Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Book Review - I Want To Be A PMP: A Must Have Interactive Book

By Sahana Mukund, PMP

Why this Book?
I wanted to buy “I want to be a PMP” because I was convinced that it would help me a great deal in my preparations. Satya sir’s credibility and the way he explained the concepts made me want to purchase the book.

PMP Book – I Want To be A PMP
The book is very succinct and just what you need when you have overwhelming information everywhere. The yogic tips and tricks that are present in every chapter help you to remember and recollect all the important points. 

Another great aspect of this book is that the important topics all have videos explained by Satya sir himself. The experience is great when you have content, tips, videos and blogs all rolled into one place. 

  • The topics that helped me the most are the way the Critical Path and EVM concepts are explained. The demarcation of the important ITTO’s really helped focus and remember what is necessary. What also helped me were the clear flow diagrams for change request, deliverables, resource calendars and issue logs.
  • The chapter end questions, full length questions, new question on PMP exam 2016 changes and Exam Content Outline (ECO) were very useful to give a correct guage of my preparation. They are situational, tricky, content rich and very much inline to the actual exam.
  • The other areas such as snapshots of MS Project, Oracle Primavera etc. and examples used really helped in experiencing project management as I read through the book.
  • Also, the formula set was something that I could refer to all the time.

Chapters in the Book – I Want To be A PMP
The book is divided into  logical chapters. 
  • The introduction has all the necessary elements of an emphasized topic Benefits realization. 
  • The chapter on the processes is excellent where the 47 processes are defined and sequenced for a thorough understanding. This sets the tone for the rest of the chapters.

The following chapters are divided as per the knowledge areas. 
  • Integration management has the detailed video explanation on change requests and that is something very strongly emphasised on the real exam.
  • The organizational theories that are found in the HR management chapter is something that is again very useful. They are not present in detail in the PMBOK guide and this is where the guidance from this book steps in. 
  • Risk management and Quality management concepts are also very clearly covered and this is enough to arm you for the exam. 
  • Trust me, this was the only book that helped me remember all the points necessary. Reading it is a breeze and I used only this book in the final few days of my prep along with PMBOK.

Overall, this book is a must have along with PMBOK guide and I really think these two books are more than sufficient for the exam. I want to be a PMP is very much inline with PMBOK and the latest changes. It has all the elements covered. A lot of effort has gone into this book which clearly reflects in my results and I bet a lot of my friends who have used this book agree to.

Written By Sahana Mukund: Sahana Mukund has 10+ years of work experience and was last designated as a Project Manager primarily in the travel, healthcare and retail portfolio. She is currently on a work hiatus and will be moving to New York for her MBA in August 2017.

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