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Updated New Course: RMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

I am pleased to announce to completely updated  course for Risk Management Professional (RMP):

RMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back 

This is an in-depth video course and comes with a full money-back guarantee directly linked to you passing the PMI-RMP exam. It also comes packaged with the RMP 30 (or 40) Contact Hours. 

This video course’s first version was made available in April, 2021. Since then, it has enabled many successful PMI-RMPs. This course is based on the new Exam Content Outline (ECO 2022) for the RMP exam, the Foundational Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects (2019), the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition (2021) and PMBOK Guide 6th edition (2017), Risk Management in Agile/Hybrid environment and other needed references. It also refers to the Practice Standard for Risk Management, as needed. 

You can refer the below link to know the top changes:

PMI-RMP Latest Exam from 2022 – Top 11 Changes to Know

The RMP exam is a difficult exam and some say it’s more difficult than the PMP exam considering its scope, contents and understanding of Risk Management. You can read one such review here: RMP Exam is Tougher Than the PMP Exam. A number of RMPs have referred the earlier version of this course to clear the RMP exam.

         RMP Success Stories

The updates have happened after months of preparation and understanding on the latest exam. In fact, the updates are frequent in nature. The RMP Live Lessons Course is now fully compliant with the latest RMP Exam. 

For existing customers of this course all the below updates will be FREE of cost.


What’s New in the Course – RMP Live Lessons?

Below are the top highlights for the updates to this course. 

1. Completely NEW Set of Welcome Videos and NEW Content for RMP Exam under Introduction Lesson

The RMP exam has completely changed considering the educational requirements (one more has been added), number of questions (total questions, scored and unscored), question types, new exam content outline (ECO) released in March/April 2022, new references such as Foundational Standard for Risk Management, PMBOK Guide 7th edition, among others.

2. Videos with COMPLETE Mapping of Risk Management Processes to ECO’s domains.

The exam content outline of the RMP exam has completely changed and it comes with a new set of five exam domains. Each domain consists of a number of tasks and enablers. 

Considering this new video content has been added for all the processes of Risk Management and how it maps to the new ECO. Remember, the exam follows the ECO to set the questions.

3. NEW in-depth videos for Twelve Project Management Principles (PR).

The PMBOK guide, 7th edition has a principle-based approach with twelve principles. New (and exhaustive) sets of videos are added to understand the principles with focus on risk management. For example, the Risk Management PR (Principle 10: Optimize Risk Responses) has a number of overlapping with other PRs.

4. NEW in-depth videos for Eight Performance Domains (PD).

The PMBOK guide, 7th edition has eight performance domains, which are a group of related activities and functions critical to effective deliveries of project outcomes. The PMBOK guide, 7th edition is outcome (not output) focused. A new set of videos have been added with a number of diagrams, differences and convergence points between PMBOK7 and PMBOK6. 

5. NEW Full-Length Question Set covering Foundational Risk Standard and PMBOK Guide, 7th edition and the new RMP ECO. 

A new full-length question set (115 questions and detailed answers) has been added. This question set purely references two:

  • PMBOK Guide, 7th edition which is applicable from March/April 2022 onward
  • The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects (Foundational Standard)
  • The new RMP exam content outline (ECO)

6. NEW in-depth videos on Probability, Distribution and Probability Distributions in Risk Management. 

A detailed set of videos are added for probability, distributions (a large number of distributions with advanced ones) and probability distributions. Additional explanations given for Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube simulations.

7. NEW set of videos for Project Life Cycle and Development Approach.

The new RMP ECO clearly informs about a number of possible life cycles – predictive, adaptive or hybrid. Hence, a new set of exhaustive videos on how to select a life cycle has been added. One complexity model addresses how to select the life cycle based on uncertainties and complexities. This is explained in-depth.

8. NEW in-depth videos on Uncertainty Performance Domain.

A new set of exhaustive videos has been added for the Uncertainty performance domain (PD), the 8th PD of the PMBOK guide, 7th edition. This PD is very important considering uncertainties, ambiguities, complexities, volatilities and risks.

9. NEW in-depth videos for the interactions of Principles, Performance Domains and Models, Method and Artifacts (MMAs).

For your exam, you need to understand how the twelve management principles, eight PDs and MMAs interact. The first explanation is in a generic way. Next, considering Uncertainty PD, it’s explained more specifically how they interact.

10. NEW set of videos for Complexity and Other Models.

In the PMBOK guide, 7th edition comes with a number of models, one of them being the complexity models. These complexity models will be associated with Uncertainties and Risks. For example, a completely new model of Cynefin Framework has been explained in-depth. Explanations are also there for other models, e.g., Process Group Model.

11. NEW set of videos for Foundational Risk Standard, PMBOK7 and PMBOK6 working together.

The Foundational Risk Standard has seven risk management principles, risk management life cycle and seven risk management processes. PMBOK7, as noted before, is not a process-based standard, but principle-based. PMBOK6, on the other hand, is a process-based standard. This creates big confusion. A set of videos are there to explain how to proceed with the RMP Exam with consideration for the Process Group model.

12. NEW in-depth videos for Risk Management in Agile.

Agile and Hybrid approaches are now part of the RMP exam (as per ECO). Hence, detailed videos are now available for Agile artifacts, Agile roles, and Agile events. All these are explained from a Risk Management context.  It also includes detailed explanation on Servant Leadership, a favored leadership style and referenced in PMBOK7 and the new ECO.

13. NEW video for Risk Management Process Interactions in Agile.

The 7 processes for risk management per the Foundational Standard for Risk Management can also be applied in an Agile environment. It’s explained in detail and how various Agile artifacts, events and role interplay. 

Agile content is also available in the Foundational Standard for Risk Management and explanations consider this standard.

14. NEW in-depth videos for Agile (and Hybrid when needed) in every Risk Management Process.

For all the risk management processes, from Plan Risk Management to Monitor Risks, a separate and dedicated section on Agile is added. This section informs how the related activities are conducted in an Agile environment. For example, considering Risk Monitoring, how does one monitor the risks in an Agile/Adaptive environment?

15. NEW videos for Risk-Adjusted Backlog, Risk-Adjusted ROI, Exception Plan, Story Points, Relative Estimations, among others.

A number of the above concepts are now available both in the Foundational Risk Standard and PMBOK7. Hence, new videos have been made available for them. They are put in respective processes, where they will be used most.

16. NEW videos for Risk Map, Risk Board, Risk Census Chart, Risk Burndown Chart, Risk Reviews etc.

All the above concepts are newly added to the RMP Live Lessons. For example, Risk Reviews is a key topic in Uncertainty PD (PMBOK7) and how you have to know how Risk Reviews happen in both predictive and adaptive approaches. 

17. NEW videos specifically for new concepts from PMBOK7 such as Risk Threat Profile, Leading and Lagging indicators, among others.

The PMBOK7 has a number of new risk related concepts as mentioned above. New videos are now available for all of them. 

18. NEW videos on-line RMP proctor exam.

The RMP exam can now be taken online via a proctor (and also traditional center-based mode). A dedicated set of videos are available on how to take the exam in both modes.

19. UPDATED with a number of tips and tricks and UPDATED Course Index File.

A number of new tips and tricks have been added to the course. In addition, as I frequently write on Risk Management topics, new contents made available via it are now part of the course.

The index file is important to know the latest content of the course. The new ones are highlighted for the NEW, as well as the UPDATED content. 

20. NEW XLS Sheet with the processes with ITTOs.

For your RMP exam, you still have to refer to the PMBOK 6th edition. This is because the Foundational Risk Standard is mainly process-based and it aligns 100% with PMBOK6! Hence, an XLS sheet is available for the processes and ITTOs. 

Note: The XLS sheet can be downloaded.

Top Features – Updated RMP Live Lessons

  • Total Video Duration: 34 hours (approx.) [34h 09m 22s]
  • Number of Videos: 522
  • Number of Lessons: 14 (+2)
  • Number of Questions: 1287 (+1, added January, 2024)
  • Number of Full-Length Question Sets: 8 (total = 920 Questions) 
    • One NEW question set added in January, 2024
  • Lesson-end Questions: 35 to 40 questions (average)
  • Lesson-end Smart Cards: 115
  • Process and ITTO Video Exercises: 65
  • Tips: 100s of them

More details on it are available available at:


It informs on the access, duration, price, FAQs, among others.

Applicability, Validity and Payment

  • RMP Latest Exam with latest ECO (2022): Foundational Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects, PMBOK Guide 7th Edition, PMBOK Guide 6th Edition, Practice Standard for Project Risk Management Standard as needed, and other mandated references by PMI 
  • Valid Date for the Guarantee: 6 months or 1 year from date of purchase
  • Price:
    $709 USD / Rs 49,949 (6 months access)
    $1,049 USD / Rs 73,549 (1 year access)
  • Payment Link: paypal.me/managementyogi
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of ndsatya@gmail.com, Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to managementyogi@gmail.com to get account the details.
  • Number of attempts: 2 
  • Available since: May, 2022 
  • Primary Format: Video, Accessible
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

Updated Course Breakdown and Course Index

The complete course breakdown for the Guaranteed RMP course is shown below, with the new updates highlighted in green. It details on the hours of learning, number of videos and practice questions, along with various exercise details. You can scroll to see the full content.


With all the updates the RMP Live Lessons course completely includes the needed content from the Foundational Risk Standard, PMBOK7, PMBO6, Practice Standard for Risk Management and many other references. As noted earlier, all the new/updated content will be FREE of cost for the existing customers of the course.

As far as I am aware, this is the only RMP Exam Prep Course in the world, which comes with a full money-back guarantee linked to you passing the RMP exam.  There are no tricks involved. With it you can prepare strongly and have a high chance of being a RMP.

If you want to buy or have any other questions, please send an email to managementyogi@gmail.com.

RMP Exam Latest Changes (2022):

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