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Course Comparison: RMP 30 Contact Hours Vs. RMP Live Lessons


After availability of two new courses on Risk Management Professional (RMP) exam - RMP 30 Contact Hours Online and RMP Live Lessons, I’ve been getting these two questions from aspiring PMI-RMPs. These are important and pertinent questions.

Which course to go for RMP - RMP 30 Contact Hours or RMP Live Lessons? 
What are the differences?

Do note that both these courses are unique and are ONLY such courses in the world. No one gives moneyback guarantee (but everyone claims to give!), without a number of terms and conditions. Both these courses come with full moneyback guarantee. These are simple, direct and upfront moneyback guarantees. 

Both these courses are now being used by aspiring PMI-RMPs around the world, to clear the RMP exam and/or earn the RMP 30 contact hours certificate.

Fundamental Difference

First and foremost, these two courses vary with their goal(s) and objective(s) with the associated motto. 

For RMP 30 Contact Hours, we have:

  • One Goal: Get the 30 contact hours with complete satisfaction. 
  • One Objective: Get the 30 RMP contact hours in 6 months.
  • One Motto: Don’t just get casually trained for 30 contact hours. Understand fully, learn strongly and prepare well for your RMP exam.

You learn more on it, in this video:

For RMP Live Lessons, we have:

  • One Goal: You clear the RMP exam. 
  • Two Objectives: 1) Get the RMP Contact Hours Certificate. 2) Crack the RMP exam in 6 months.
  • One Motto: Learn deeply and use it to clear the RMP Exam.

You learn more on it, in this video:

You can see all the sample videos in this playlist:
Sample Video Playlist for RMP Live Lessons - 27 Videos

Note: A number of videos from the above playlist are also part of RMP 30 Contact Hours Online Course.

With this background, let's see the other main differences.

Other Main Differences

I’ve outlined other main differences in the below two tables. Actually, it’s one table, but I’ve segregated them into two in order to have better visibility and understanding.

The second part of this table is noted below.

Now, time a for reality check!

A Reality Check 

As noted earlier, almost everyone claims to give moneyback guarantee and create some thousands of RMPs every year. Like Project Management Certification (PMP) exam, if you search the web, or open social media, you will find a number of successs stories! 

Also, there are providers who are selling courses as low as $10 or $15 USD (Rs 700 to Rs 1,000 INR). However with such courses, you understand little to nothing. Passing the exam remains a very distant dream -- many cases actually a pipe-dream -- with such courses. For example, for PMP, the $10-providers have thousands and thousands of subscribers, but very few actual PMPs. 

Let’s take the data from PMI on RMP credential holders. As of 2020, there are just over 6,000 RMPs, worldwide. But there are thousands and thousands of providers such as ATPs and REPs. If you consider all providers, the numbers will be much more. This is shown in the below snippet.

It means one ATP or REP, on an average, can’t even enable one RMP in years. Re-read the previous line -- in years of their operations! This is really bad and becomes worse considering their advertisements. 

I believe the providers can do it because they have a lot of external money coming-in. With large funding, they can have a number of advertisements and social media posts, which are mostly fakes.  

With such kind of marketing schemes ($10/$15 USD), two make money, because they get 100,000s of subsribers by enticement of low cost courses.  

  1. The external funders.
  2. The founders looking for quick buck and exit.

But, you -- the customer and course subscribers -- get nothing of real value. This is evident with very low number of RMPs, but thousands of subscribers in those providers' portals. 

Management teaches you an important lesson: Time is more important than moeny. Cost can be recovered, resources can be hired, scope can be added, but you can not recover the lost time.

A high quality course with high quality questions take enormous time to prepare. To prepare these courses, I've learned and practiced for years. These courses have taken me months to build -- even with my deep learning on risk management. As a reader or learner, this is the time (the time I spent working on the course and content) you save. The time saved for you will be in years.


I’ve enabled many RMPs, who have used my book, I Want To Be A RMP and/or Practical RMP with Primavera Risk Analysis course over years to clear the RMP exam. 

Few of them written their RMP Success Stories.

When you purchase the courses, I’m also involved with you throughout your journey. Many providers can’t do that, because they don’t have the subject matter understanding. They are merely course aggregators.

For these two new courses, I've informed the goals and objectives. I've also outlined other differences. These, I believe, will help you to choose the course of your choice.

With either of these courses, I firmly believe that you:

  • Get the best value for your money.
  • Will have the content with the latest risk management standards, practice guides and the needed books.
  • Will understand the content clearly, which boosts your confidence. 

Above all, if you prepare sincerely, you have a fair chance to clear the RMP exam and be a certified PMI-RMP.

RMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass:

RMP 30 Contact Hours Course:

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