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New Course - Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6

Practical PMP with MS Project 2010/2013 (earlier with Project 2007) have been used in various classroom sessions - both India and abroad - since its introduction in 2008. I was getting queries on how to apply the principles and practices of PMBOK Guide with Oracle Primavera P6. As far as I have been asked, it is mostly from the construction and manufacturing industry professionals. However, it is used in various industrial verticals as the tool is considered quite robust when compared with its peers. Hence, decided to introduce this new approach to PMP Preparation Program (since last month) - Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6. This post outlines - what it is, what are the benefits, what is the course coverage, how to get certified on PMI-PMP as well on Oracle Primavera P6. 

In real world, while your theoretical knowledge holds certain value, it is far more important to know the practical usage, i.e. how to apply the theoretical knowledge piratically. What I meant, can be tested with these questions, :
1) Will you go to a Doctor who tells that (s)he has a degree in MBBS, but do not know how to operate on a patient?  
- OR- Will you go to a Doctor who knows how to practically operate along with a degree in MBBS? 
2) Will you recruit a Java/J2EE Programmer who says (s)he has a certification from Oracle on Java/J2EE, but does not know how to code in Java?  
- OR- Will you recruit a Java/J2EE programmer who has a Certification and also knows how to code based on practical knowledge? 
3) Will you recruit a Manager or a candidate for Managerial role, who says (s)he is a Certified PMP on PMBOK, but does not know how to apply the principles of PMP in a real world using management tools?
OR - Will you recruit a Manager who is a Certified PMP as well as knows how to apply the Principle of PMP in the real world with practical tools such as Oracle Primavera or MS Project?
You know answers to all the above questions. Don't you? These were initially put, years before, while introducing Practical PMP with MS Project 2007 and subsequently for PMP with Project 2010/2013. The motivation for this new course - "Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6" - remains in those lines. So, if someone asks:

What is "Practical PMP with Primavera P6"?

Short Answer will be - it is "PMBOK 5th Edition with Oracle Primavera P6 8.x". It is a practical, real-word driven program that not only helps you to prepare your quest for PMP Certification from PMI, but also prepares you fully hands-on with a practical tool, i.e., Oracle Primavera P6. 

With this program - from the PMBOK Guide, you not only understand earned value management (EVM), but also you know how to obtain EVM Metrics with Primavera P6; from the PMBOK Guide, you not only understand Risk Management – risk categorization, SWOT analysis, P & I value etc., but also how to take all of them and create a risk register with Primavera P6; From the PMBOK Guide you not only know about the work breakdown structure (WBS), the various levels of WBS, WBS IDs and WBS Dictionary, but also you know how to create them practically as it happens in a real world project.

To understand in detail about the program, following reference links will help:

1. Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6 - Overview
2. Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6 - Complete Course
3. Practical PMP with Oracle Primevera P6 - Benefits
4. Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6 - Certification Process
5. Practical PMP with Oracle Primevera P6 - Who can attend
6. Practical PMP with Oracle Primevera P6 - FAQ

Primavera P6 remains one of the most widely used tools in the global project and portfolio management market. Last year, I had tweeted on it.

Recently in the last quarter of 2014, I was again asked by two senior construction industry professionals in Bangalore - if they can have a course on PMP with hands-on session with Primavera P6 . Now, you can! You have this course where you can leverage both - Preparation for PMP Exam and also Prepare yourself with Oracle Primavera P6 step-by-step. 

This course is moduralized and each module along with with practical is built on the previous module. There are practicals where you learn a whole gamut of PMBOK practices - WBS, scope baseline, cost baseline, schedule baseline, various scheduling techniques, risk register, various calendars, stakeholder register, various variances with respect to cost, scope, schedule, EVM, network diagrams, various resources and their management, organizational breakdown structure etc. They will be applicable across various knowledge areas, process groups and processes of PMBOK Guide.

The content details of this course is also available at - Practical PMP with Primavera.

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  1. Though I have learned financial accounting under Aloke Ghosh but I was planning to do a PMP course too as it opens up more avenues for people like me as I am not a brilliant student who can think out-of-box.

    1. Hi Maurice, PMP is quite achievable. You need to understand the fundamentals well.

  2. I am a planning engineer in L&T with 4 yrs experiences, whether PMP or Primavera is suitable for Planning & Management operation's (PMP there is a certification process) (But in Primavera P6 there is no certification) what can i do, which is suitable for me ?? Primavera course

    1. PMP covers the theoretical aspect of project management. Primavera is a hands-on project management software tool. With Practical PMP with Primavera course, you can go for PMP certification&also learn to apply them practically with primavera. Based on your work profile,this course is a good fit.


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