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New Course - Practical RMP with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis

I am pleased to announce the availability of the new course:
Practical RMP with Primavera Risk Analysis.

This course prepares you fully for Risk Management Professional certification (RMP®) from Project Management Institute (PMI®) and equips you as a hands-on professional on risk analysis with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis® (PRA) software. This course is based on PMI's latest standards for Risk Management, and the latest release of PRA software.

This course comes with Full Money Back Guarantee, which has been outlined later in this post. 

The earlier version of this course has been used around the world in various countries in different geographies - North America, Middle East and Asia. Project Managers, Risk Managers, Senior Managers, Project Directors and Certified Risk Management Professionals have used this course. This course also has been used by Doctoral Candidates pursuing their PhD programs. 

Need for Practical RMP course
The RMP certification from PMI is a global benchmark to recognize proficiency in Project Risk Management. However, the standards, reference books and other content on which the RMP examination is based – are completely theoretical. Though theory is important to know, real-world risk management is hands-on and practical oriented.

In my interactions with managers, I've received many requests on templates for risk register, risk report, risk PI matrix etc., as many have never used or even seen one. However, templates really don't help you much - it barely covers the first few steps. What you really need to know is the application of risk management understanding on live, real-world projects.

Hence, this course has been designed, so that you:
  • Understand the theory of risk management.
  • Learn how to apply the theory with Primavera Risk Analysis software.
  • Use practical exercises with real projects. 
  • Check the solutions (with solutions files) to validate your understanding.

Course Breakdown
This course has been divided into 12 lessons.  The lessons are:
  • Welcome and Software Installations (64 pages)
  • Lesson 1 – Introduction (17 pages)
  • Lesson 2 - Risk Management Framework (35 pages)
  • Lesson 3 - Risk Management Principles and Concepts (29 pages)
  • Lesson 4 - Introduction to Risk Management Processes (20 pages)
  • Lesson 5 - Plan Risk Management (48 pages)
  • Lesson 6 - Identify Risks (32 pages)
  • Lesson 7 - Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (38 pages)
  • Lesson 8 - Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis (57 pages)
  • Lesson 9 - Plan Risk Responses (47 pages)
  • Lesson 10 - Implement Risk Responses (29 pages)
  • Lesson 11 - Monitor Risks (44 pages)
  • Lesson 12 - Tips and Tricks (29 pages)
Under “Welcome and Software Installations”, you will have detailed instructions on how to use the course, along with import/export functionalities of PRA with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.  There will be downloadable copies for software installation, which are needed for this course.
  • Step-by-Step guide for Primavera Risk Analysis software.
  • Step-by-Step guide for Primavera P6 Project Management software.

Overall, you have:
  • Number of pages: 489
  • Number of practical (step-by-step): 16
  • Number of solution files: 63

Proceeding with the Course Content 
Each lesson will first have theory, covering various Risk Management standards: 
  • PMBOK Guide 6th edition (latest edition of the PMBOK Guide and enforced in 2019 for RMP exam). 
  • Practice Standard for Risk Management.
  • Foundational Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects released in 2019.
Next, in the practical side of the lessons, you will learn:
  • How these Risk Management theory maps to the elements in PRA software, e.g., while the Risk Register is also called as Risk Register in PRA, the Risk Report is known as Summary Risk Report. 
  • How to use the PRA software by various configurations, e.g., configurations for probability distributions, sensitivity analysis, criticality analysis. 
Finally, you will have:
  • Hands-on exercises with a project, which is developed incrementally. 
  • It means as you move across the processes, the exercise will build-upon the previous lesson's solutions. Step-by-step instructions will be available to work on the exercises. 
  • Solution files to check to validate your understanding. You can download all the solutions files.

There will be a number of solutions files such as docx (for plans, reports), .xer (for project plans), .plan (for risk management plans), .rrx and .xls (for risk register), .rsk (for risk analysis) etc. These you can load into the PRA software to compare with your own prepared solutions. 

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria are in sync with PMI's Risk Management Professional (RMP) certification criteria. It is outlined here – Link. (check “Certification Process”)

It's not mandatory that you proceed with the RMP certification. If you want to solid Risk Management understanding with Hands-on practical on PRA software, you can proceed with the course. Many professionals have done so, because that was their need.

Applicability and Validity
  • PMI-RMP Exam – Latest (2019); PRA software – 8.7.5 (and earlier)
  • Access – 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Price - Rs 19,919 / $249 USD
  • Available since - November, 2019
  • Format for Theory - Both in PDF and Presentation
  • Format for Practical - Docx for Exercises, Solutions files in .xer, .plan, .rrx, .rsk, docx, .xlsx etc.
  • Mode – Online (Classroom also available)
  • Status – Available
    (accessible via laptop/desktop)
This course comes in two variants – Online Learning (noted above) and Classroom learning. For classroom learning, it will be a 3-day classroom session. For more details, refer this link: 
Practical RMP Course 

The details on benefits, certification process, who can attend and frequently asked questions (FAQ) etc. - for both Online Learning and Classroom Learning - are available in the above link.

Full Money Back Guarantee
This course comes with moneyback guarantee. For moneyback guarantee, the premise is simple and straightforward. There are no tricky terms and conditions. 

You try the course for 15 days (online learning) or join the class (classroom learning). If you don’t like the course, your fully money will be refunded. 

Again, do note that your FULL money will be refunded. No questions asked.

***Note***: Every buyer of this course will get a complimentary copy of the book:
I Want To Be A RMP, Second Edition 

This book will be completely free of cost. I want you use not only the practical, but also know the theory aspects well, so that you clear the PMI-RMP exam. This is applicable for both online and classroom learning. Many successful RMPs have referred this book and many aspiring RMPs are currently using the latest edition of this book. 

Course Index
The complete index of Practical RMP course is available in the below embedded document. You can scroll to see the content.To see the complete index, separately, use this Link.

If you want to purchase the course of Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis, please send an email to:

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