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Updated Course: What’s New – PMP 35 Contact Hours Online

The course, PMP 35 Contact Hours Online has been available since early 2019 and has enabled many PMP® success stories. The entire course is in Video format and currently has over 35 hours of video. 

Many professionals have gone through this course and a few have written their success stories. Most of them used this PMP 35 contact hours course, along with the PMP Exam Prep book, I Want To Be A PMP. This is to be use both video and text content.

This course also comes with a full-money back guarantee for 15 days. There are no tricky terms and conditions written in small letters. You can know more on this money-back guarantee in the first linked and highlighted text. 

There is no machine reading this course, which makes you feel like a robot. You are not a robot interacting with another. A machine can never explain a PMP preparatory course, which is of high complexity. In reality, a machine reading course for PMP preparation, teaches you little to nothing. 

Why the Updates?

The updates are NOT there to make the course like the Exam Content Outline (ECO), which is a barebone skeleton. Based on the ECO, the questions are segregated on percent basis and inform on the Domains, Tasks and Enablers. 

The actual content of the exam will be from the PMBOK® Guide, the Agile Practice Guide, and other PMI® references. To understand the domains, tasks and enablers, you have to go through these guides, references and build a sound understanding. 

You can read more on the Exam Changes in the below article:

What Should You Know about the PMP Exam 2021 Changes

The article notes 2020 changes, but the exam changes were postponed to 2021. The content of the above article is still highly relevant and applicable.

The updates for the PMP 35 Contact Hours Course are primarily driven by eight factors:

  • Availability or updates to existing guides and standards: The PMP exam is based on various guides, e.g., the PMBOK guide, the Agile Practice Guide (APG).
  • Availability or updates to references: The PMP exam also now has a list of reference books. Also, the PMBOK guide internally refers to certain standards.  
  • Agile Content: Recently, Agile has been emphasized and 50% of questions will be from Agile and/or Hybrid approaches.
  • New Exam Content Outline (ECO): The ECO has gone through changes and a new ECO has been effective from January 02, 2021.
  • New types of questions in the exam: New types of questions come in the PMP exam or new ways are introduced to take the exam. 
  • Emerging new practices: There are continuously new emerging practices which will be tested in the PMP exam.   
  • Feedback from exam takers: Some successful PMPs, who have used this 35 contact hours course, write their exam experiences and share their learnings.
  • Updates on advanced or complex areas: Sometimes advanced concepts are tested in the exam. The updated videos reflect it.

With this background, there have been frequent and continuous updates to: 
PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Course 

All these updates have been free for existing customers of this video course.

What’s New – PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Course

These updates have happened over years and in total there have been 15 updates so far. Do note all these contents in Video format, except the ones of questions and answers, which you have to solve. 

Following are the highlights of these updates. 

1. NEW/UPDATED Videos on Agile for every Knowledge Area 

Every knowledge area in the PMBOK guide has a brief content on Agile or Adaptive environments. The course explanations are in videos with numerous diagrams, tips and detailed explanations. No machine is reading this course, which is effectively useless learning. 

2. NEW/UPDATED Videos for Agile Concepts and Practices in the PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK guide covers a number of Agile aspects in its 5 process groups (PG), 10 knowledge areas (KA) and 49 processes. This course explains the needed concepts with videos. 

Again, no machine is reading this course, but human-to-human interactions with videos. 

Many get surprised when I say that PMBOK has covered almost every important Agile Artifact, important Agile Practices, and important Agile Metrics etc. Some of these are:

  • Iteration/Sprint Planning
  • Iteration/Daily Stand-up
  • Iteration/Sprint, Project Retrospectives
  • Iteration Demonstration.

PMBOK also covers various Agile concepts such as:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Velocity
  • Burndown/burnup Charts
  • Reserve burndown Chart
  • Agile Release Planning
  • Iteration burndown Chart, among many others.

3. NEW Video Lesson: Agile Project Management 

While the PMBOK guide has Agile content, it’s not enough to prepare. You have to understand the fundamental aspects of Agile in a deeper way. For this reason, a new “Lesson: Agile Project Management” has been added. This is aligned with the Agile Practice Guide.

I call it the 11th Knowledge Area (KA). The other 10 KAs are from Project Integration Management to Project Stakeholder Management.

This lesson of Agile Project Management has the following ones:

  • Number of videos: 47  
  • Duration: 2hours and 45 minutes 
  • A number of lesson-end practice questions with answers

These videos are freshly created. The practice questions are excluding the lesson-end and full-length question.

4. One NEW Full-Length Question Set specific to Agile/Hybrid Approaches 

Now the course has a specific question-set (out of 6 full-length sets) on Agile/Hybrid approaches. 

This question set has questions specifically on Agile, along with detailed answers. It has 180 questions with detailed answers.

5. NEW set of Exercises for the new ECO

The exam content outline for the PMP exam has changed since January 02, 2021. In light of this, the course now comes with an exhaustive set of exercises related to the ECO, the domains, tasks and enablers. 

6. Two NEW Full-length Question Sets.

Earlier the course had four full-length question sets. Now, it has six full-length question sets. Five of these will cover questions on predictive mode and one will specifically for Agile/Adaptive mode.

7. NEW sets of Video Exercises for every Knowledge Area.

A number of videos on ITTO exercises, taken from PMP Live Lessons, are part of the course. The PMP Live Lessons have exhaustive ITTO exercises. Some of the videos have been put into the 35 contact hours course.

These exercises are separate from the full-length or lesson-end practice tests.

8. UPDATED Formulas in the PMP Exam Formula Gold Cards

Formulas in the PMP Gold cards are updated, primarily with respect to new types of questions such as Range of Incentive Effectiveness (RIE), Earned Schedule Management (ESM) etc. 

Note: The formula gold cards of the course can be downloaded.

9. MORE Explanatory Videos

When the course was first released it had over 480 videos. Today, the number of videos is around 550. With this, you have 5 hours of additional contents. In total, it has now around 35 hours of videos. Earlier the duration was around 30 hours.

Many think that by just doing a set of questions in a simulator is enough to pass the exam. Nothing is further from the truth. The PMP Exam is not like that. Without understanding the concepts first, directly using simulators will be futile and useless. 

10. UPDATED due to the updates in the PMBOK Guide!

Very few know that the PMBOK guide also gets updated. Change Log’s behavior or content of Scope Statement. As the PMBOK guide gets updates, the corresponding videos have been updated. 

11. NEW Software Toolkit for the ITTOs, with video explanations.

A new software toolkit has been provided, with video explanations, with which you can quickly detect the ITTOs.

12. UPDATED Lesson-end Practice Questions.

Earlier, few chapter end practice questions were available. Now, a number of practice questions, process and ITTO related questions are added.

These exercises are separate from the full-length practice tests.

13. NEW Videos for PMP Online Proctored Exams

The PMP exam now has an option to take in proctored mode. Based on it, new video contents have been added, which will tell you in a step-by-step manner on how to proceed with the exam. 

14. UPDATED Content on filling PMP Exam Application Forms

The way exam applications are filled-up has changed. A step-by-step guide has been included on how to fill-up the exam application forms. It also has dos and don’ts, and templates needed.

15. UPDATED Preparation Plan for the PMP 35 Contact Hours Course, i.e., how to Prepare with the Course 

This course had a preparation plan from the very beginning. It has been updated in light of the new contents, new videos and video exercises.  

16. NEW Videos on PTA and RIE

The Procurement Management KA now has new videos on point of total assumption (PTA) and range of incentive effectiveness (RIE). There are also other updated videos as well as new videos on contract management. 

17. UPDATED Welcome Video Section for New PMP Exam from January 02, 2021

The exam has changed with updated PMP exam pre-requisites, the changed exam pattern, types of questions, among others. It also now has three NEW domains: People, Process and Business Environment.

Based on this, the Welcome section has been updated.

18. NEW Question Set for New Question Styles

Along with multi-choice questions, there can be other questions in the PMP exam. These can be hotspot questions, multi-response, drag and drop questions. A few fill-in-the blank types questions can also come. 

Based on it, a new question set has been added, which will specifically address these questions. This is excluding the full-length question sets and chapter end practice tests.

19. UPDATES to Course Index File

The index file is important to know the content of the course. As the course gets updated the index file also gets updated with clear highlighting for the NEW, as well as the UPDATED content. You will also know if any item has been removed. 

How Will I Know about the Updates?

Professinoals and people who want to purchase the PMP 35 Contact Hours course, raise this question frequently. I understand this concern and below points clearly inform how to know about the updates.

  1. All changes will be clearly communicated to you via E-Mail. 
  2. Inside this online course, the new ones will be highlighted as *** NEW ***, and the updates ones will be *** UPDATED ***Green color coding will be there for these changes in the communicated mails. All emails will be part of update E-mail archive.
  3. All the previous updated mails are part of the PMP 35 Conact Hours Online course, so that you are clearly aware of the new changes that have happened. 
  4. The index file of the course is also updated, because that gives you a quick view on the new/updated content. This is important and needed by many to check their progress. 
  5. For the new videos (recent additions) in the course, the videos are clearly noted as NEW, so that you are immediately aware of it. 
  6. A number of tips and revision reminders are also added along the content in the PMP 35 Contact Hours course. They are also clearly highlighted.
  7. For any clarification or questions on these updates, you can ask your questions. You will definitely get a response. This one of the biggest advantages of having the course as I respond not only the queries on updates, but also your questions and clarifications.
  8. As noted earlier, all the new/updated content will be FREE of cost to you.


With these changes, the course, PMP 35 Contact Hours Online, remains fresh and latest. 

More importantly, these changes enable you to prepare better for the PMP exam. I expect these new changes to continue into the future. As far as I am aware, this is the only PMP 35 Contact Hours course in the world, which sees continuous changes and frequent updates. 

You can also go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of this course, in the below link, to know more.
FAQs - Management Yogi's PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Course 

For the updated index of the PMP 35 Contact Hours Online course, you can refer:
Updated Course Index: PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Course

To all the learners and subscribers of this course, I wish the very best. Stay the course in your journey, and prepare sincerely to clear the exam. 

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