Certified Hybrid-Agile Master with MS Project

The Certified Hybrid-Agile Master with MS Project is an online certification course for Hybrid-Agile Management with both theory and practical. It's an in-depth, hands-on, practical-oriented Certification Course and literally, only such course, worldwide. It also comes with full money back guarantee. 

While Agile practitioners use a large number of stand-alone frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban, many organizations execute their projects with a Hybrid-Approach. Multiple trends on various Agile frameworks inform this reality of Hybrid-Agile. In fact, some reports inform that usage of Hybrid-Agile is more than 80% in certain industries! Hence, ability to work with Hybrid-Agile project is a must-have for Agile or Management professional.

A Hybrid-Agile approach combines two or more Agile and Non-Agile approaches. 

This course takes a deep-dive into Hybrid-Agile projects and their management, which is advanced and complex. With this course, you will thoroughly know:

  • Hybrid-Scrum Management
  • Hybrid-Kanban Management
  • Hybrid-Scrumban Management

You learn and work with a number of foundational as well as advanced concepts in Hybrid-Agile Management:

  • Building a variety of Hybrid-Agile projects
  • Adjustment and tracking Hybrid-Agile projects
  • Baselining and Baseline Management in Hybrid-Agile
  • Earned Value Reporting in Hybrid-Agile
  • Hybrid-Scrum Burndown and Burnup charts (for Scrum, Traditional and ScrumBan)
  • Various Histogram and Pie Charts
  • Hybrid-Kanban Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD) 
  • Closing Hybrid-Agile projects
  • And many more.

This is a certification course and hence, has a detailed end course exam. On clearing the exam, you will get the Certified Hybrid-Agile Master credential, indicating your mastery over hands-on Hybrid-Agile Management.

Top Features and Benefits: Certified Hybrid-Agile Master

  1. Total Video Duration: 14+ hours (14h 21m 40s)
  2. Number of Videos: 138
  3. Number of Lessons: 10 (+1)
  4. Total Exercises (Practical): 100+
  5. End-course exam and credential as a Certified Hybrid-Agile Master.
  6. In depth understanding of Hybrid Scrum, Hybrid Kanban, and Hybrid ScrumBan.
  7. Ability to apply the concepts with the Hands-On tool of MS Project Agile. This couse has both theory and practical, with emphasis on practical, real-world aspects.
  8. Real-world scenario driven example of a construction project which has both predictive (waterfall) and adaptive (Agile) areas.
  9. Learn advanced Hybrid-Agile management concepts such as Hybrid-Models, Hybrid-Backlog management, Hybrid-Sprint management, Hybrid-Kanban management, Baselining Hybrid-Agile projects, Tracking Hybrid-Agile projects, Checking Variances in Hybrid projects, Closing Hybrid-Agile projects, among others.
  10. Generate various reports such as Hybrid Burndown Charts, Hybrid Burnup Charts, Hybrid Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFDs), Hybrid Sprint Reports, Hybrid Histograms and Pie Charts, Hybrid Earned Value reports, among others.
  11. A large exercise and solutions files (over 100), which you can download, use and practice.
  12. A large number of tips and tricks points to know throughout the course.
To know the key benefits of this course, you can watch the below video.

Course Breakdown: Certified Hybrid-Agile 

  • Lesson 1 – Welcome (7 videos): 17m 56s [17 minutes 56 seconds]
  • Lesson 2 – Understanding Hybrid Project (15 videos): 59m 43s
  • Lesson 3 – Hybrid Project with MS Project (15 videos): 1h 49m 27s
  • Lesson 4 – Hybrid-Scrum Project (27 videos): 3h 33m 16s
  • Lesson 5 – Hybrid-Scrum Project Reporting (16 videos): 1h 47m 07s
  • Lesson 6 – Hybrid-Kanban Project (24 videos): 2h 36m 16s
  • Lesson 7 – Hybrid-Kanban Project Reporting (10 videos): 1h 11m 26s
  • Lesson 8 – Hybrid-ScrumBan Project (15 videos): 1h 23m 01s
  • Lesson 9 – Hybrid-ScrumBan Project Reporting (7 videos): 40m 39s
  • Lesson 10 - Conclusion (2 videos): 4m 39s
  • All Exercises (Certified Hybrid-Agile Master)

What is the Certification offered by This Course?

This course comes with an end-exam with a set of questions, which covers both theory and practical of Hybrid-Agile Management. To clear the exam, you need at least 70% score. 

With completion of the course and clearing of the end course exam, you will receive the unique credential: Certified Hybrid-Agile Master with MS Project.

What is Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back Program for this Course?

There are no little tricks, such as – “terms and conditions apply”, “** conditions apply”, “guarantee not applicable if you have seen 15% of the course”, etc. What you see and read here is what you get.

The premise is simple.
Go through the complete course for 15 days. 100% video content of this course will be available to you.
If you don’t like the course, I’ll refund your full money. 

Note: You can also evaluate the videos before paying any money. Twenty (20) videos will be available for your evaluation, even before your purchase. 

Applicability and Validity

  • Theory Used – Hybrid-Agile Management combining Traditional, Scrum and Kanban
  • Software Used – MS Project 2019 Online Desktop Client
  • Course Pre-requisites: Basics understanding of Scrum, Kanban and MS Project Agile
  • Price:
    $95 USD / Rs 7,599  (3 months access)

    $159 USD / Rs 12,719  (6 months access)
    Extension is also available. Price calculation will be pro-rata.
  • Payment: paypal.me/managementyogi
    (Login, Send your payment to paypal account of ndsatya@gmail.com, 
    Enter the amount; Invoice will be generated after payment)
    OR, you can pay via Bank Transfer or Payment. For this, please send a mail to managementyogi@gmail.com to get account the details.
  • Available since: November, 2021
  • Primary Format: Video, Accessible
  • Status: Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)

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