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Book for RMP Exam Prep: I Want To Be A RMP, 2nd Edition

* Note *: This book has been updated with the new RMP exam changes due to new ECO and exam references, effective March/April 2022. To know more, refer: What's New (Link).
It gives me a lot of pleasure in announcing the public availability of the book for Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Risk Management Professional (RMP®) examination preparation:

'I WANT TO BE A RMP - The Plain and Simple Way to be A RMP'.

This book is in its second edition. Currently, it’s the only book in the world, which is latest. This is also the first book in the world, which uses the contents of newly enforced PMBOK® 6th edition, and the new Foundational Standard for Risk Management released in 2019.

Nearly three years have passed since the first edition of the book came-up. While preparing for the new content, I realized how much risk management have been updated and upgraded with new changes in these years.

You can see the first edition's content in the below link:
I Want To Be A RMP, 1st edition, the plain and simple way 

In the second edition, a number of new concepts have been added into risk management such as event vs non-event risks, project resilience, emergent risks, new risk assessment paramters, risk management in agile environment, new tools and techniques such as data analytics, probabilistic branching, new risk report, new process of Implement Risk Responses etc. Most importantly, the latest PMBOK guide has now vast coverage of risk management spreading across the rest of the nine knowledge areas, which was not the case earlier. This book incorporates them all and emphasizes the interaction of risk management with other knowledge areas. Because to be a RMP, you just can't go with stand-alone risk management. Rather, you need to understand how it impacts the overall project management landscape.

What's New - I Want To Be A RMP Book, Second Edition

This book could not have been written without the feedback and inputs from many professionals, who are spread around the globe. In particular, I would like to thank Sindu Sreenath, Hendro Hadiwinoto, Rodrigue Fotso, John Monterona, Francis Makamure, and Winson Lin. There are many others who have given inputs - directly or indirectly.

I thank you all for your inputs. Without your feedback and inputs, it would not have been possible.

The earlier edition of the book has seen many PMI-RMP success stories and a few have written their experiences. In fact, almost everyone who has bought the earlier edition of the book and pursued the certification, has been a successful RMP.

Key Features of This Book - I Want To Be A RMP, 2nd Edition
  • Synchronised with PMI’s PMBOK Guide 6th edition, PMI's Practice Standard for Risk Management, PMI's Foundational Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects, and the latest Examination Content Outline (ECO) for the RMP exam.
    * Note *: This book has been updated with the latest RMP Exam ECO applicable from March/April 2022 and latest references.
  • Detailed coverage for various analytical areas, where RMP aspirants face a number of questions. Some of them are:
    • Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),
    • Fault Tree Analysis / Failure and Effect Analysis (FTA/FMEA),
    • Expected Monetary Value (EMV),
    • Sensitivity Analysis,
    • Criticality Analysis (and Criticality Index),
    • Probabilistic Branching,
    • Probability Distribution,
    • Correlation,
    • Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS),
    • Latin-Hypercube Simulation (LHS),
    • Earned Value Analysis (EVA), 
    • Risk-adjusted Gantt chart,
    • Risk-adjusted S-curve analysis, etc.
  • Over 400 practice questions for the RMP exam, including 2 full length question sets with detailed answers. These questions are with respect to the latest content for the RMP exam.
  • Liberal use of figures and flow diagrams across the books. The book also has a number of tips to crack the exam.
  • Risk management in Agile environment, new methods such as Crawford method, Kipling method etc.
  • A number of videos in various areas such as Earned Value Management, Contingency Reserve, Management Reserve, Risk Response strategies etc.
  • Extensive usage of software tools such as Primavera Risk Analysis which gives you a real-time feel of Risk Register, Risk Report, Various Risk Assessment Parameters, Probabilistic Correlation, Probability Distributions, various types of Simulations, Criticality Analysis, S-curve analysis etc.

Overall Content of the Book
  • Number of Chapters: 12 (+2)
  • Number of Pages: 560 [+78 for new RMP Exam; Total = 638]
  • Number of Questions: 400+ [+50 new; Total = 456]
  • Number of Full-Length Question Sets: 3 [One additional question set + a new set on PMBOK7]
  • Three full length question sets, each with 115 questions and detailed answers (total 345) [Updated for latest RMP Exam]

The price, and access details for this book are available at:

The know the new contents in the book, refer:
What's New - I Want To Be A RMP Book, Second Edition

You can refer the below link to know the top changes:
PMI-RMP Latest Exam from 2022 – Top 11 Changes to Know

To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index (partial one). The detailed index is part of the book.

Index of the Book
The partial index of the RMP book is shown below (Embedded Document). You can scroll to see the content.

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