Sunday, November 05, 2023

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Must-Dos (Knows) To Be A PMI Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)

In a recent article on benefits of Portfolio Management Professional Certification (PfMP), I outlined top reasons of having this certification. At a high-level, they are:

  1. PfMP certification is the highest-level credential offered by PMI. It shines in your resume.
  2. With Portfolio Management, you are directly responsible for achieving your organization's strategic business objectives.
  3. Project and Program Management are about “doing the work right”, whereas Portfolio Management is about “doing the right work”.
  4. The PfMP credential is considered to be an elite certification by top professionals.
  5. With the right book and/or course, you will know hands-on portfolio management in the real-world.
  6. Without strategic execution, organizations just fire and forget. PfMP ensures that you fire the bullets and ensure that the bullets meet the target.
  7. You need not be a PMP or PgMP to be a PfMP. But if you are a PfMP, you will know PMP and PgMP content to an extent.
  8. You will know governance at the highest level. There is a dedicated knowledge area: Portfolio Governance Management.
  9. If you are a PMP, RMP and/or ACP, then your understanding of Risk Management will be very helpful for Portfolio Risk Management.
In another recent article, I wrote doing only project or program management, but avoiding or not knowing portfolio management is like putting the cart before the horse! 

Can you move your wagon properly with that approach? 

Of course, you can’t! An organization is also similar. Without knowing the vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives of an organization and doing random projects and programs doesn’t take the organization forward. 

However, to be a PfMP certified professional, it’s easier said than done. You not only need to have real-world portfolio management experience, you need to have a strategic mindset. As a matter of fact, there is a dedicated knowledge area named Portfolio Strategic Management.

The below PMI fact file gives the following numbers on various certifications.

As you can see, while PMP, ACP, RMP, PgMP and PBA are in large numbers, PfMP is not much because many organizations don’t know how to pursue strategic management and get value out of it.  Also, the number tells PfMP is truly an elite certification. 

At this stage I must say that the PfMP certification is achievable. You too can do it! As noted earlier in one of the top reasons, with PfMP certification you are going to operate at the highest level of the organization pursuing strategic management.  

In my upcoming webinar conducted by Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG), we will discuss the followings:

  • Why should you pursue PfMP?
  • What’s the value of PfMP as you grow in your career?
  • PfMP Exam Domains
  • PfMP Exam Content Outline (ECO)
  • Five Must-Dos (Knows) to be a PMI-PfMP

On the first four items, we will have a brief discussion. On the final point of Five Must-Dos to be a PfMP, we will have a detailed discussion. 

Event Details

Date: 8th November, 2023, Wednesday

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM EST (10:30 PM to 11:30 PM IST)

Registration Link:

Hope you join me in this unique event.

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