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Updated New Course: RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course

The Risk Management Professional (RMP) exam has completely changed and based on it, the following course has been fully updated:

RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course

This is a complete video course and comes with a full money-back guarantee. You can go for either 30 or 40 contact hours with this course. 

This video course’s first version was made available in April, 2021. The current new course is based on the new RMP Exam Content Outline (ECO of March/April 2022), the Foundational Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects (2019), the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition (2021) and PMBOK Guide 6th edition (2017), and other PMI mandated references, as needed. 

As of today, this is the only RMP contact hours course in the world, which is the latest. Many providers claim to be the latest, but dump loads of content from PMBOK7, Agile etc. This creates big problem, confusion and a very painful preparation for RMP exam takers:

  • You don’t need to know the entire PMBOK7, but only from a risk management perspective.
  • You don’t need to know all the tasks and enablers of the five domains from the new RMP ECO. But know how those enable you for the RMP exam.
  • Similarly, Agile concepts are vast. You have to only know how Agile can be applied in a risk management context.

The update has happened after months of preparation and understanding on the latest exam. The current RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course is now compliant with the latest RMP Exam. 

You can refer the below link to know the top changes:

PMI-RMP Latest Exam from 2022 – Top 11 Changes to Know

All subscribers of this course have already received updates for the new course, FREE of cost.

A number of professionals have referred my book and/or courses to clear the RMP exam. You can read the success stories in the below link.

RMP Success Stories Over Years

What’s New in the RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course?

Below are the top highlights for the updates to this course. 

1. NEW Videos for Welcome and Introduction to RMP Exam.

The RMP exam has completely changed in a number of ways considering the exam. The exam reference sources have also changed. These new videos cover them.

2. NEW Videos for new RMP Exam Content Outline (ECO).

The RMP exam has now a completely new ECO, with new sets of domains, tasks and enablers. You need to understand them for your exam. Again, don’t go by material which just mindlessly dumps the ECO, but explains how it’ll help to prepare for the exam.

3. NEW Videos for 12 Project Management Principles (PR) and 8 Performance Domains (PD).

The PMBOK Guide, 7th edition is now a reference source, along with the main reference source of the Foundational Standard on Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects. 

The PMBOK7 has 12 project management PRs, 8 PDs, new areas for tailoring and a number of new models, methods and artifacts. You need to know them primarily from a risk management perspective. A number of videos are added for it. 

4. NEW Videos on Uncertainty Performance Domain.

A new performance domain (PD) of Uncertainty under PMBOK7 is important for the new RMP exam. The Uncertainty PD covers the aspects of risk as well as uncertainty, volatility, complexity and ambiguity. For this purpose, a number of videos are added across the course. 

5. NEW Videos for Uncertainty Complexity Models.

In the PMBOK guide, 7th edition comes with a number of models, one of them being the complexity models, which will be primarily associated with Uncertainty PD. A number of new videos are added for it. 

6. UPDATED and NEW Videos for Development Approaches.

The new RMP ECO informs about a number of possible approaches – predictive, adaptive or hybrid across the five exam domains. Hence, new videos are added for this purpose. 

7. NEW Videos for Risk Management in Agile.

As noted in the previous one, Agile and Hybrid approaches are now part of the RMP exam (as per ECO). Hence, new videos are now available for Agile artifacts, Agile roles, and Agile events. 

All these are explained from a Risk Management context.  It also includes explanations on Servant Leadership, a new leadership style mentioned in the ECO.

8. NEW Videos for Risk Management Process Interactions in Agile.

The 7 processes for risk management processes as per the Foundational Standard for Risk Management can also be applied in an Agile environment. The interplay and interactions among the processes are explained with new videos, from an Agile environment perspective.

9. NEW Videos for Agile in every Risk Management Process.

New videos, as needed, are added for every process of Risk Management. The processes are from the Foundational Risk Management Standard. For example, considering Identify Risks, how does one identify the risks in an Agile/Adaptive environment?

10. Videos for NEW Concepts in Risk Management.

The Foundational Standard for Risk Management and the PMBOK7 has a number of new risk related concepts as. New videos are now available for them. 

11. A NEW Question Set referring the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition.

A new question set with questions and detailed answers has been added to the RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course. This set mostly refers the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition. Few questions are from the Foundational Risk Management Standard. 

12. UPDATED with a number of tips and tricks and UPDATED Course Index File.

A number of new tips and tricks have been added to the course. 

The index file is important to know the latest content of the course. The new videos are prepended with the word “NEW” and the updated ones with “UPDATED”. 

Top Highlights – Updated RMP 30 Contact Hours Online

  • Total Video Duration: 17.5 hours (approx.)
    • Additional 2.5 hours added for New ECO, PMBOK7
  • Number of Videos: 288 (Additional 38 videos added)
  • Number of Lessons: 12 (+2)
  • Number of Questions: 500 (approx.) (Over 50 questions are newly added)
  • Number of Full-Length Question Sets: 3 (total = 345 Questions) 
    • One more question set on PMBOK7 and Risk Management 

More details on it are available available at:

It informs on the access, duration, price, FAQs, among others.

Applicability, Validity and Payment
  • RMP Latest Exam (2022): Risk Management Standards and Practices Guides, PMBOK Guide, 7th and 6th Editions [Updated May, 2022]
  • Course Duration: 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Price:
    $219 USD/ Rs 17,519 (6 months access)
    $329 USD/ Rs 26,319 (1 year access)
  • Payment Link:
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of, Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to to get account the details.
  • Available since: May, 2022 
  • Primary Format: Video, Accessible
  • Course Extension: 6 months more and 50% reduced price as given above.
    For further extensions, 50% reduced price will also be applicable.
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

Updated Course Breakdown and Course Index

The complete course breakdown is shown below, with the new updates highlighted in green. It details on the hours of learning, number of videos and practice questions, along with various exercise details. You can scroll to see the full content.


With this new course you can go for either 30 or 40 contact hours, mandatorily needed as part of the certification pre-requisites. 

Now the newly updated RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course includes the needed content from the Foundational Risk Standard, PMBOK7, PMBOK6 and other needed references. With it, I believe aspiring RMPs will have solid foundations on risk management and prepare for the new RMP exam.

If you want to buy or have any other questions, please send an email to

RMP Exam Latest Changes (2022):

RMP 30 Contact Hours Course:

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