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PMP Success Story: Mock Exams Give You Confidence And Make The Actual Exam Easier

By Sathish Babu G, PMP

I am passionate about Project Management and want to be a successful Project Manager. I have been hearing PMP® for last 3 years from my colleagues and friends. This motivated and inspired me to be a certified PMP. 

I strongly believed that choosing the best institute and inspiring mentor would be very important to fulfil my PMP journey. So, I have spent some time in the internet and was reviewing the best institutes available in Bangalore. 

PMP Coaching Experience
I was part of Dec 2015 batch. I was very comfortable with the environment, training room, staff, food and facilities provided by this institute.  

Mr. Satya Narayan Dash was our coach. From the very first moment, I was listening his introduction to PMP, his language, the clarity of the presentation and the way in which he presented them. I knew right then and there that this amazing person would be my mentor on my PMP journey.

He is very knowledgeable and very kind. His way of explaining chapters, giving a lot of real-world examples and understand everyone’s concerns are all beyond my expectations. He turned me to be an active listener throughout the training session. At the end of last day of training session, I was able to remember all 47 processes fit into which knowledge areas and progress groups without memorizing them.

Own Study for PMP Exam
Due to new job, new company, new methodology, new roles and responsibilities, I was not able to 100% focused on PMP exam preparation till Aug 2016. But my mind was always thinking and dreaming about PMP. Whenever I see this blog for PMP success story at ManagementYogi, I wanted to be the next. Finally, I have STARTED my sincere preparation from September and mentioned below my study plan.

Books I Referred

Mock Exams

PMP Exam Experience
I have scheduled for the exam on Monday morning, 12th Dec at 8:30 AM. Because morning time works for me and I had weekend before exam to study well and take good rest. I have visited the exam centre a week before to estimate distance, traffic condition, location, parking facilitate, environment and what ID proofs are acceptable.

On my exam day, I have reach to the exam centre at 7:30 AM and they allowed me to take the exam earlier by 8 AM. As instructed by the staff, brain dump is no longer ALLOWED and I was not planned to do either. Surprisingly, I felt that exam is easier and 85% questions were known to me. Because I have spent most of my time to answering mock exams. I have taken more than 5000+ questions.

I have answered all questions in 3 hours and took an hour to review marked questions. I was very sure that I am going to clear this exam and was waiting for 4 hours to complete. I hit the submit button 3 minutes before exam ends and finally CONGRATULATIONS flashed on my screen. I thought of shout loudly, jump and dance. 

Areas from where I faced Questions
Every PMP exam is unique and your experience will be different than mine. However, I am noting down the areas (as I remember) where I faced questions in the exam.

Finally, thanks to:
  • Satya, for your training and most valuable book. You are always inspiring me.
  • My wife, who encouraged me and kept me focused to my preparation.
  • The provider, for the facilities.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants:
- Dos
  • Understand the definition and key benefit for each process.
  • Understand the following for each process:
    • What you need (INPUT)?
    • What you get (OUTPUT)?
    • How you get (TOOLS & TECHNIQUES)?
  • Where this process’s output feed into & why (DATAFLOW)?
  • Take as many mock exams as possible and review wrong answers and right answers as well.
  • Read questions twice and understand that the question talks about which process and which process group.
- Don’ts
  • Don’t refer too many materials and all available mock exams in the internet.
  • Don’t take mock exams sequentially if you are scoring less than 70% instead do one round of revision and the continue.
  • Don’t memorize 47 processes and ITTOs.

I want to pursue my career into the next level, in the role of a program manager for a high-end project.

Brief Profile
Sathish Babu G working for Kodiak Networks as a Project Manager and having 10+ years of experience in Product, Project Management and Service Delivery in Telecom domain.

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