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PMP Live Lessons (PMBOK 6th Edition + Agile Practice Guide) – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

This course has been updated with new PMP Exam changes, effective January 02, 2021.

I am delighted to announce the availability of PMP® Live Lessons, a complete video course. 

"PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back"

This course is based on PMBOK Guide, 6th edition. This is one of its kind course in the world. No one ever has given a guaranteed pass, with FULL money back for PMP exam with live lessons. 

I believe the PMP certification is achievable for any genuine candidate. Anyone who truly aspires to be a PMP, can be a PMP. One needs right content, proper direction, solid understanding of concepts with sufficient practice and of course hard work, to crack the exam. 

This course has been internally available since beginning of this month. The contents of this course have been used already by successful PMPs. And many aspiring PMPs are using it. This post is a formal declaration for the PMP Live Lessons course going fully public.

The PMBOK guide 6th edition is already effective from March 26, 2018. It is bigger and complicated as compared to the PMBOK 5th edition, which makes the many aspiring PMPs struggle. Recently, the Agile Practice Guide (APG) has been added as a prime reference as 50% questions will be from Agile/Hybrid approaches, increasing the coverage area. This course also has been requested by many. In fact, many aspiring PMPs around the world are already using this course.

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Top 10 Features: PMP Live Lessons
  1. Total Video Duration: 40.5 hours (40h 33m 11s) [+9 hours of NEW videos for Process & ITTO exercises; +7 hours NEW videos for AGILE; Total Video Duration now = 57 hours]
  2. Number of Videos: 708 [+82 NEW videos for process & ITTOs; +109 for AGILE; Total number of videos now = 909]
  3. Number of Lessons: 15 (+3)
  4. Number of Questions: 3500+
  5. Number of Full Length Question Sets: 6 (total = 1000+ Questions) [+1 NEW full-length Q&A Set, Fresh set of questions; +2 NEW full-length AGILE Q&A Sets - 360 questions]
  6. Practice Questions: 150 questions (average)
  7. A number of new questions for Other Questions Types: Multi-response, Drag and Drop, HotSpot, Fill in the Blanks.
  8. Smart Cards: 405 (Smart Cards referring the PMBOK Guide; +60 NEW for Agile; Total now = 465)
  9. Flow Diagram Video Exercises: 51 (Interactions among processes, documents/plans flow; +3 NEW and Total = 54)
  10. Tips and Tricks: 100s of Tips throughout the lessons
  11. Two full-length question sets specifically on AGILE, with detailed answers. Additional lesson-end practice questions.
  12. Content: Simple content and Highly interactive videos, with lots of exercises

High Level Course Breakdown
  • Welcome (9 videos): 13m 31s [13 minutes 31 seconds]
  • Lesson 1 - About PMI-PMP Exam (16 videos): 51m 17s
  • Lesson 2 - Introduction, Part 1 and Part 2 (65 videos): 4h 31m 07s
  • Lesson 3 - The Environment in Which Project Operates (25 videos): 1hr 43m 02s
  • Lesson 4 - The Role of The Project Manager (24 videos): 1hr 33m 14s
  • Lesson 5 - Project Integration Management (84 videos): 4h 41m 39s
  • Lesson 6 - Project Scope Management (56 videos): 2h 35m 34s
  • Lesson 7 - Project Schedule Management (72 videos): 3h 47m 23s
  • Lesson 8 - Project Cost Management (37 videos): 2h 38m 28s
  • Lesson 9 - Project Quality Management (44 videos): 2h 45m 07s
  • Lesson 10 - Project Resource Management (75 videos): 3h 34m 18s
  • Lesson 11 - Project Communications Management (46 videos): 2h 19m 59s
  • Lesson 12 - Project Risk Management (66 videos): 4h 10m 16s
  • Lesson 13 - Project Procurement Management (47 videos): 2h 42m 02s
  • Lesson 14 - Project Stakeholder Management (41 videos): 2h 09m 45s
  • (NEW) Lesson 15 - Agile Project Management (98 videos): 5h 47m 05s
  • Lesson 16 - Exercises for Examination Content Outline (ECO)
  • Lesson 17 - 6 Full Length Question and Answer Sets [+1 NEW full-length Q&A Set, Fresh set of questions; +2 NEW full-length AGILE Q&A Sets - 360 questions]
  • Final Talk (1 video): 3m 1s

The details on it are also available available at:

What is Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back Program?
You go through the videos, along with detailed instructions (also in video format), and appear in the PMP exam – only two attempts. If you couldn’t clear, share your exam report. I’ll refund your entire money - no questions asked. 

There are no little tricks, such as – “terms and conditions apply”, “appear the exam multiple times till you pass”, “** conditions (conditions with stars in the footnote in small letters)”, as you would have seen in many places. What you see (and reading in this post) is what you get.

The premise is simple.
Give the exam. You pass and you are a PMP. You win. 
In case you couldn’t clear the exam, your full money will be back with you. You still win.
You will also have the 35 contact hours certificate free of cost. The PMP Live Lessons course, as noted in previous top features, provides this course completion certificate. This is another win for you.

Applicability and Validity
  • Guides: PMBOK Guide, 6th edition and Agile Practice Guide (APG)
  • Valid Date for Guarantee: 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Price:
    $799 USD / Rs 63,919 (6 months access)
    $1,099 USD / Rs 87,919 (1 year or 12 months access)
  • Payment Link:
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of, Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to to get account the details.
  • Number of Attempts: 2
  • Available since: October, 2018
    (Updated with latest PMP Exam changes, effective January 02, 2021)
  • Primary Format: Video
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

Detailed Course Breakdown
The detailed course breakdown is shown below (Embedded Document). It details on hours of learning, number of videos and practice questions, along with smart cards. You can scroll in the embedded frame, to see the content. The index has been updated with content for Agile/Hybrid approaches, which will be used, effective January 02, 2021.

If you want to buy or have any other question, please send an email to


  1. I bought PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back. I have gained so much knowledge, I can explain it to others as the examples are so realistic and something that you won’t forget he’s made it so simple any common man can understand, he's put all the efforts we just need to watch and learn. Since i work and i wanted to be PMP certified at the same time i wanted a book or a source which will tell me what is important from exam stand point and what exactly i need to concentrate on as the subject is so vast. This book gave me exactly that, all the important points from exam standpoints are highlighted and explained using examples. These videos helps not to just to pass PMP but also to clear JOB INTERVIEWS, if you want to become a project manager or even a manager and you dont have the expertise. Then these videos will make you an expert.

    When i had questions while studying I would always write to him (Satya Narayan Dash < got immediate responses. He’s great a coach and a great author.

    Its worth it and one of the best in the market!

  2. If you ask me one-liner review – just watch and listen to the words, tips, and follow Satya diligently when he asks to pause and review, I guarantee, you’ll pass. I have not used any other study materials other than this PMP Live Lessons.
    Videos are of great convenience, I used to listen to them while driving and doing some other work, etc. Thousands of great situational questions with the explanation on how to solve them, the chapter-end exercises with a deep focus on the ITTO’s will really boost your confidence for the exam. He presents the concepts uniquely and in a simple that anyone can understand and the key tips are for remembering things without much struggle, these video lessons provide you everything, you really do not need to reinvent the wheel!

    This is highly recommended and the best study guide for PMP!

  3. I am fully convinced that other than PMBOK® guide 6th edition, by Project Management Institute (PMI®) all that you need is the following;

    - I Want To Be PMP e-Book, by Satya Narayan Dash
    - PMP Live Lessons, by Satya Narayan Dash

    because the contents of both the e-Book and Live Lessons are NOT static and will be constantly updated.

    Also, it is NOT just the material Satya will monitor the progress during the preparation.

    Money spent on the Live Lessons will pay you in leaps and bounds for sure !


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