Monday, March 13, 2017

Step by Step Guide - JIRA 7.3 for Lean/Agile Development

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Content Summary: Many management professionals, while going through the course on Agile with JIRA, find local installation of the software useful. I tend to agree. This gives them a lot of flexibility to experiment and learn. In this post, I'll elaborate a complete step by step download of JIRA Server, its installation and set up. Also, post set-up, we will see the creation of Scrum and Kanban projects with Atalassian JIRA. 

Atlassian's JIRA is a widely used Agile/Lean project management tool for Scrum or Kanban development. JIRA was earlier quite known as a bug tracking and issue management tool. In recent years with enhancements on this software, it has seen wide usage as a tool for agile/lean based development. 

While taking my sessions on Agile with hands-on tools such as JIRA, I encourage management professionals and team members to work with the tool by installing as it teaches many things. Otherwise, there is a cloud edition, on which you can also learn. But many professionals want to install and test the software on their own. Here you have both the server and client sides of the JIRA software. It is not that difficult to install and run the software. 

The embedded document in this post covers in detail explanation of all the steps involved to download, set-up, run and create Scrum  or Kanban related projects. Post it, you can use the courses on them, to have deeper understanding. The steps outlined in the documents are:

  • Step - 1: Downloading JIRA Server 7.3.x
  • Step - 2: Installing JIRA
  • Step - 3: Launching and Configuring JIRA
  • Step - 4: Creating a Scrum Project 
  • Step - 5: Creating a Kanban Project 
  • Step - 6: Learning with Courses on JIRA Agile

The software used for JIRA server is 7.3.2 and the operating system used is Windows 10. The document is exhaustive - lists step by step what you have to do to download, install and run the JIRA software. Next, the document tells you on how to can create Scrum projects and Kanban projects with JIRA. 

The document is also available for viewing (complete) in PDF format - Link. (one link)

If you want to have a PDF copy of it separately,write an e-mail to

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