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RMP Success Story: RMP Exam is Tougher Than the PMP Exam, Prepare Strongly To Succeed

By V Satya Viswanadha Raju, RMP, PMP

I have been part of IT Service Operations industry for over 10 years and support multi-million dollars clients with varying service level agreement (SLA) demands. In these environments, risks are high and risk management is highly needed. My current role in the organization demanded Operational Risk Management.

Risk management exposure during my Project Management Professional (PMP®) preparations always drew my attention to this specific function and remained my favourite subject to understand and implement.

After completion of my PMP certification, I was in constant discussions with Satya sir about taking the Risk Management Professional (RMP®) exam, who has been my go-to man, always. 

My PMP Success Story: Extraordinary Content of 35 Hours Online Course and a Sincere Approach Helped to Crack the Exam

Own Study
Post my PMP certification, I had long discussions and guidance from Satya Sir and decided to pursue Risk Management Professional (RMP®) certification. The very first thing I did was to buy the RMP Exam Prep Book - I Want to be a RMP, Second Edition, written by Satya Sir. 

Based on my previous experiences with PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Course and MS Project 2016 Live Sessions, I decided to go for this book. Before referring to any other guides and/or standards, I started my RMP journey with I Want To Be A RMP book. 

For preparation, I primarily referred to content from the below three.

  • Book – I Want To Be A RMP, The Plain and Simple Way, 2nd Edition, by Satya Narayan Dash
  • The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects, by Project Management Institute (PMI®)
  • Practice Standard for Risk Management, by Project Management Institute (PMI)

However, my primary focus and reference were always on the I Want To Be A RMP book. I have read the book six times.

My preparation timeline was six months. I've dedicated two to three hours to study daily. On weekends, I’ve spent four to five hours.

I started off by taking the re-access to PMP 35 Contact Hours course and particularly focused on the set of videos from Risk Management Lesson. This helped me to revise the concepts and prepare.

RMP Exam Experience
My RMP Exam Application form was approved by PMI in December, 2020. On the same date, I booked the slot to give my exam at Pearson Vue professional Center, Bengaluru. 

In the month of December 2020, I started setting up my mind and body for taking the toughest questions and 210 minutes of sitting posture. Practised breathing exercises which really help to reduce the stress.

On the D day, I reached the exam Center 30 minutes early and completed the formalities and it was all set. First few minutes are a bit nervous and even the questions are very complex. And as the time passed, I got more confident and it was a free flow like a stream after the first 30 minutes. I kept checking the time ticks and I didn’t rush towards the end. 

I felt somewhat stressed around the 110th question, and hence, took a break after completing 125 questions so that I could regain my momentum. 

Types of Questions Faced

  • I felt the RMP exam was tougher than the PMP exam as I didn’t find a single question as moderate.
  • At-least 20 questions were very lengthy, 7-8 lines descriptions, and then a question. It takes time to read, and analyze such questions.
  • I received at least 20 Mathematical questions on S- Curve, various estimation techniques and earned value calculations.
  • I also faced questions on To Complete Performance Index (TCPI), Cost Performance Index (CPI) as well as questions on Risk Score.

Book Review - I Want To Be A RMP, 2nd Edition
As I mentioned earlier, before referring to any other books, I started with I Want To Be A RMP book and have read it multiple times.

I did’t hesitate and did’t have any second thoughts to call the books from Satya sir as my Bhagavad Gita for project management, filled with contents from other a number of other books, such as: I Want To Be A PMP book, a number of other references and for Agile based Risk Management - I Want To Be An  ACP book. 

In this book, after every chapter, you will have practice questions which are mostly situational and give different directions towards thinking and making you prepared for the final exam. The answers are also available for each one of them.

The book also has two sets of complete mock exams with answers and detailed explanation for the answer. I recommend anyone, to first take one full-length exam and check yourself where you stand for the main exam and then prepare accordingly. 

The beauty of the book is, it has highlighted tips, and the author will put stress on key focus areas. A large number of tips and revisions have been shared in the book. 

Suggestions for RMP Aspirants

  • Set your mind for the toughest exam from PMI. As I see it, the RMP exam is tougher than the PMP exam!
  • Plan your schedule and follow the schedule strictly.
  • Practise more mathematical questions and formulas.
  • I recommend to take a short break during the exam, accordingly
  • Stick to books and/or guides you choose and don’t deviate from them.
  • Don’t be nervous during the exam. What will happen will happen – you have prepared earnestly.

I was very elated after clearing my RMP exam. 

I would like to thank Satya sir for his continuous guidance and inspiring me in pursuing this certification. He was the “Person to go to” during my RMP journey for clarifying the doubts, getting the needed advisory.  

Brief Profile:
V, Satya Viswanadha Raju, RMP, PMP

Current Role: I’m currently a Service Delivery Lead in an MNC, Bengaluru, India.

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