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Book Available for RMP Exam Prep: "I Want To Be A RMP"

[NEW Book: I Want To Be A RMP - 2nd Edition  (Link)] 

Over the years, I've coached many professionals on risk management. While leading and guiding them, they have also taught me invaluable lessons about their needs, aspirations, expectations and the pain points they have in understanding the concepts of risk management. This book is a culmination of those learning with my students, fellow professionals and colleagues. A big thank you to all of you, who enabled me to write this book. 

I've seen many professionals who want to crack the Risk Management Professional (RMP®) Exam, but unfortunately there is no book available which exhaustively covers the various aspects of the exam.  

For the RMP exam:
A) you need to understand the principles, practices, and concepts in Practice Standard for Project Risk Management from Project Management Institute (PMI®);
B) you need to understand PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide 5th Edition with high focus on risk management processes, which comes with various inputs, tools and techniques and output (ITTOs);
C) you also need to be fluent with the Examination Content Outline (ECO), which is focused on performance domains. In addition, there is a list of reference books for the exam. 

Unfortunately, there is no available material available, which covers them together. 

Considering these, I have written this book - 'I WANT TO BE A RMP - The Plain and Simple Way to be A RMP'. This book exhaustively covers the needed areas to crack the RMP exam. 

Top 7 Features of the Book - "I Want To Be A RMP"
  • Synchronised with the 5th Edition of the PMBOK Guide, PMI's Pratice Standard for Risk Management and the latest Examination Content Outline (ECO, 2016). Wherever needed, the concepts from the reference book list are covered, too. 
  • Over 400+ practice questions for the RMP exam, including 2 full length question sets with detailed answers.
  • Exhaustive coverage with many examples on mathetical concepts such as
    • Earned Value Analysis (EMV), 
    • Decision Tree Analysis (DTA),
    • Various Probability Distributions (PD),
    • Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS),
    • Latin Hypercube Simulation (LHS),
    • Earned Value Management (EVM) and Risk Adjusted EVM etc.
  • Many tips shared across the book to help crack the RMP exam.
  • Lots of diagrams and flow-diagrams to clearly understand the concepts on risk management.
  • Impact of Project Risk Management on other aspects of Project Management such as Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Communications, Human Resources, Stakeholders.
  • Real time examples on Risk register, Risk Probability and Impact Matrix, Risk Manageability, Risk Urgency, Risk Audit, Contingency Reserve etc.

Overall Content of the Book
  • Number of Chapters: 12
  • Number of Pages: ~500
  • Number of Questions: 400+
  • Number of Full Length Question Sets: 2
    Two full length question sets, each with 170 questions and detailed answers (total 340)

The book exhaustively covers the areas for the RMP exam, but written in a simple way, with a number of examples related to our real lives - both professional and personal lives, where we do risk management.

To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index (partial one). The detailed index is part of the book. 

Index of the Book

The partial index of the book is shown below (embedded document) You can scroll or open in larger screen by clicking the arrow on right in the embedded frame, to see the content. 

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