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Management Yogi's Hybrid-Agile (CHAMP) Certification: 20 Free Questions and Answers (Part - 1)

Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional (CHAMP) certification course and exam has been updated. Now it's based on the latest Hybrid-Agile management practices, latest of release MS Project software (MS Project Online Desktop Client), along with inputs, feedback and suggestions from CHAMP certified professionals. 

These questions are taken from the course:
Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional

As noted in the beginning, these qustions are prepared with feedback from many successful CHAMPs. Many have informed that the course is one of the most comprehensive courses seen.

To answer these questions, you need to have:
  • Sound understanding of Hybrid-Agile Management practices combing waterfall with Scrum, waterfall with Kanban as well as waterfall with Scrum and Kanban, together. 
  • Solid grasp on how Hybrid-Agile management can happen in the real-world, i.e., with MS Project Agile software. Practical, hands-on applicability is almost always overlooked in certification courses. In that sense, this certification is radically different. 
  • Good understanding of traditional (waterfall), Scrum and Kanban management.
  • Real world Hybrid-Agile management experience.
  • Critical thinking, logical reasoning, ability to think out of the box and also answering questions with speed and accuracy.  
This is first of the series have 10 questions and answers. The next part has another set of 10 questions with answers.

I hope you enjoy doing these questions and it helps in your preparation for the CHAMP certification exam.


Question – 1: While tracking a Hybrid-ScrumBan project, you have taken a number of customer tickets on the fly and fixing them. Whenever you have a sufficient number of tickets available, you are releasing them as hotfixes. Currently, two new tickets came-up and you add them to the backlog of items. What should you do next?
A Associate them with the Show on Board and enable isAgile flag.
B Associate them with the Show on Board and enable both. isAgile and isKanban flags.
C Prioritize the items.
D Get it first approved from change control boards.

Question – 2: You are the leader of the project being executed with a Hybrid approach. To ensure the product backlog reflects the current need of the customer, what should you do?
A Have a strong product owner to get the right requirements.
B Consider continuous engagement between the customer and business representative.
C Build and review prototypes and release versions.
D Define and refine the scope throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Question – 3: Considering Stacey's complexity model, requirements uncertainty and technological complexity inform which two aspects?
A What and how 
B What and why
C How and when
D Who and how 

Question – 4: In a construction project, a builder started working on a room with fixtures, paint and other items. The builder finished one room and showed the customer the room before proceeding with work on another room. This is done to reduce customer dissatisfaction. What kind of life cycle is being followed by the builder?
A Iterative 
B Incremental
C Iterative and incremental
D Hybrid

Question – 5: For a Hybrid-Scrum the earned value metrics are shown in the below figure. It uses MS Project Agile EVM notations, where actual cost of work performed (ACWP) is actual cost (AC), budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) is earned value (EV) and budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS) is earned value (PV). 

What can be said about this project?

A The project is over budget.
B The project is under budget, but ahead of schedule.
C The project is over budget, but ahead of schedule.
D The project is over budget, and behind of schedule.

Question – 6: The Cards shown in a Hybrid-Scrum project don’t have the % complete value available in board view. Your team members want this to be shown while visualizing the cards in the board views. What should you do?

A Add % Complete column in the Gantt Chart view for the cards.
B Use the “Show checkmark when 100% complete” base field for the cards.
C Add the “% Complete” additional field and customize the cards.
D Add “Show % complete” base field and customize the cards.

Question – 7: Multiple Sprints have been planned for a Hybrid-Agile project using MS Project Agile. You have used Manage Sprints commands under the Sprint Tools > Sprint group > Management command. This is depicted in the below figure.

What is incorrectly done in this case?

A All Sprints must be of similar durations, which is not the case above.
B A Sprint usually doesn’t have 5 weeks of duration.
C Every Sprint should start on Wednesday of the week.
D Every Sprint must be within 1 weeks to 3 weeks.

Question – 8: You are managing a Hybrid-Kanban project and currently reviewing the tasks (cards) in the Backlog Board view. However, as you complete the tasks and move them into the Done column, the tasks no longer show-up, which is surprising to you. It’s shown below.

What should you do?

A Don’t use the Backlog Board, as for Kanban, you only use the Task Board.
B Switch to Backlog Sheet view to see the done (completed) items.
C Hybrid-Kanban project should be tracked only in Gantt Chart
D It’s the expected behavior for Backlog Board view.

Question – 9: Currently, you are analyzing the features and sub-tasks for a Hybrid-Kanban project. You are using the Task Board Sheet view. Your sponsor wants to have a quick report on the work items, categorized and separated by the board status such as “In progress”, “Next up” or (Kanban) “Backlog” (or Not started). What should you do?
A This information can’t be available in Task Board Sheet view.
B Create a new pie chart report with Board Status value.
C Group the work items with the Board Status built-in group.
D Create a new column chart and apply Board Status grouping.

Question – 10: You are working in a Tiger conservation project in Hybrid-ScrumBan mode. A number of efforts to conserve the habitats are run with multiple Sprints. Currently you have generated a pie chart report, for which the % complete for the current Sprint’s tasks are shown below. Which one of the following is correct?

A The applied filter is Sprint 2, grouping is by Work Status and there is ID sorting.
B The applied filter is Current Sprint, grouping is by Board Status and there is no sorting.
C The applied filter is Agile Filter, grouping is Agile Group and sorting is by Sprint ID.
D The applied filter is Select Sprint, grouping is by Actual Work and there is no sorting.


The question set is available in the embedded document below. The answers are also part of this document.

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