Sunday, December 04, 2016

Book for PMP Exam Prep: "I Want To Be A PMP"

For the NEW edition of the book, please refer this Link.  

It gives me a lot of pleasure in announcing the availability of the book for Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam preparation: 

'I WANT TO BE A PMP - The Plain and Simple Way to be A PMP'.

This book is an amalgamation of years of learning during my coaching of PMP aspirants around the globe. Many PMP professionals have referred the contents of this book and have successfully cracked the PMP exam. My students, colleagues, friends, and fellow professionals who are PMP aspirants (many of whom today are successful PMPs) have taught me their needs, expectations from a PMP exam prep book, have motivated me to write this book and also have provided inputs while writing this book. 

Thank You - to all of you for making this book happen. 

This book has been internally published, within inner circles, since September this year. Many successful PMPs have used the this book to clear the exam and many PMP aspirants are currently using this book to prepare for the exam. This blogpost is a formal declaration of the book going fully public. 

Key Features of This Book - "I Want To Be A PMP"

  • Inline with PMBOK 5th Edition with PMP Exam 2016 changes.
  • 100s of tips to crack the PMP exam. This includes inputs from the many successful PMP, who have shared their PMP Success Stories. 
  • Overall 750+ practice questions, including 3 full length questions and question on new PMP exam areas.
  • Numerous diagrams and flow-diagrams to clearly understand the PMP concepts.
  • High simplified content and language. The book focuses on what you need to know for the PMP exam and written in easily understandable content.
  • Many practical examples with usage in real world project management. 

Overall Content of the Book
  • Number of Chapters: 15 (+2)
  • Number of Pages: 700+
  • Number of Questions: 750+
  • Number of Full Length Question Sets: 3 (+1)
  • Three full length question sets, each with 200 questions and detailed answers (total 600)
  • One additional question set, 4th one with 75 questions and answers, on PMP Exam 2016 Updates

To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index (partial one). The detailed index is part of the book. 

Index of the Book

The partial index of the book is shown below (Embedded Document) You can scroll or open in larger screen by clicking the arrow on right in the embedded frame, to see the content. 

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Reviews of this book by Successful PMPs:

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