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Management Yogi's Hybrid-Agile (CHAMP) Certification: 7 Principles of Hybrid-Agile Management (Part - 2)


In the earlier post, I informed on the first four principles of a Hybrid-Agile Management and emphasized on the need and importance of management principles. As the practitioner of Hybrid approaches, you need to not only be familiar with these principles, but also always align your practices with these principles. 

These principles are taken from the Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional (CHAMP) courseThese are brief explanations. In-depth explanations with videos are available in the CHAMP course.

Note: When you subcribe to CHAMP certification course (or PMP, RMP, ACP, CAPM or any other video course), you can join my regular Management Review Sessions, whenever applicable. It'll be completely free of cost to you.

Now, let’s see the next set of principles in Hybrid-Agile Management: Principle 5, Principle 6 and Principle 7

[This series - Part - 1]


Principle – 5: Value delivered is the ultimate measure of progress and success.

It’s always about value delivery, be it Waterfall or Agile. Without value being delivered, your project won’t last long.

In waterfall, value is delivered by various desired artefacts, milestones being completed with deliverables, and of course the deliverables itself. In Agile, value is checked by the customer at the end of short iterations (Scrum) or on-demand (Kanban). 

Value is in the eyes of the beholder; in this case, the eyes of the customer.

Imagine going to a film with your family. Value delivered will different for most members of your family. It's not always the end result or product, i.e., movie! Ask them and you will be surprised what different members actually found to be valuable in the entire trip. 

Principle – 6: Visualize the flow of work for adaptive. Contextualize the work with respect to phases in predictive.

Adaptive work should be visualized, because they are derived from Lean, which says visualize the flow. This shows the progress and bottleneck.

Visualization in Hybrid-Agile projects can happen with various board views. For example, below is a Backlog Board view for a Hybrid-Kanban project. There are 4 workflow states or columns with which we can visualize the flow. 

Predictive work should be contextualized to phases. Instead of having a long waterfall project, break the project into various phases.

Contextualization and breaking of project work into various phases can be done with the Gantt Chart view. For example, the view below shows the possible phases of a Hybrid-Agile project. 

As shown, we have a number of contextualized phases: Start-up, Planning, Development, Test, Deploy and Close.

Principle – 7: Have frequent integration points between predictive and adaptive elements to reduce risks.

It’s important that you have frequent integration points between predictive and adaptive work.

This can be achieved through integration work and integration testing. The integration points are shown in the below figure with black lines between two value-delivery elements: Waterfall/Sequential and Agile.

This way the risk of unsuccessful delivery doesn’t happen. 

Again, do note that much detailed explanation has been given in the course.

[This series - Part - 1]


To recap, the principles are shown in the below figure. With this, you can quickly remember and recall the principles.

You can also watch the below video to have a brief recap on the seven principles of Hybrid-Agile Management [Duration: 7m:29s].

Throughout the CHAMP certification course, these principles are applied – be it Hybrid-Scrum, Hybrid-Kanban or Hybrid-ScrumBan management. As you appear for the exam, prepare and practice them in the real-world, these pricinciples will be equally important.

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