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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – ManagementYogi’s CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online and CAPM Live Lessons–Guaranteed Pass


These are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on ManagementYogi’s CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online and CAPM Live Lessons courses.

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I’ve tried to address as many questions as I can. If you have any other questions, please send me an email at

Question – 1: How different CAPM is compared to the PMP certification?
The Project Management Professional Certification (PMP®) is an advanced certification for project management. You can call it a professional level of certification in project management. 

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is a basic certification for project management practitioners. You can say it to be an associate level certification in project management. 

However, basic or associate level does not mean that the certification will be a cake-walk. You need to spend a good amount of time to prepare and crack the exam considering (not 1 or 2 days or 2/4 weeks of time). Nevertheless, compared to PMP, it's easier.

In your professional resume, it’ll be valued. A CAPM certification means that you have a good foundational understanding of project management. It's recognized and well-accepted across industry verticals. 

Question – 2: Why should one go for the CAPM certification?
Answer: It's subjective and dependent on your choice and needs. However, to help you make your decisions, here are some important notes about the CAPM certification:

  • Well recognized in various industry verticals. 
  • You will be recognized and respected by PMPs, who are over a million (1.2M+) as over March 2022.
  • Much easier to prepare and clear compared to the PMP exam.
  • Much easier to maintain the CAPM credential than PMP.
  • Lower in cost and less time consuming compared to PMP, with the right content and material.
  • Unlike PMP, you don’t need any project management experience needed to appear for the exam.
  • You will know the best practices in project management.
  • You will know good amount of Agile practices.

Question – 3: Is the CAPM certification recognized like PMP?

Answer: Yes, it is. PMP is a much older certification and hence has more credential holders. CAPM is relatively quite new compared to the PMP certification.

As noted earlier, it's well-recognized and well-accepted across industries. In fact, I've seen many job advertisements asking either for PMP or CAPM. 

Also, after being a CAPM, you can decide to go for PMP. PMI waives off certain prerequisites in this case. After being a CAPM, it'll be easier for your to become a PMP.

Question – 4: What are the applicability and validity of these courses?
Answer: Both these courses for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam are based on the PMBOK® guide 6th edition and the Examination Content Outline (ECO) for the CAPM exam. 

CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online: The price of the course is $189USD (Rs 15,119) for 6 months access or $279 (Rs 22,319) for 1-year access. The duration of the course is for 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase. 

CAPM Live Lessons: The price of the course is $449 USD (Rs 35,919) for 6 months access or $659 USD (Rs 52,719) for 1-year access. The duration of the course is for 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase.

Both these courses will enable you to achieve the 23 mandatory contact hours needed for the CAPM exam.

It's a reflection of my training, which has created many genuinely successful CAPMs. Many PMPs have also joined such classes because the PMBOK guide is not easy guide to understand and master.

Question – 5: What are the durations and number of videos for these courses?
Answer: Both these courses have the necessary and needed content to prepare well for the CAPM exam.

CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online: The course has a duration of 25 hours (approx.). It has 449 videos with the needed coverage.
CAPM Live Lessons: The course has a duration of 35 hours (approx.). It has 562 videos with exhaustive coverage.

Question – 6: What are full money back guarantees for these courses?
Answer: Both these courses come with full money back guarantees.

CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online: This course comes with a full money back guarantee for 15 days. Entire course content with all questions will be available to you. You can evaluate the course for 15 days. If you don’t like the course, I’ll refund your full money.

To know more, you can watch this video [2m:06s]. 

CAPM Live Lessons: This course comes with a full money-back guarantee linked to you passing the CAPM exam. You go through the course and give the exam. In case you couldn’t clear the exam, I’ll refund your full money. 

To know more, you can watch this video [2m:15s].

To know more comparisons between these courses, please refer:
Course Comparison: CAPM 23 Contact Hours Vs. CAPM Live Lessons

Question – 7: Why should one opt for these courses instead of classroom training?
Answer: Because, these trainings are:

  • Convenient - you can learn at your own time with your own speed. You can watch the content as many times as you want.
  • Longer duration - 6 months of duration (not just 2 or 4-days of training)
  • Low cost - much lower than classroom training

Also, if you are going for a classroom training, but the training is useless because you understood little to nothing, then where is the value? I've seen many such cases where aspiring CAPMs suffer. Any form of training you take (classroom or online or any other form) should put you on a solid track towards your CAPM exam success.

Question – 8: How will I be eligible to have 23 contact hours?
Answer: It’s straightforward. You complete the course, primarily from “Lesson - 2: Introduction” to “Lesson – 14: Stakeholder Management”. 

Refer this link for overall course of breakdown structure of CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online and this link for CAPM Live Lessons.

Next, you will be assessed with 30 questions within a stipulated duration. It is a comprehensive evaluation. After that, you will get the “CAPM 23 Contact Hour Course Completion Certificate” from Management Yogi.

Question – 9: What is ManagementYogi’s CAPM 23 Contact Hour Certificate?
Answer: ManagementYogi’s contact hour certificate acts as a proof to claim the CAPM 23 Contact Hours. These contact hours are mandatory for you to appear for the CAPM examination. The certificate testifies that you have completed the 23 contact hours of learning.

Note: Both CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online Course and CAPM Live Lessons course offer you the 23 mandatory contact hours needed.

Question – 10: Are there any plan of action(s) on how to complete these courses?
 Yes, absolutely. Both these courses come with a plan of action to complete. The plan will be shared with you when you purchase the course. Plans will be different for respective courses of CAPM Live Lessons and CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online.

You will receive a plan of action which illustrates the course structure, hours per individual lessons, number of videos, and number of questions – both lesson end practice questions and full-length questions. Based on it, you have to follow a simple plan on completing the course and take your CAPM exam.  

Question – 11: How can you provide the 23 Contact Hours when not an ATP or REP?
This is one of the biggest misconceptions that only Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) or Registered Education Providers (REPs) can give CAPM training. It is just not true. As per PMI-CAPM Handbook (link to check - page number 9 of the handbook), there are many providers who can provide the 23 mandatory contact hours.

The snippet taken from the handbook is shown below.

They are:

  • PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
  • PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATPs)
  • PMI chapters
  • Employer/company-sponsored programs
  • Training companies or consultants (e.g., training schools)
  • Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
  • University/college academic and continuing education programs

Hence, it is not needed to be A.T.P or R.E.P to provide the CAPM 23 contact hours training and the certificate. With Management Yogi’s CAPM courses, you are 100% eligible to get the 23 contact hours.

Important Notes: Always focus on what you learn and how best you can learn.
This is 100% dependent on:

  • The content of learning, and
  • How well the content is explained to you.
    (Not a machine reading the content or a person just going through slide by slide. You get absolutely no value out of it.)

Question – 12: Why should I go with Management Yogi, compared to others?
Answer: Indeed, there are many providers who provide CAPM training. Possibly, hundreds of them! And they sell their courses at throwaway prices.

However, usually they do not have any real-world experience, let alone project management experiences! They work on an aggregator model and have no real contribution of their own with respect to the project management domain. They don't write or publish anything on it themselves, except here and there some cut and paste articles. They are primarily focused on high profit. They sell at throwaway prices so that they will get more subscribers and make more money. You don’t get anything of real value.

I’m engaged in management (project, program, portfolio, risk, Agile, hands-on tools, creating new certification courses), continuously write on it, contribute towards it. The courses are continuously upgraded based on the feedback from successful CAPMs or PMPs. There have been many CAPM and/or PMP success stories. I’m primarily focused on your success. With these courses, you have a fair chance of success in clearing the CAPM exam.

So, you decide – whom to choose:  Aggregator model with no real management learning and teaching passion or from someone who is continuously engaged in project management domain and have created many successful CAPMs?

Simply speaking, decide whom would you choose – their high profit (and many times useless training) or your probable success?

You can also compare this course with courses provided by any other provider on these aspects:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Content
  • Coverage

Question – 13: What happens when my application is selected for audit? What will be needed?
 Many candidates take online courses to fulfill 23 contact hours requirements. As per Project Management Institute (PMI®), in the event of an audit, the candidate would need to supply proof of the education in the form of a transcript, and/ or a certificate of completion.

Question – 14: Will you help if my application is selected for audit with respect to 23 contact hours?
 Yes, absolutely. After all, these courses enable you to get the needed contact hours.  You will get full help in case proof is needed for your 23 contact hours. I’ll provide all details needed by Project Management Institute (PMI).

Question – 15: Will there be any support if any questions arise during the learning of 23 contact hours?
 Yes, definitely. Please send an email to and your questions will be answered within 3 working days or 72 hours.

This, in fact, is one of the biggest advantages you will have compared to other providers. As they are just course aggregators, they don’t have the domain knowledge. I’ll be involved with you throughout your CAPM journey.

Question – 16: What is your success rate for the CAPM exam, who have taken the courses or classes?
 I’ve taken numerous classroom and virtual sessions on CAPM exam preparation, worldwide.  The success rate of people who have sincerely prepared with the plan of action I've shared, is high.

The Online Courses have been launched for the first time. These are reflections of my classroom trainings. It has also much more details, e.g.,

  • 100s of videos and exercises (one of its kind)
  • A number of full-length practice question sets, including full-length Q&A set on Project Management
  • A number of lesson-end practice questions
  • 30 questions for end course assessment for CAPM contact hours certificate

These are not possible with a classroom course.

I believe these courses will give you better learning, practice for your exam and prepare you well for the CAPM exam. I also believe if you sincerely do this course, your chance of success in the exam is high.


  • You can evaluate 25 videos before paying any money. (applicable for both CAPM Live Lessons and CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online)
  • Both these courses come with full money back guarantees, as noted earlier.

Question – 17: How many full-length practice tests do these the courses have?
The number of questions for both the CAPM courses are noted below.

CAPM 23 Contact Hours Online: You will get two (2) full-length questions with detailed answers. Each question set has 150 questions as like the CAPM exam. In total, you have over 500 practice questions, including lesson-end questions.

CAPM Live Lessons: You will get four (4) full-length questions with detailed answers. Each question set has 150 questions as like the CAPM exam. In total, you have 2300 practice questions, including lesson-end questions.

For more details, please refer:
Course Comparison: CAPM 23 Contact Hours Vs. CAPM Live Lessons

If you have any other questions or clarifications, please send a mail to If this course has those features, I’ll inform with all the details. If it does not, then also, you will be clearly informed. There won’t be any round-about answers.

Course Comparison:
CAPM Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass:
CAPM 23 Contact Hours Course:

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