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Updated Course: What’s New – PMP Live Lessons, Guaranteed Pass

The PMP Live Lessons Video Course has been available since October, 2018. It has fully prepared and enabled many candidates to crack the PMP® exam. The complete course is in Video format, except the practice question sets. It comes with exhaustive coverage for requisite concepts, and currently has over 57 hours of video and includes full Agile content. 

Many professionals have gone through this course and cleared the exam, which is evidenced by their PMP Live Lessons Success Stories

This is a unique course and one of its kind in the world. This course comes with a full-money back guarantee linked to your passing the exam. There are no tricky terms and conditions written in small letters or ‘**, conditions apply’ at the bottom. 

Some PMP aspirants directly jump to exercises or simulators without understanding the concepts. You may pass the exam with that, but you won’t learn anything of value. 

This course not only thoroughly prepares you for the exam so that you can clear, but also ensures that you understand the concepts properly and the learning remains with you for a long time. 

Why the Updates?

The ONE and ONLY goal of this course is that you clear the exam. This is also the single objective of the course.  

The updates for the PMP Live Lessons Course are primarily driven by ten factors:

  • Availability or updates to existing guides and standards: The project management professional (PMP) exam is based on various guides, which gets updated.
  • Availability or updates to references: The PMP exam also now has a list of references and the guides internally refer others, which get updated.  
  • Agile Content: Recently, Agile has been emphasized and 50% of questions will be from Agile and/or Hybrid approaches. Hence, the course gets updated.
  • New Exam Content Outline (ECO): The ECO has gone through changes and a new ECO has been effective from January 02, 2021.
  • New types of questions in the exam: New types of questions come in the PMP exam or new ways are introduced to take the exam. 
  • Emerging new practices: There are continuously new emerging practices which will be tested in the PMP exam.   
  • Feedback from exam takers: Some successful PMPs, who have used this PMP Live Lessons course, write their exam experiences and share their learnings.
  • Updates on advanced or complex areas: Sometimes advanced concepts are tested in the exam. The updated videos reflect it.
  • Updates on Smart Cards: The Smart Card concept is very unique to the PMP Live Lesson Course. It’s a set of index cards with tip on almost every card. The questions are simple, but tricky. The tips further help you to remember the concepts.
  • Updates on Process and ITTO Exercises: This course has an exhaustive set of videos on Processes and ITTOs. With new changes, e.g., Agile concepts are used in multiple processes, new ones get added. This is primarily unique to the PMP Live Lessons course.

With this background, there have been very frequent and continuous updates to:
PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back Course 

All these updates are free for existing customers of this video course.

What’s New – PMP Live Lessons, Guaranteed Pass Course

These updates have happened over years and in total there have been 23 updates so far. As mentioned earlier, the entire content of this in video format and I’ve also explained 100s of questions and how to solve them quickly in video format.  

Following are the highlights of these updates. 

1. NEW Detailed Video Lesson: Agile Project Management 

You will have 50% questions from Agile and/or Hybrid approaches. For this reason, a new detailed Lesson: Agile Project Management, has been freshly added. This is not a machine reading lesson, but has human explanations and human interactions. 

I call this new lesson the 11th Knowledge Area (KA). The other KAs are from Project Integration Management to Project Stakeholder Management.

This lesson has:

  • Number of videos: 109
    (including video exercises for Agile concepts)
    •  Excluding Agile exercise videos: 98
  • Duration: 6 hours and 51 minutes (~ 7 hours)
    • Excluding Agile exercise videos: 5 hours 47 minutes
  • A number of lesson-end practice questions with answers

The lesson-end practice questions are excluding the full-length question sets.

2. TWO NEW Full-Length Question Set specific to Agile/Hybrid Approaches 

Now the course has specific two full-length question-sets on Agile/Hybrid approaches. These question sets specifically questions on Agile/Hybrid, along with detailed answers. There are NO questions on Predictive mode. In total, there are dedicated 360 questions for adaptive/hybrid mode. 

3. NEW set of Exercises for the new ECO

The exam content outline (ECO) for the PMP exam has changed since January 02, 2021 with three new domains and associated tasks and enablers. I’ve mentioned more on the exam changes in the below article. 

What Should You Know about the PMP Exam 2021 Changes

While the article is written before the exam changes, the content is still highly relevant, except the number and types of questions.

The ECO is a barebone skeleton, but it gives the blueprint for the exam. This new set of exercises on the ECO informs on how to map with the processes, ITTOs of the PMBOK guide and other needed areas.

4. One NEW ‘Smart Card’ Exercise for Agile/Hybrid (Total 11 such set of smart cards with 100s of Tips)

The smart card concept is unique to PMP Live Lessons course. It’s basically a bunch of digital cards, where you have simple, yet tricky questions. For almost every answer, you have an associated tip.

These smart cards refer to the primary guides for the PMP exam. It also mentions the page number from where this question originates. 

5. NEW Question Set for New Question Styles – Drag and Drop, Hotspot etc.

Currently the exam has new types: hotspot, multi-response, drag and drop questions. A few fill-in-the blank types questions can also come. 

Based on it, a new question set has been added with a number of questions, which will specifically address these questions. This is excluding the full-length question sets and lesson end practice tests.

6. NEW/UPDATED Videos on Agile for every Knowledge Area 

Every knowledge area (KA) in the PMBOK guide has a brief content on Agile or Adaptive environments. Not only that, in the following areas Agile/Hybrid concepts have been outlined for every KA.

  • Key Concepts, e.g., the processes of Scope Management and how they will be executed in Agile environment. 
  • Trends and Emerging practices, e.g., Daily Stand-up meetings in Communications Management.
  • Tailoring consideration, e.g., what kind of life cycle – iterative, incremental, adaptive or hybrid will be used, based on what. 

In all these videos, I’ve explained the concepts on digital whiteboards. Whenever needed, diagrams, definitions, sketches etc. have been used.   

7.  NEW/UPDATED Videos for Agile Concepts and Practices in the PMBOK Guide’s Processes 

The PMBOK guide currently has 49 processes. Interestingly, inside many processes, Agile/Adaptive concepts are available, which are unknown or missed:

  • Retrospectives in the processes of Quality and Schedule Management KAs. It can also happen in other KAs!
  • Iteration Planning meeting in the processes of Integration, and Stakeholder Management KAs. It can also happen in other KAs!
  • Reviews/Demonstration, Testing in the processes of various KAs.
  • Various Agile ceremonies or events.
  • Types of Scheduling – for both iteration- and flow-based Agile.
  • Agile artifacts, metrics, practices which are briefly mentioned in the PMBOK, among others.

This course explains all these concepts with detailed videos. 

8. ONE NEW (INITIAL) Full-length Question Sets.

Earlier the course had five full-length question sets. Now, it has six full-length question sets. Four of these will cover questions on predictive mode and two will specifically for Agile/Adaptive mode.

In total, this course now consists of 6 full-length questions, including 2 full-length Agile specific questions. Most of these questions are situational in nature, unlike other courses. Very few questions will be direct.

9. NEW ‘What-Happens’ flow diagram for every Knowledge Area

This is unique to PMP Live Lessons course. A new set of flow-diagrams have been added to every knowledge area (KA). This tells how the processes within one KA interact with each other.

You can check one partial sample here:

10. Multiple NEW Flow-Diagram Video Exercises, which combine multiple knowledge areas and process groups

These are unique to the PMP Live Lessons course. For the PMP exam, you not only have to know the process groups (PGs), knowledge areas (KAs) and processes, but you also have to know how they are interacting with each other across the PGs and KAs.

A number of flow-diagram exercises have been outlined in the course, along with solutions.  You can refer some of these in these articles to check such interactions:

11. UPDATED Lesson-end Practice Questions.

Earlier, few lesson-end practice questions were available. On an average you will have 150 questions to practice for every lesson. Each question comes with detailed answers.

These exercises are separate from the full-length practice tests.

12. UPDATED Formulas in the PMP Exam Formula Gold Cards

Formulas in the PMP Gold cards are updated, primarily with respect to new formulas and concepts. 

Note: The formula gold cards of the book can be downloaded.

13.  NEW/UPDATED Sets of Process and ITTOs exercises

This is primarily unique to the PMP Live Lessons course. The PMBOK guide contains 49 processes and 100s of ITTOs, which can be challenging for any aspiring PMP. Hence, a dedicated set of videos have been made available with exercises on it.

There are around 800 such questions and explanations in video format. Yes, questions and answers are also explained in video format!

For Agile/Hybrid approaches, there is also a detailed set of videos on processes and ITTO exercises. 

  • Number of videos: 11
  • Duration: 1 hour 04 minutes
  • Number of Questions explained with answers: ~70

14. MORE Explanatory Videos

When the course was first released it had over 700 videos. Today, the number of videos is above 900. You have to just listen, follow the content and do the excerises. This ensures a high chance of success in the PMP exam.

Again, a machine is not reading this course, but human-to-human interactions with videos. 

In total, PMP Live Lessons has now around 57 hours of videos. Earlier the duration was around 50 hours. When it was first released, it was around 40.5 hours.

15. NEW Software Toolkit for the ITTOs, with video explanations.

A new software toolkit has been provided, which has multiple spreadsheets to enable your mastery over the processes, PGs, KAs and most important – the ITTOs. 

Note: The files of the software toolkit can be downloaded

16. UPDATED due to the updates in the PMBOK Guide!

Very few know that the PMBOK guide also gets updated. In fact, it has gone through multiple updates. The course has been updated due to multiple changes in the PMBOK guide, latest edition. 

17. NEW Videos for PMP Online Proctored Exams

The PMP exam now has an option to take in proctored mode. Based on it, new video contents have been added, which will tell you in a step-by-step manner on how to proceed with the exam. 

18. UPDATED Content on filling PMP Exam Application Forms

The way exam applications are filled-up has changed. A step-by-step guide has been included on how to fill-up the exam application forms. 

19. UPDATED Preparation Plan for the PMP Live Lessons Course, i.e., how to Prepare with the Course 

This course had a preparation plan from the very beginning. It has been updated in light of the new contents, new videos and video exercises.  

20. NEW Videos on Procurement Management

The Procurement Management KA, like Risk Management KA, is a complicated one and not easily understandable. Hence, a number of new videos have been added on various types of contracts, when to choose which type of contract, the impact of budgeting, along with some concepts such as PTA and RIE. 

21. UPDATED Welcome Video Section for New PMP Exam from January 02, 2021

The exam has changed with updated PMP exam pre-requisites, the changed exam pattern, types of questions, among others. It also now has three NEW domains: People, Process and Business Environment.

Based on this, the Welcome section has been updated.

22. UPDATED with a number of yogic tips and revision tips

This course comes with 100s of yogic vision tips and revision tips. Many successful PMPs have informed (and written in their success stories) that by just going through the tips, one can answer many exam questions.

As the course has seen continuous updates, a number of new tips are added. For the new Lesson: Agile Project Management, a number of tips have been shared. 

23. UPDATES to Course Index File

The index file is important to know the content of the course. As the course gets updated the index file also gets updated with clear highlighting for the NEW, as well as the UPDATED content. 

How Will I Know about the Updates?

This is a frequently asked question and it’s a very important question. I understand this concern and below points clearly inform how to know about the updates.

  1. All changes will be clearly communicated to you via E-Mail. 
  2. Inside the course, the new videos will be highlighted as *** NEW ***, and the updates ones will be *** UPDATED ***. Green color coding will be there for these changes in the communicated mail.
  3. All the previous updated mails are part of the PMP Live Lessons course, so that you are clearly aware of the new changes that have happened. 
  4. The index file of the course is also updated, because that gives you a quick view on the new/updated content. This is important and needed by many to check their progress. 
  5. For the new videos (the recent additions), the videos are clearly noted as NEW, so that you are immediately aware of it. If a complete lesson is new, then NEW is prepended for the entire lesson. 
  6. A number of tips and revision reminders are also added along the content in the PMP Live Lessons course. They are also clearly highlighted.
  7. As the subscriber of this course, you get the highest priority, because I want you to succeed and be a PMP. I’ve put everything that I know so that you succeed.
  8. For any clarification or questions on these updates, you can ask your questions. You will surely get a response in a very short timeframe. 
  9. As the highest priority customer, the fresh updates will come FIRST to you. And it will be detailed in nature. 
  10. As noted earlier, all the new/updated content will be FREE of cost to you.


With these changes, the PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass course, remains fresh and latest. More importantly, it ensures that you clear the exam.

As far as I am aware, this is only of its kind course in the world, which has created many successful PMPs. Read the PMP Live Lessons success stories and know how it enabled them to clear the exam.

For the updated index of the PMP Live Lessons video course, you can refer:
Course Index: PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass

To all the subscribers and learners of this course, I wish the very best.
Stay the course in your journey, always hold the line and prepare earnestly to clear the exam. And never give-up. 

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