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A Comprehensive Guide to Achieve PfMP Certification: ‘I Want To Be A PfMP’ Book by Satya Narayan Dash

By Shahpour Kakaei, PgMP, PMP, ACP, RMP, ITIL, Attended Harvard Business School


I Want To Be A PfMP by Satya Narayan Dash is an exceptional book that serves as a comprehensive guide for professionals aspiring to achieve the Professional in Portfolio Management (PfMP) certification. Recently released, this book offers valuable insights, practical advice, and a structured approach to help individuals navigate the complex world of portfolio management.

Engaging and Informative Content

Dash's book stands out due to its engaging writing style and the author's ability to simplify complex concepts. The content is well-structured, making it easy for readers to follow along and grasp the key principles of portfolio management. Dash's extensive experience in the field shines through, as he provides real-world examples and case studies that further enhance the book's practicality.

PfMP Book–I Want To be A PfMP, Why to Go for It?

Following are the key aspects of the book.

1) Comprehensive Coverage

The "I Want to be a PfMP" book covers all aspects of the PfMP certification process, from understanding the portfolio management framework to preparing for the exam.

Dash leaves no stone unturned, addressing topics such as portfolio governance, strategic alignment, risk management, and resource optimization. The book also delves into the five domains of portfolio management, providing a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

2) Practical Tips and Techniques

One of the book's greatest strengths lies in its inclusion of practical tips and techniques. Dash offers valuable advice on how to effectively manage portfolios, align them with organizational objectives, and overcome common challenges. The author's emphasis on the importance of strategic thinking, financial management, and stakeholder engagement adds a unique dimension to the book, making it more than just a study guide.

3) Clear and Concise Language

Dash's writing style is clear, concise, and accessible to both experienced portfolio managers and those new to the field. The author avoids unnecessary jargon, ensuring that readers can easily comprehend and apply the concepts discussed. This approach makes the book an excellent resource for self-study or as a reference guide for professionals already working in portfolio management

Below topics are helped that will help you the most:

  • Strategic management, governance management, process interactions, ITTOs and their highlighting, key aspects of every process etc.
  • Practical Exercises and Exam Preparation:
    To further enhance the learning experience, "I Want To Be A PfMP" book includes practical exercises and sample questions that mirror the PfMP certification exam (chapter end questions, full length questions). These exercises allow readers to apply the knowledge gained and assess their understanding of the material. Dash's guidance on exam preparation strategies, including study plans and test-taking tips, is invaluable for those seeking to pass the PfMP certification exam with confidence.
  • Video sets: A number of videos are given in addition of the book context, which among them the videos of  Chapter 3, 4, 6 and 8 ( on subjects of “Portfolio Management Processes, and ITTOs”, “Earn Value Management”, Monte Carlo Analysis” and “Risk Management”) are very helpful to better understand these subjects. 

Other areas, which I found helpful are:  

  • Practical tools snapshots of MS Project-Portfolio Management, Primavera Portfolio Management (Portfolio Efficient Frontier), Primavera Risk etc, along with the videos. 
  • Examples with real-world roadmap, key contents of documents etc. 
  • The exam tips, revision tips and also set of tips in the end are very helpful.

Chapters in the Book – I Want To be A PfMP

The book has multiple chapters - from Welcome, Chapter 1 to Chapter 10. The last two chapters specifically regarding a complete set of PfMP Exam preparations questions/answers and tips. 

Each chapter provides full details of the chapter subject (as noted earlier along with flow and interactions of processes) which are unique and can’t be found so comprehensive and simplified in other similar references for PfMP preparation.  


I Want To Be A PfMP book by Satya Narayan Dash is an outstanding one that provides a comprehensive and practical guide to achieving the PfMP certification. 

Dash's expertise, combined with his engaging writing style, ensures that readers gain a deep understanding of portfolio management principles and their application. 

Whether you are a seasoned portfolio manager or aspiring to enter the field, this book is an essential resource that will undoubtedly contribute to your professional growth.

Brief Profile: Shahpour Kakaei, BD and Operations Manager, AWITEL INC, Canada


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