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More Sample Videos: CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass


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In this post, I've added share a number of sample videos. Now, you have in total 9 sample videos, which are public. The access to these videos is completely free and can be seen at the YouTube channel of Management Yogi.

If you want to see more sample videos to make your purchase decision, please send a mail to: You will get the access.

The videos are from:

  • Lesson: Welcome (4 videos)
    • Video: 1. Welcome
    • Video: 3. What is Guaranteed CAPM Pass
    • Video: 4. CAPM Live Lessons Breakdown
    • Video: 8. Mandatory End Course Assessment
  • Lesson: About PMI-CAPM Exam (5 videos)
    • Video: 1.3 CAPM Certification
    • Video: 1.4 CAPM Exam Pre-requisites
    • Video: 1.5 CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO)
    • Video: 1.9 CAPM Exam Details
    • Video: 1.13 CAPM Exam Process

You can check these videos one by one in the below playlist.

CAPM Guaranteed Pass Sample Video Playlist (9Videos) 


Videos: Lesson  Welcome

Video 4. CAPM Live Lessons Breakdown (3m:05s)

This video informs the course breakdown structure of the CAPM Live Lessons course. It's hosted online and divided into multiple lessons. With it, you will have a better learning experience.

Video 8. Mandatory End Course Assessment (1m:43s)

This video explains the mandatory contact hours needed for your CAPM exam. The assessment test is part of this Live Lesons course. With it, you are eligible to get the mandatory CAPM 23 contact hours, which are needed to sit in the CAPM exam.


Videos: Lesson  About CAPM Exam

Video 1.3 Value of CAPM Certification (3m:49s)

This video informs about the importance of CAPM certification and how it'll be valuable for you. Many think only about the PMP certification, which can be demanding for many, It may take years. I'd strongly recommend to go for CAPM certification to get a solid foundational understanding on project management.

Video 1.4 CAPM Exam Pre-requisites (2m:32s)

This video informs on the needed pre-requisites to sit in the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. These are the latest ones. 

Video 1.5 CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO) (3m:25s)

The exam content outline (ECO) for the CAPM sets the blueprint of the exam. The domains/areas, percentage of questions coming your exam etc. will be decided by the ECO. ECO is important to understand.

Video 1.9 CAPM Exam Details (6m:03s)

This video informs the details of the CAPM exam. It includes the exam duration, total number of questions, score questions, unscored questions, among others.

Video 1.13 CAPM Exam Process, Step-by-Step (5m:03s)

This video explains the CAPM exam process in a step-by-step manner. With it, you will understand how to proceed with the certification, the audit and its requirements, appearing in the exam and continuing with your CAPM certification.


To know more about this course and what is "Guaranteed CAPM or Your Money Back Program",  please refer: CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

If you require more information, please send a mail to:

You can also see the sample videos in a playlist.

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CAPM 23 Contact Hours Course:

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