Friday, March 02, 2018

RMP Success Story: Don’t Underestimate The Exam – Better Your Conceptual Understanding, Higher Your Chance of Success

By Rodrigue Nkamga Fotso, RMP, PMP

I have been a Project Manager for more than 14 years. I have always found out this: when risks are not properly managed, some projects easily failed to meet their objectives. Over time, I came to know that the Risk management is not only essential, but also an integral part of project management and impacts other knowledge areas of project management.

Own Study
I prepared for my RMP exam within four months. I consistently studied 3 to 4 hours per day in these months. In the first month, I received my necessary contact hours from the classes form an institute. Then I started my own preparation in the remaining months. I used the Practice Standard for Risk Management (from Project Management Institute), Rita’s book, Reference material from the classroom sessions, Study Guide for RMP and I Want To Be A RMP book - which was key to my success.  

I also went through webinars from PMI, worked out few fast track tests, simulated exams and mock exams. Simultaneously, I was also reading articles related to the Risk Management. 

After going through all the above-mentioned artefacts and materials - except for book “I want to be a RMP” - I realized that the essential and important topics were not developed. For example, the understanding of Quantitative Risk analysis is not upto the mark -  especially when calculations are involved, in Monte Carlo analysis and others techniques related to quantitative assessments. 

Furthermore, the interaction between the other knowledge areas and the one for Risk Management were not properly shown or demonstrated in these books - except in the book, I WANT TO BE A RMP.

RMP Exam Experience
I schedule my exam in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). My strategy was to spend maximum 1 minute per question and to avoid skipping any question. I am really proud of the Satya’s Book because it deeply showed me how to use the Monte Carlo Analysis or graphs in risk management. About 20 questions were related to the simulation and calculation in my exam. Can you imagine? 

Book Review - I Want To Be A RMP
I decided to buy this book because it was the only one available with mathematical understanding, simulations (e.g.,Monte Carlo) and calculations. This book shows all the interactions between knowledge areas and Risk Management and also highlights the importance of Risk management when interaction happens. 

The second Mock Exam in the book was very useful, because it has a number of situational questions and they are very tricky.

Suggestions for RMP Aspirants
  • The more you study the better you will understand. Don’t underestimate the exam. Your conceptual understanding is of high importance. 
  • Read the Satya’s book at least 3 times before exam.  
  • Read the Practice Standard for Risk Management from PMI at least two times. 

In my organization, I’ll share my Risk Management knowledge and I’ll make sure that the risk management is integrated in all projects I perform.

Brief Profile
Name: Rodrigue Nkamga Fotso (Cameroon)
Current Role: Project Manager-Rig at DDW-Dubai; PMP, PMI-RMP
Brief experience details: 14 years of experience maintenance of offshore facilities, Production Management in Shipyard

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