RMP 30/40 Contact Hours Online  (Full Money Back Guarantee)

* Note *: This course has been updated with the new RMP exam changes, effective March/April, 2022. The ECO for the RMP exam has changed, along with the exam reference guides and books.

You can refer the below link to know the top changes:

PMI-RMP Latest Exam from 2022 – Top 11 Changes to Know

It’s a complete video course and comes with full money back guarantee. This course is based on various Risk Management Standards -  Foundational standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects, the PMBOK guide, 7th and 6th editions, the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management (as needed) and other PMI recommended references.

This course is a very much like my personal or classroom training for Risk Management. With my training and/or with the help of my RMP book, many have successfully cleared the RMP Exam. One difference here is this: it is an online course. On the other hand, this 30-contact hours online course has many areas of coverage, which are not possible to cover in a 3- or 4-day classroom training. These are some of the advantages of an online course:
  • The primary format of the course is video, which makes learning easy.
  • You can replay as many times as you want till you get a grasp on the concepts.
  • It has over hundreds of practice questions.
  • It has two full-length RMP Exam Question Sets.
  • There is a long duration end course assessment, which will assess your learning post the course. 
  • A number of complex and advanced concepts in Risk Management are explained with numerous diagrams. 
  • . . .
  • . . . , among many other features.
These won't be possible in 3- or 4-day session. For questions, you can drop a mail anytime and I'll respond to your queries or clarifications.

For earlier experiences of successful RMPs with the help of my book and/or teachings, you can refer:
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Top 10 Features: RMP 30/40 Contact Hours Online Course
  1. Total Video Duration: 15 hours (14h 54m 45s)
     [Updated with new set of videos for RMP latest exam, now approx. 17.5 hours (17h 22m 21s)]
  2. Number of Videos: 250 [+ 38 videos; Total = 288]
  3. Number of Lessons: 14
  4. Total Number of Questions: 500 (approx.) [+50]
  5. Number of Full-Length Question Sets: 3 (total = 345 Questions) [One new question set]
    1. Each question set has 115 questions [latest RMP exam]
    2. A new questions set with 40 Q&As referring PMBOK7
  6. A number of lesson-end practice questions
  7. Coverage of advanced concepts such as Simulations, DTA, Probabilistic Branching, Probabilistic Linking, PMBOK7, Agile, Enterprise Risk Management etc.
  8. End Course Assessment: Detailed end course assessment with 50 questions.
  9. Tips and Tricks: 100s of Tips throughout the lessons
  10. Content: Simple content and highly interactive videos

This course has been divided into 14 individual lessons. The below breakdown informs on the number of videos and duration for every lesson. 

Course Breakdown – RMP 30/40 Contact Hours Online Course
The videos and questions have been updated with the new RMP exam changes, effective March/April, 2022. 
  • Lesson - 1 Welcome (7 videos): 11m 43s [11 minutes 43 seconds] 
  • Lesson 2 – Introduction (12 videos): 30m 47s
  • Lesson 3 - Fundamentals of Risk Management (36 videos): 2h 35m 24s
  • Lesson 4 – Risk Management Framework and Life Cycle (20 videos): 1h 10m 32s
  • Lesson 5 - Risk Management and Other Areas (51 videos): 3h 36m 25s
  • Lesson 6 - Risk Management Planning (18 videos): 1h 02m 09s
  • Lesson 7 - Risk Identification (25 videos): 1h 26m 31s
  • Lesson 8 - Qualitative Risk Analysis (22 videos): 1h 21m 25s
  • Lesson 9 - Quantitative Risk Analysis (28 videos): 1h 46m 34s
  • Lesson 10 - Risk Response Planning (26 videos): 1h 33m 09s
  • Lesson 11 - Risk Response Implementation (18 videos): 52m 34s
  • Lesson 12 - Risk Monitoring (23 videos): 1h 18m 05s
  • Lesson 13 - Three (Plus One) Full Length Question and Answer Sets
  • Lesson 14 - Final Lesson – 30 Contact Hours (2 videos): 5m 24s

What is Full Money Back Guarantee for RMP 30/40 Contact Hours Course?

There are no little tricks, such as – “terms and conditions apply”, “** conditions apply”, “guarantee not applicable if you have seen 25% of the course” etc., as you would have seen in many places. 

In this course, what you see and reading in this post is what you will get. 

The premise is simple. Go through the complete course for 15 days. 100% video content of this course will be available to you. 
In case you don't like the course, I’ll refund your full money. No questions asked.

You can watch more on money back guarantee in this video (1m 56s).  It also informs on the goal (only one), objective (only one), and motto (again just one).

Note: You can also evaluate the videos before paying any money. Twenty-five (25) videos will be available for your evaluation, even before you purchase. 

Applicability, Validity and Payment
  • RMP Latest Exam (2024): Risk Management Standards and Practices Guides, PMBOK Guide, 7th and 6th Editions [Updated May, 2022]
  • Course Duration: 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Price:
    $219 USD/ Rs 17,519 (6 months access)
    $329 USD/ Rs 26,319 (1 year access)
  • Payment Link: paypal.me/managementyogi
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of ndsatya@gmail.com, Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to managementyogi@gmail.com to get account the details.
  • Available since: April, 2021 [Updated May, 2022]
  • Primary Format: Video, Accessible
  • Course Extension: As per your need. Price calculation will be pro rata.
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

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If you want to buy this course or have any question, please send an email to managementyogi@gmail.com.