Thursday, November 14, 2019

Step by Step Guide - Install, Setup and Test Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis R8.7.5 on Windows 10

Key Takeaway: You will learn step by step installation, set up and post set-up testing for Primavera Risk Analysis Release 8.x/7.x on Windows 10 (64 bit). It is the latest release for Primavera Risk Analysis software. For this post, R8.7.5 has been used on Windows 10. The steps will remain quite similar, if you are using the earlier version. 

This set-up is available in the newly released course - Practical RMP (Risk Management Professional) with Primavera Risk Analysis. This course uses both  Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) and Primvera P6 Professional Project Management to guide you through the practical. This new course is coming up because of the new PMBOK guide, the new standard on Risk Management and new risk management/project management software releases. Do note that with the Practical RMP course, you will have a downloadable copy of Primavera Risk Analysis installation.

For your installation,  follow the steps as mentioned in the guide. The steps are simple. You don't need many configurations to start off with this tool. However, when you get deep into PRA software, a number of configurations and set-up will be needed for risk analysis of your project plan, e.g., duration units used, types of probability distribution to be used, type of simulation to be used, risk quantification or only qualification, generating risk report etc. They will be part of the Practical RMP with Primavera Risk Analysis course.

I'll also suggest that you use a XER file or MPP file (PRA supports both Microsoft Project and Primavera P6) to see if the installation has been done properly. 

I've used one XER course from the Practical RMP course. You can also create a fresh project quickly to see if the installation, set-up are proper with this test.

There are 4 steps in the installation of PRA:
  • Downloading Primavera Risk Analysis R8.7.5
  • Installing Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Launching Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Testing Primavera Risk Analysis Installation

After you install, the first view of Primavera Risk Analysis will come as below. The callouts shown are taken from the upcoming, new Practical RMP course. Nevertheless, this will be your first view.

The step-by-step guide is embedded in this post as shown below. It's detailed one and has many instructions to set-up Primavera P6 Professional. You can scroll to see the entire content.

As noted before, a downloadable copy of Primavera Risk Analysis software installation is available to the users of the new course: "Practical RMP with Primavera Risk Analysis". 

To get more updates on Primavera software related courses and get the complete step-by-step instructions separarately, subscribe to this site (on top right corner of this site) and send a mail, from your Gmail id to 

The detailed step-by-step document is also available in GDrive. For full view in Google Docs format, refer this - Link

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  1. Our P6 schedule import to PRA (PertMaster) yields incorrect dates / durations in the schedule model. Looking for assistance with this issue.


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