

"Satya's way of teahcing and tips for PMP."
- Koyel Mukherjee, Project Lead Global, Accenture

"Satya, Satya's tips and Satya's patience."
- Radha T Kadkol, PMO, Solcen Technologies

"Best- It was focused on the exam"
- Venkatesh Venkataraman, Asssociate Consultant, CGI

"Best - organized, instructor and coffee ;-)"
Sravan Eguvollla, Tech Engagement Leader, Cerner

"Best - Coach."
- Saurav Singh, AVP

"Lots of inputs and tips"
- Vaishnavi B, Agile Project Manager

"1. Interactive session
 2.  Final activity data flow chart"
- Rohit, Manager, Ernst & Young

"Trainer knew the course content and topics very well. Classroom was clean and equipped."
- Shiju Verghese, IT Manager, Novell Office

"The coach and the way he provided the training."
- Asnum Afsheen, Project Manager, Dell R&D

"Best - Contents and techniques."
- Tanushree Basu, Sr Solution Advisor, Deloitte

"Course material provided is very good. Tips and Tricks shared a must for the exam."
- Smitha Sridhar, DXC Technologies, PMO

"Best - Real time examples. Tips provided."
- Shauzab Zaidi, Project Manager, WIPRO

"Best: Coach- Satya Narayan Dash and his tips and techniques"
- Anchal Rastogi, Manager, Oracle

"The overall program created an interest to learn why we need PMP."
- Promila Mukherjee, Assistant Manager, Crimson Logic

"The coach's knowledge was exemplary, was very helpful."
- Karthik Subramanian, HelpDesk Lead, BIAS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

"Best coach to guide in the right path."
- Nissy John, Estimation Project Engineer, Yogokawa India Ltd.

"Best - The way the concepts were explained with other reference material that would help in understanding the concepts."
- Shashi Kumar V.A, Consultant, CGI

"The interactive session by Sathya."
- Venkataraman P, Consultant, CGI

"Amount of knowledge shared in available time, teaching methods, live examples."
- Kiran Patil, Program Manager, EdgeVerve Systems Ltd.

"Best - coach."
- Jayaraman Dhanpal, Assistant Manager, Crimson Logic

"Interactive sessions, Trainer is Knowlegeable and patient in answering the questions."
- Anita Sukumar, Project Manager, Birla Soft

"Detailed information in a simplified manner."
- Akila Neelakantan

"Very interactive training program."
- Paresh Prajapati, Project Manager, ITTI Pvt Ptd.

"The trainer and his training is topnotch."
- Vikas Shankar, Technology Specialist, Honeywell

"Good learning and understanding; Interactive sessions."
- Chetan Singh, Project Manager, Wipro Ltd.

"Good coach and valuable tips."
- Prashanth R, Team Lead, BIAS 

"Was never feeling bored. The trainer engaged us in the session all throughout."
- B.K. Mohun Kumar, Manager, Ocwen Financials

"Best - The format, pace of training".
- Ayan Mitra, Manager, Deloitte Consulting

"Knowledge of the coach."
- A.R.P Prveen Shankar, HGS, Sr Solution Architect

"The descriptive lecture and instruction were very good."
- Sindhu Bhat

"Best - coaching"
Rajesh George, Engineering Manager, Alten Calsoft Labs

"Good knowledge boost for a lay person. Positive reinforcement."
- Vamsee K, Product Manager, Composite Technologies Pvt Ltd

"Mr. Dash way of training and extensive knowledge on PMP. His blog is excellent source of knowledge."
- Vinod Patidar, Managar, IT Services, Xellia Pharmaceuticals

"Techniques to remember, flows, tips and tricks to remember the subject easily."
- Maran, IT consultant, ITC infotech

"Best - Presentation and approach to PMP"
- Shrirama Joisha, Project Lead, Mintree

"Coach was the best".
- Aditya Mohankumar, Project Engineer, Autoliv

"Best - Coach."
- Dipti Mohapatra, IT manager, Unilever

"1. Live examples. 
2. Simplified process.
3. Material."
- VR Babu Reddy, Associate Manager, ITC Limited (Civil Engg.)

"The content and the sequencing of coaching and also the way learning concepts - all of great help."
- Rajat Gupta, Assistant Manager, ITC Limited

"Coach having very good knowledge on the topic. Delivery of the lecture is good."
- Shivangi Saraswat, Quess Corp

"Interesting insights about PMP."
- Priyanka Goel, Manager - Supply Chain, Innovations and Solution Deivery, Unilever

"Best - Coach and his way of teaching."
- Manu Devadas

"Coach was very focused and structured in his approach. Connected the dots and emphasized on important areas."
- Sakshi Kachru, Unilever

"Best - The coach, the course structure."
Hari Hara Sudhan Venugopala, Manager

"Of course the instructor of the course".
- Ajith Vijayan, Manager, Cisco Systems

"Excellent coaching and he gave confidence to face the exam. His tips were very helpful."
- Palanivel Krishnan, Project Manager, Cap Gemini

"Best - Approach to learn PMP Concepts were very unique."
- Murari Jha, Project Manager, Infosys Ltd.

"The coach has made the learning as best experience."
- Suprita Priyambada, Lead Consultant, Infosys Ltd.

"Coach's knowledge and ability to simplify the subject matter (PMI-ACP) and make it understandable to the audience."
- Shailendra Kumar, PMP, Honeywell Aerospace, System Engineer

"Getting to remember the concepts by tips and tricks(for PMI-ACP) provided by Satya ".
- Geetu Bharti, CenturyLink Inc.

"Best - The tips and tricks (PMI-ACP) provided by Satya".
- Bijay Sinha, PMP, Honeywell Aerospace, Sr. Specialist

"Best - ACP Exam tips given by the coach."
- Priya A.M, Cap Gemini

"Examples (ACP prep) given by coach were simple and easy to understand."
- L. Umashankar, Team Lead, DANSKE IT

"Best - Coach. (for ACP program)"
- Prashant Jain, Lead, Eurofins IT Solutions

"Got very good hands on ACP exam preparation."
- Suresh Juturu, PMP 

"The coach's experience in explaining things in a simple way. Very inspiring."
- Sasi Kiran Korrapati, Project Manager, iMEDGlobal Solutions

"The approach towards PMP; how complicated things were explained in a simplified manner."
- Jim Kim

"The program gives the best way to crack the PMP exam in a short time."
- Naveen Kumar, Program Manager, Honeywell

"Best practices and examples given in the program. They are excellent for project management."
- Ramesh Viswakarma

"Best - Interactive learning in the class."
- Hemendra Singh, Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

"Best - The coach and his expertise."
- Sudheendra Bannai, Sr Consultant, Dell Services

"Best -Coach's knowledge on PMP".
- Prashant Singh Chauhan, Project Lead, Honeywell

"Collaborative in explaining the concepts in the short period."
- RVS Vasantha Lakshmi

"Inputs and tips shared by the Coach. He has excellent skills - to express the toughest topic in an easy manner."
- Anoop Peethambaran Nair, Manager - PMO and Commercials - SRM Technology Pvt. Ltd

"Satya sir's experience and knowledge shared in the form of training."
- Krishnadas CK, Project Lead, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd

"Good understanding, process flows, tips and tricks, related to real life scenarios."
- Sahana Kudva, Consultant, Manager - SAP

"Real time examples and practical applications of the processes."
- Hema HS, Architect, Thoughtfous Info. Tech. Ltd.

"PMP training given is very good. All scenarios were explained based on situations and scenarios. Repeated explanatations were also provided without any hesitation."
- Biswajit Patra, Manager, Capgemini

"The coaching pattern and the strucutre is very nice. The trainer is very approachable."
- Bhaskar Kiran Reddy V, Manager, Projects - 24*7 Inc

"Trainer is really good and knowledgeable. He gives real time examples. Materials are good."
- Ashitha Babu R, Technology Manager, Technicolor

"Best - 1.  Examples cited by coach for various scenarios 2. Group activities 3. Interaction".
- Ravi kumar Raju Gottumukkala, Enggineeing Manager, Optum Global Solutions

"Best part was practical/real time example and discussion with Satya, which helped in getting in deep to the subject. Satya never said no to any question from the participants."
- Kamal Ahmed Farooqui, Project Manager, Wipro Technologies

"The coach was excellent. Has tons of knowledge."
- Umesh Sunderam, Sr Operarions Lead, Jamcracker Software Tech Pvt Ltd

"Good examples are provided to simplify the understanding for PMP exam. Tips are very helpful to remember."
- Pankaj Rohra, Sr Operarions Lead, Jamcracker Software Tech Pvt Ltd

"Coach was very good and the way he explained the concepts and sequence to correlated the process in PMP was the best part."
- Vishnuvardhan V, Cisco Systems

"Best -  project management practices"
- Balakumar Rajagopal, Sr Business Analyst, Eurofins IT Solutions

"Best - Overal content teaching and techniques."
- Dada Hayath Khalandar, Project Manager, Al-Hajdyah, Saudi Arabia

"Interactive mode of teaching and hands on example."
- Narendra Kumar, Manager, Capgemini

"The coach concepts were crystal clear. The explanation given made our learning easier."
- Anshul Mohindra, Lead BA, Eurofins

"Best - extensive knowledge and experience of the trainer (Satya) and his ability to keep the session very interactive."
- Raghavendran Ramiya, Engg Project Manager, Aricent

"Customization by coach as per audience requirement."
- Anubha Poddar, Sr Engineer, Ericssson India

"The trainer was very well versed. He thoroughly explained all the concepts."
- Amit Kumar, Tech Lead, Tangoe India

"Trainer was very knowledgeable, which helped us to be more focussed in the class."
- Manikandan K

"This program was highly informative. It provided the complete insight on project management and tools being used in various processes."
- Satyanarayana Y, Tech Lead, Sonata Software

"Best - The way coach explained."
- Gopinath H, SAP Consultant

"Best - explanation with a table for all process groups, all knowledge areas, all processes and concluding the learning with all individual and practising."
- Sambasiva Rao, Project Manager, Robert Bosch

"Interactive and with practical examples."
- Jaiwardhan Saraswat, Operation Head, BTI

"Interest created by the coach on the subject. Extremely knowledgeable and interactive. Had one of the best learning experiences."
- Shikhar Vaid, Manager, Operations Strategy, Nous Infosystems

"Best - Satya's way of explaining things in a simplified manner, Tips, Charts and Flow Diagrams".
- Sharath Kumar GV, Project Manager, Robert Bosch

"Learning the key skills and some practices which will help in our daily work culture."
- Rakesh Kumar Pandey, VP, BTI Payments

"Satyanarayan Dash’s Training Program is very much aligned and best suited for PMP Exam Preparation which keeps  the candidate confident and well prepared for Exam. 

Generally for an ideal candidate it takes 3-4 months of Dedicated preparation time for attempting the exam. But once we undergo coaching & training in his Program 45 days of dedicated preparation may be well enough for attempting and clearing the exam in the First Attempt. Time is very precious which would be saved.

People who undergo this program can handle the projects with ease and confidence.  Everyone who are interested to opt PROJECT MANAGEMENT as a Career has to purchase his own Published Book  -   'I WANT TO BE A PMP'."
- Suresh K, GMR Chattisgarh Energy Limited

"Sessions were interactive and examples are related to real life day to day experiences, which made understanding easy."
- Bhupendra Gupta, Sr. Manager, Samsung Group

"Coach is having a thorough knowledge on the theory and having vast experience in real time. Helped a lot to learn in an easy way / simplest way possible."
- GV Pavan Kumar, Lead - Team, Microland Ltd.

"Best - Coaching content and Mr. Satya Narayan Dash".
- Sandip Nath, Sr Tech Lead, Diksha Technologies

"It was a very interactive and informative session."
- Amit Prasad, Manager, Sabre Holdings.

"Best - The training methodology and the material."
- Harikrishnan RV, Sr Consultant, CapGemini Technology Services

"Best - Clarifying the questions/doubts with patience and also with examples. Shared many key points and techniques to remember the topics."
- P. Jayakhandavel, Centurylink India, TOM

"This program made to get the needed confidence and the complexity of the course was nicely explained with ease."
- Bharath M, Data Analyst, Intuit

"Best - Coach and his knowledge."
Course Curriculum"
- Giridhar N, Manager, Accenture

"Detailed emphasis on PMP processes with lots of exercises."
- Venkatesh Kumar, Sr Planner, Galfar Engineering

"Interactive session and explained well."
- Christeena Babulal, Project Manager, Wipro Technologies.

"Instructor is very interactive and approachable."
- Shrivardhan Amit, NCE, Cisco Systems

"Satya Narayan Dash's approach to PMP training was very intuitive and logical. He focused on understanding the process, tools and techniques and not on memorising."
- Shipla Bothra, Project Manager, Intel Corp.

"Best - Method of teaching, flow of explaining."
- Gupteshwar Satapathy, Project Manager, Intel Corp.

"Able to know the processes and flows
 Coach has simplified the concepts, which helped learning.
 Explained with practical and real examples."
- Vasikar Paulraj, Project Manager, Concentrix Service Pvt. Ltd

"Satya showed few of the slides from the book. These slides were very information and helps to understand the topic in a better way, e.g., EVM."
- Annie George, Asst Manager, AIG Tech

"The program gives us the correct, good and interesting approach to learn the course and to get the success."
- Lesancy Sahu

"Best - Content and narration"
Ida Rachel, Sr. Consultant, Sand Sanders

"Very informative, engaging and lively."
- Nagesh Krishnamurthy

"Satya managed to keep the session lively enough though it is a dry subject. He gave useful tips and pointers for attempting the exam. Very good class."
- Narendra Bagade,  ‎Senior Manager, ‎M*Modal

"The coach is very knowledgeable and answered all the questions. Also he showed many short cuts with tips. He has good experience."
- Srinivasan Kota, Director, Cognizant Technology Services

"Best - Real time examples. Videos on complex topics."
- Agni Prakash Sahoo, Asst. Manager, Altisource Business Sol Pvt Ltd.

"Trainer - His experience and knowledge is very good and helps to get motivated."
- Suresh S, Project Manager

"The program gives exact and required information on how to prepare and appear for the PMP exam."
- Rajaram Rao B.N, Sr Consultant, CapGemini

"The concepts of PMP are clear enough."
- Ashish K.H, Sr Consultant, CapGemini

"It gave good idea about PMP. The simple examples given during the classes made it easy to understand."
- S. Jeevarajan, Concentrix Service Pvt. Ltd, Project Manager

"Best - Material and delivery of content - easy to understand."
- Santosh Bhogapur, Deputy Manager, TKM, Toyota

"Easy to understand and helps us in resolving the complex content."
- Jaykumar KP,  Sr  Manager, Concentrix Service Pvt. Ltd

"Best - Coach and interaction."
Raj Prsr, Project Manager, Celcom SG

"Coach was really very good and presentation was very good."
- Senthil Kumar, Project Manager

"Very Good experience."
- Jenson Andrews PM, TCT Travels

"The training method is very effective and useful."
- Rohith Sudhir,  Scrum Master (CSM)

"Satya is a very knowledgable PMP and ACP instructor. He provided a lot of additional information (formulas, insights, etc…) via handwritten notes on presentation slides; some of which could or could not be captured by the student. If possible, I would recommend he put those notes on presentation slides and then discuss them during training so that the additional knowledge can be captured and utilized by student(s). 
Best part - Comparison of PMP and Agile processes and deliverables – this was most informative."
- Steve Szewczyk,  IT Security Program Manager, Optiv Inc

"Learning all the 47 processes in an easy to understand and easy to remember way."
- A Deepak,  Sr. Tech Writer, Microchip

"Best part - It (training) covered all the topics  with all the material contents and best examples."
- T.Ananthasayanam, Project Manager, CapGemini

"Best part - Coach"
- Sridevi Ramanan, Delivery Manager, AIG

"The coach is knowledgeable on the subject. He used very simple, understandable examples."
- Harsha Pade, Technical Project Manager, Cerner Corp.

"Best part - good coach, direction towards preparation."
- Hadmat Singh Purohit, Sr Consultant, Deloitte

"To coach made it very interesting."
- Sangeetha Thimmaiah, Self Employed, Business Owner

"Best - trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly."
- Govinda Raj Pillai, Project Manager, IBM

"Best - The tips and suggestions and the approach to be followed was well described and coached."
- Shashidhar Madhurnath, Lead, Eurofins IT Solutions

"Best - Trainer. He shared his knowledge abundantly without any hitch. Very informative."
- Richa Mate, Quinox, Sr Delivery Manager

"Learned a lot of things about PMP and given a good foundation to clear the certification."
- Mahendra Reddy, PMP, SAP, Sr Technology Consultant

"Best - Very interactive session. Real time examples. Good learning"
- Rashmi Shiv, Ericsson, Scrum Master and Specialist

"Trainer is very interactive and very much cooperative. Explained concepts with examples. Good coverage of subject in 4 days."
- Ajay Vatsvai, Project Manager, Welcom Software

"I enjoyed the chaining and I understood the how and contents."
- Ajanta Behera, PMP, Associate Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

"Everything was excellent."
- Vikram Vidkar, Architect, Sasken

"Content was good, especially the blogs like MPUG (articles) and ManagementYogi blog is very crystal clear easy to understand/great concepts."
- Ramesh Krishnan, Tech Lead, Nous Infosystems

"The trainer was quite knowledgeable. He breaks down things into simple steps which made it a great learning experience."
- Anita Mathew, Sr Tech Mentor, Hewlett Packard

"Good way of explaining the concepts with various examples to understand easily and help for best preparation."

- Pavan Kumar, Project Lead, Wipro Technologies

"The professionality with which the program was carried out was very good. Very systematic."
- Manjunath R, DGM, PDD Infratech

"It was a great learning experience. The trainer is very patient and genuine in teaching."
-Kok Siang, Sing Tec Development, Singapore

"This is the first Virtual class in life and all the contents are useful for me. The trainer is so calm. Even when we ask the questions again and again he was not feeling bored to explain till we understand. I din’t expect in life the virtual class and software content which is organized - above my expectation."
- Mohammed Sadre Alam Khan, Oman

"This was my first online learning experience. Previously I had been wary to join online classes as I was not confident it would be effective. But this training changed that impression. It was well structured, excellently delivered and covered all concepts. Thanks Satya! 1. Practical Lessons after each modules helped to get a hands on feel of MSP and revise the lessons learnt.2. Additional articles provided by Satya from his blog were useful"
- Tina Maria Jose, PMP, SAP Labs

"Satya is very knowledgeable and having deep expertise."
- Akash Ghughule, Program Manager, GE

"An expert and very knowledgeable. Things were explained in a very simple and understandable way."
- Revathi Santhosh, Sr Spealist, HCL Tech

"Very knowledgeable and has guided in right direction with all contents gone through."
- Pankaj Sharma, MDL, HP Enterprise

"Best Part - Tips and tricks used by coach to understand the concepts. Focus poits with respect to the exam."
- Swapnil Wadikar, Sr Analyst, Supply Chain, Timken

"Best Part of the event - Question and Answer session after each module."

- Shobhana Pattabiraman, Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"Tips given by the coach were the best part of the training."
- Mangala Bhat, PMP

"Mr. Satya Narayan has amazing depth in the knowledge area."
- Gaurav Kumar, AIG, 

"Exam oriented coaching, tips and tricks."
- Harish Jaisinghani, Deliver Manager, HP Enterprise

"Best part - Trainer, Indepth knowledge, real life examples apprach, systematic and interactive model."
- Vineet Arora, Ericsson

"Best - Great Coach and the training content covered."
- Ranjita Rai, PMP

"Best - Coach expertise."
- Radhakrishan A, General Maanger, HP - Enterprise

"Very good presentation and delivery skill, very good knowledge on the subject area."
-  Avishek Kumar, Software Engg. Manager, Intel 

"I like the coach conducted the program. Very knowledgeable indeed."
- Anshuman Mishra, Specialist, Tata Elxsi

"Excellent training. Excellent instructor."
- Rungu Dutta, Accenture, Program Portfolio Management

"Best Part - Learning from an experienced coach."
- A. Rohan Chakarvarthy, Project Manager, E.COM Trading

"Great training. Just keep it up."
- Priyadarshi Samal, Technical Project Manager, IBM 

"The content was concise and very easily understandable. There were many concepts that got covered in a simple manner. The training provided a very good start to the PMP certfication exam preparation. The instructor knowledge is very high on the subject. What really is very helpful apart from the knowledge on topics are the tips given - quite helpful"
- Jobi Abraham, Sig Sigma BlackBelt, TESCO

"Good to start for the PMP preparation. Tups helped to remember abd exam preparation."
- Subbaramu Thalur Venkataramaiah, Manager, TESCO

"Content was really good. The training was good in terms of meeting objectives."
- Veena K.V, Program Manager, TESCO

"Satya explained the concepts well and he is having a good knowledge in the respective area."
- Gopeekrishnan Vrindavanam,
Sr. Project Manager, Capgemini

"The course is comprehensive and covers most of the target areas."
- Manas Pujari,
Business Development Manager, Flipkart 

Best part - "Order in which teaching was done, syllabus was prepared and taught".
- Nagabhusana Swamy K.S
Associate Manager, Webcetera 

"Best Part - Real life examples".
- Manoj Sharma,
Project Lead, Wipro Technologies

"Good explanation between the link between various processes".
- Nagarajan Srinivasan,
Project Manager, Tech Mahindra

"Course content and simplified content. Trainer well versed and helped with a lot of concepts."
- Prince Kumar, Thoucentric

"Easy to understand with examples and workflows."
- Sathish Venugopal, 
ANZ Ltd, Service Transition Lead

"Best Part - Concepts, presentations and flow charts".
- B. Vinod,
Sr. Project Management Analyst, Quintiles

"The program catered to the varied demographic of the class
- Application of these concepts in daily life
- Satya's teaching techniques and tip to remember the concepts"
- Sangeetha Yadav,
Manager - Business Development, XmPlarie IT Consultancy Ltd.

"Best part - It is on par with the worldwide practices. And it is the practical approach that are followed. New concepts that are unknown are not familiar to use, explained well."
- Srinath Gangoor,
Engineer, Conceptia Software Tech Pvt. Ltd.

"Trainer explained the concepts in a very simple and easy way."
- Priti Priya, 
APM, EMC Corporation

"Trainer leads very well. Course content is good."
- Meenakshi Shrivastava, 
Project Lead, Unisys

"Overall scheduling, information spread across four days, summarizing of the details, questions and answers - Best part of the event"
- Krishnaswamy Bijawara,

"Best part - Content of PMP course and knowledge the trainer"
- Tareeqa Zohraa,
Lead Engineer, Colt

"Great, good lesson plan, good pace, the instructor was very knowledgable in the subject area."
- Chantal Sylvain,
Manager, Canadian Red Cross

"Overall, training was designed and delivered perfectly. Material which is really not easy was explained in very understandable manner. One gets very good basis for understanding PMBOK and PMP expectations in general. In addition one gets very much familiarized with the subject despite having experience as a PM."
- Nutsa Datuashvili,
Project Manager, Georgia (country)

"Very lucid explanation on tough topics like the “Time”, “Cost” and “Quality” management."
- Dipshikha Basu,
Project Manager, Bangalore

"Trainer has vast experience as PM and helpful with relevant examples."
- Vijay Anand,
Sr Manager, Genpact

"I have learned the full process of Project Management in professional way. It’s good to have interact with Satya during the training and Q&A session."
- Siriwut Hasajitto,
EM pillar leader, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd.

"The trainer is highly skilled. Liked the course as it is a classroom session."
- Sajith U,
Technical Manager, Saumsung India

"Excellent Trainer. The trainer Mr. Satya Narayan Dash is an excellent trainer and all my expectations are met. He is humble, and made sure all the team members understand full. He patiently answered all questions."
- Vijayanand M,
Sr. System Engg., Honeywell 

"Very professional, clear fundamental, to the topic and good material."
- Abirami ArunPrakash,
Asscociate Manager, AllStars

"Course content. Most importantly the trainer, i.e., Satya Narayan Dash delivering the content."
- Rajeev Ranjan,
Sr Project Manager, HCL Technologies

"It was clear and concise. Clarity of concept is realized."
- Chaitanya Araveti,
Sr. Consultant, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

"It was very informative, refreshing and value added session. Practical support during the course will help in my current role to review and implement changes required in schedules. I am very much satisfied with the knowledge obtained during the course to have full confidence as Projects manager, even though I have several years of experience as Functional Manager in Matrix type organization."
- Mukundan Vikkath, 
Functional Manager, Saudi Arabia

"The overall concepts, the way preparation need to be done for the exam and approaches - the best part of the event. 
I'll definite recommend it to my friends." 
- Dhiraj Niroula,
Associate General Manager, HCL Tech

"- Simplified way of explaining
- Experience
- Active participation by all participants"
- Thomas Ninan,
Senior Business Analyst, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

"The coach, simplified content (training material) and the pace of training." - Best part of the event.
- Falguni Das,
Project Mnaager, Fidelity Investments

"Satya's knowledge of the subject and he being able to keep everyone engaged throughout."
- Deepak Bhauwala,
Manager, CapGemini

"I liked the teaching of Satya, the most prominent reason to stay and learn the course. His way of teaching, engaging the participant, knowledge etc are commendable."
- Sameer Ahuja,
Sales Management Advisor, IBM

"When I came on the first day, I knew nothing. Now I know a lot about PMP."
- Khyati Merh,
Senior Specialist (Release Management), HCL

"The flow of chapters was easy to understand and remember."
- Sudhindra Sampgaonkar,
Lead Engineer, Radisys

"The explanation and concepts helped me to understand  vast concepts in less time."
- Puneet Srivastava,
Consultant, Deloitte

"Very well structured, easy to understand."
- Sajith Jayaram,
Techno Coordinator, Northen Trust

"Professional and experienced trainer."
- Sameer Kumathekar,
Project Manager, Embitel Tech Pvt. Ltd.

"Satya is very knowledgeable in the area of project management and codnucted the training in a professional way."
- Sajith Vijayan,
Lead Engineer, Sasken Communications

"Best part - the training material and the way it has been delivered."
- Murali Perivilli,
Project Manager, Goldman Sachs

"Presentation, classroom training - best part of the event."
- Dilip Nair,
Project Manager, iMED Global Corporation

"Best part - the way course has been conducted."
- Vivek Vardhan,
Sr. Advisory Consultant, IBM

"Best part - The trainer"
- R Balamurali ,
GM, Bangalore International Airport Ltd

1) Excellent knowledge of the trainer Mr. Satya Dash.
2) Ability of the trainer to explain ideas and concepts.
3) Course material in terms of the knowledge it provides.
- Vishwas M R,
Head - Projects and Business Development, Micro Plastics Pvt. Ltd

All the 47 processes, 10 knowledge areas (KAs) and 5 process groups (PGs) were brought in a with simple approach. We can easily remember.
- Manikandan Palanisamy,
Project Manager, ABB, Australia

Satya's knowledge and explnation with suitable examples and the content of the course of course - best part of the event.
- Deepa C,
Team Manager, Capgemini

Best part - Trainer, Practical examples. Understood the concepts instead of memorizing.
- Satish Babu G,
Implementation Manager, Syniverse Technologies

Best part - Pace, additional information provided (in the program) by the trainer.
- Sindhu Sreenath
Program Lead, Intel Corporation

It was excellent.
- Faiyaz Faruque, Manager,
Vital Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Training course is relevant to what we are doing in our daily life and projects.
- I Ravindranath, 
Manager, Technology, Mahindra Aerospace

I learned how a project should be taken and driven.
-Vinod Chacko, Regional Lead

The topic were covered in detail with real time  examples. Faculty helped individual to understand and all the concepts were very clear. The training was best.
- Shikha Sharda,
Sr. SAP Consultant, Dexler Information Services

The content is very much organized, understandable and right on the focus for PMP with PMBOK Guide.
- M. Hussain Basha,
Senior Engineer, Sasken Communications

Course Delivery - best part of the event.
Ajaz Zafar,
Sr. Delivery Manager, Capgemini

Knowledge of the trainer, approach and methodology.
- Ranji Thomas, 
Team Manager, Deutsche Bank

Training material, quiz, the way it is organized - exactly as in PMBOK Guide. The trainer - the most (liked in the event)
- K. Guna Shekar, 
Project Lead, Honeywell

The faculty is very good. Satya Narayan Dash has an in depth understanding of the subject and explains in a very detailed way.
- Amit Koul, 
Architect, Wipro Technologies

Trainer is an expert in his domain. Training was well structured.
- Sandeep Meloth, 
Product Engineer, Honeywell

Satya's expertise and deep knowledge of the subject. The way he made it easy to understand and grasp was great.
- Uttam Das, 
Sr. Program Manager, NetApps

The vigor of the course and how Satya used a top down approach and logical flows to help us understand.
- Prashant Balakrishna, 
Director, Opteamix India

Helps me to understand the complete project life cycle and where I stand in it and how I can progress and achieve my future goals.
- Sandeep Pandey, 
Associate Consultant, Zyme Solutions

The topic itself is very dry, however real life examples were shared to make us understand the topic even better and remember the concepts. Also enough value was added by examples books to go through.
- Rajelakshmi Mohan, 
Team Lead, Cisco

Well known course, very professional approach by the trainer.
- Leelavathi K. S, 
Deputy General Manager, Secon Pvt.Ltd.

Trainer knowledge and experience are the best of the program.
- Rehman Khan, 
Principal Consultant - Infosys Technologies

Integrity of the trainer with practical proess followed - best liked about the program.
- Shaik Riyaz Ahmed, 
Manager, Technology, Mahindra Aerospace

Content, Hands on, Query answering.
- Abhishek Shekhar, 
Sr. Consulting Lead, Deloitte Consulting

Lot of real time examples.
- Deepak Madhyastha, 
Delivery Manager, Vision 360 Global

Clears most of the project management concpets. Improves the preparedness of the actual PMP exam.
- Libu Baby, 
HP India

Course was well explained and Satya was able to explain very well. The example were easy to understand.
- Murali Chandrasekharan, 
Program Manager, Wipro Technologies

Complete project management process.
The way of explanation, it was taught well and solid understanding and helpful tools to polish my skill set.
- Naveen Shetty, 
Manager, EPSON

Real life examples which we can relate to, the explanations, in depth knowledge of the trainer. 
- Divyashree N.J, 
Sr. Software Engineer, TCS

Best part - "Quantity and Quality. Hands on examples."
- J. Sakthivel
Technical Lead, Hewlett Packard

Satya and his sincere approach to help us understand the topics.
- Aswinkrishnan H, 
Technical Lead, Hewlett Packard India

Very Focused learning.
- Jayganesh V,
Engineering Manager, GE Power and Water

Course content and balance between theory and practical.
- Lakshmi B.S., 
Lead Engineer, GE Power and Water

Learning with hands-on approach (Primavera). Very good trainer.
- Dheeraj Sharma, 
Team Leader, GE Water and Power

Content, professionalism, humbleness.
- Sourabh Dasgupta, 
Business Operations Manager, Hewlett Packard India

Friendliness of the trainer, support staff, and every interaction has been very good. 
The structure is good, the speed is good, revision of topic every morning is good.
- Seetharam M, 

Satya's knowledge and effort taken by him to make us understand about PMP and  setting up a strong foundation of basics.
- Dr Parthibaraja A, MBBS
Drug Safety Physician, ICON Plc.

Satya's approach, Materials Given - best part of the event.
- Kishore Prakash, Team Manager, Deutsche Bank Group

Clear explanation of  the concepts with example from the activities based on day to day life.
- Bhavani Suram, 
Test Lead, HSBC

Clean, organized facility. Good trainer. Thorough and passionate. On-time.
- Aditi Jain, 
Self Employed, Independent Creative Professional, Fashion Domain

Content prepared by the trainer and training delivery.
- Rohit Tripathi,
Assistant Vice President, HSBC

The course delivered by the faculty is excellent. 
- Dasari Gowri Sruthi, 
IT Engineer, Cisco Systems

PMP is very large as per PMBOK. This course has effectively condensed the material, assessing all the key areas.
- Priya Satish, 
Assitant Manager, Testing, HSBC

Overall training experience and tips provided by the trainer. 
Additional flowcharts and process diagrams.
- Jaideep Chanda, 
IT Tech Lead, Philips Software Bangalore

The training process and sequencing of topics. Mr. Satya was very enthusiastic to teach us in all days.
- Pramod Chalaih, 
Team Lead, Philips Software, Bangalore

Professional, Well organized, answering every question without hesitation.
Crisp and to the point with real time examples. 
- Hemnath L

Satya was very helpful in explaining all the concepts of Project management. 
He has been very patient and have been empathizing with the class. Great learning. 
- Sumit Thakur, 
Project Manager, HP, Australia

Trainer knowledge and grasp on subject is excellent. Very engaging. 
- Jinshen Matthew, 
Oracle India

The training was conducted systematically which helped understand the concepts thoroughly. 
Satya has been an excellent trainer who took time to explaining all the topics clearly. 
- Prashant Shah, 
Program and Project Delivery Manager, HP, Australia

Trainer explanation, course flow, examples. Tips that were given to prepare for exam.
- R. Sunil Kumar, 
Project Manager, Nokia Siemens Network

Best part - Presentation of the trainer. Content of the course.
- Pradyumna Deshpande, 
Platform Test Manager, CapGemini

The trainer - Mr. Satya Dash and the course material provided were best part of the event.
- Srikanth Soma, 
Assistant Vice President, Citibank India

It was well conducted and well narrated by the trainer. Very fluent on the topic (Practical PMP).
- Ramakrishnana Balakrishnana, 
Manager - Systems, BlueDart Express Limited, Mumbai

As an experienced hands-on trainer, he could relate to certification as well as practical usage of PMBOK.
- Matthews Daniel, 
Genernal Manager - Systems, BlueDart Express Limited, Mumbai

Blend of theory and practical. Simplified a complex and dry subject.
- McEwen Periera, 
General Manager - Systems, BlueDart Express Limited, Mumbai

Course is very interesting. Material provided is good simplified version. Found it very useful. Trainer was good.
- Sudarshan KR, 
Vice President, Planing, Sobha Developers

Well structured. Good tips provided for taking up the PMP certification. Trainer shared a lot of information and was very open for discussion.
- Pushapalatha Gangadhar, 
Functional Manager, Siemens India

Satya's way of teaching related to practical situations with examples - very helpful. Also clarifying doubts during the session.
- G. Satish Kumar, 
Sobha Developers, Manager - Planning

What I liked most about the training is the instructor's sincerity to explain concepts and principles. Has great patience to answer the queries.
- Arun Kumar, 
HoD Projects, Schenck Process India, Ranchi

Satya's ability to hold the attention. Trainer was able to correlate and give practical examples.
- K. Varadharajan, 
Head Development, Arteria Technologies

Doing practical assignment along with theory gives a great confidence.
- Chidananda M. H., 
JDA Software

PMP concepts with blend of rich project management tool, friendly approach and sharing rich experience with us. Thanks!
- Udayavar Srikanth Nayak, 
Architect, Society General

Practical application and relating practice to concepts. Trainer is very effective and accommodating. Participant retention is high.
- Rashmi Rau, 
Genser Aerospace

What I liked most about the event was how MS Project tool practically covered the areas in PMP.
- Kamal Kumar, 
Arteria Technologies

Best part of the event:
1) Trainer's preparation
2) Trainer's experience 
3) Course Pace 
4) Trainer's patience and preparation 
5) Course Material
-Abhishek Srivastav, 
Team Lead, KPMG

Instructor's method of teaching was detail oriented with practical examples. 
-Girish K. G
Information Risk Manager, ING Vyasa Bank Ltd.

The approach in which the coursework was taken forward during the session was what I liked most. Precisely what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.
-Smitha Srinivas, 
Project Leader, IBM India

Had a detailed understanding on MS Project after the training.
-Dominic Jayaprakash
Test Manager, Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.

Satya did a very good of presenting concepts and to the point in presentation.
-Harikrishna S
Delivery Manager, Sonata Software

Training material and knowledge of the faculty was the best one in the entire event.
-Vasuki Rao
Engineering Manager, Alcatel Lucent

What I liked most is the course content and interactive session by the instructor.
Ramamoorthy N
Manager, Wipro Limited

Excellent examples, way of teaching, knowledge and training method.
-Makesh Rex 
Manager, ABB

Instructor's knowledge and explanation was the best part of the program. 
-Bhagyashri Annigeri
Dell International Services

Presentation, illustration with suitable examples by the trainer.
-Bijoy VP
Dell International Services

Best Part: The total course itself and the way we were presented by the faculty.
- MS Ganesan
Essar Digitronics Pvt Ltd

Knowledge and Presentation Skills of the tutor was the best part of the program.
-Dinesha K Shetty
Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Trainer's knowledge and overall environment is friendly.
- Jawahar, 
Jivox Software India Pvt. Ltd.

It is really very useful session, can have another session after a week time to present a new practical project created by individual.
- Prema Jayasingh, 

The techniques taughts by the trainers to help understand the modules. - The most i liked about the program
- Rahul Torvi, 
VMWare Software India 

Got a very good insight into project management by Satya. 
- Shaji Nair, 
Solution Architect, Symphony Teleca

The session on MS Project by Mr. Satyanarayan Dash was the best ever training I have attended in years. It was fabulous to say the least.
- Yash Sudheer KulkarniBangalore/Mumbai, India

The overall concept included in the PMP program by the trainer was excellent.
-Achint Shrivastava 
Dexler Information Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Satya specifically - the trainer's knowledge and presentation skills is what I liked most about the program.
-TV Vamsi Jayaprasad,
Bangalore/Chennai, India

Knowledge level of the trainer and presentation was the best part of the Program.
- Harish Pillai, 
Oracle Financial Services

The session conducted by Mr. Satyanarayan Dash was very understandable, clear and above all excellent. It truly exceeded my expectations. 
- V.S Saravana Prem Kumar
Deputy Manager - ERP, VA Tech Wabag Ltd.

Satya has good understanding of concepts, solid presentation skills, and great skills to manage and conduct the program. 
- Dr. Prashant Naik, Mumbai/Bangalore, India

Satya's knowledge, flow of content and experience is the best part of the Program. Satya as a
trainer - "He is the best!"
- Mukesh R Nair
Global Program Manager, Dell India

Concise and Precise. Excellent Delivery of the course by the trainer and also kudos the course knowledge and preparation.
- Rahul Ramgopal, 
Dexler Information Solutions

Mr. Satya Narayan Dash, was so good. Showing out his professional experience was so helpful. It was a tremendous learning experience. 
- Yogeshwara Rao N
Technical Architect, Sulekha

The practicals were conducted in an innovative manner which was good for all.
-Amrita Sengupta
Senior Manager-Delivery Management, TDE

I would like to appreciate the content and quality of our coach Mr. Satyanarayan Dash. It was beyond my expectations. 
- V. Chinna Muthu  Selvam, Chennai, India

Excellent teacher, value for money. He ensured that each and every individual in the program understand the contents of the program thoroughly. 
- K.S Sundaram,
Principal Consultant, Ramco Systems

Gifted and enthusiastic trainer brought to life topics that could easily have been pull and uninteresting. Good coverage of subject.
- Dushyant Shetty
Assistant Vice President, Technology, Dexler Information Solutions

The best part of the training program was the knowledge of Satya.
- Devi Pamarti
Head - Annuity PMO and Delivery Assurance, IBM

Satya, the faculty for the program was excellent and knowledgeable.
- Brajendra Kumar
Asst General Manager, Mahindra Reva, Car Group

I have started interacting with Satya since 2010 during my PMP preparation times. In recent month, I again got an opportunity to interact with him during my MS project preparation. I have found Satya a subject matter expert in MS project as well as in Project Management. He has a natural flair to train people and is dedicated and passionate towards his work. You will have great Results from such an expert with High Integrity.
-Ajith Paul, PMP
Project Manager, Mindtree Limited

The content was well organized. Faculty, Mr. Satya Narayan Dash, was very knowledgeable and patient. The pace was good and conducive for learning. Very satisfied with the program.
- Wilson Chitla
Regional Head of Operations, Security & Workplace Resources, India, Middle East, Africa at Nokia

The speaker on MS Project, Mr. Satya Narayan Dash, was very knowledgeable, have the feel and pulse of entire set of participants from diverse professional backgrounds and brought in a great expertise to make me understand the basic and advanced concepts on MS project.
- Dr. Kakoli Mukherjee, Ph.D, Bangalore, India

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