Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Post - Practical PMP with MS Project 2016

Good news for professionals who are aspiring to be a PMP in the coming year - 2016. You will learn theory with new changes coming for the PMP exam as well as the practical aspects of project management with new software available from Microsoft - Project 2016.

PMP exam is going through certain changes in 2016 - most important being the emphasis on business strategy, business benefits, benefits realization. Hence, the role of a project manager will also be changing. Microsoft has released its new version of its project-portfolio management software - Project 2016. It includes a host of new features. To know more on these changes on PMI-PMP exam and MS Project 2016:

Based on these new changes to PMP exam and MS Project software, the new course - "Practical PMP with MS Project 2016" - is being released. It will have all the changes mentioned for the new PMP exam. Also, PMP aspirants can use the new MS Project 2016 as a hands-on tool to understand the theory. 

To know how theoretical aspects of PMBOK Guide can be used with a hands-on tool like MS Project 2016, a new whitepaper has been made available to you for free.

Some of the changes for the PMP exam, which are part of the new course:
  • Goals, Strategy and Objective
  • Business Strategy, Business Benefits, Benefits Realization
  • Strategic Alignment of Projects and Role of Project Manager
  • Managing stakeholder engagement and relationship
  • Project charter and role of project manager in charter development
  • And more...
Some of the changes for MS Project 2016, which are also part of the new course:
  • Multiple Timeline View
  • Resource Engagement and Resource Plan View
  • Tell me what you want to do feature 
  • And more...
For more details refer the "Complete Courseware" document - link available at the end of this post.

This is on top of host of new updates that had happened to "Practical PMP with MS Project 2013", in the beginning of this year. It has been outlined in the below link.

The project management profession is evolving with new changes coming for the PMP exam in 2016. Simultaneously, I firmly believe project managers need to be thorough in applying the practical aspects of various theoretical concepts mentioned in the PMBOK Guide. Best part is PMP aspirants find this course very useful in the classes that I conduct on Practical PMP, where the 'Aha!' moment frequently comes up. They use the tool - MS Project and also see various techniques that can be performed with the tool - critical path, resource leveling, resource smoothing, schedule compression, stakeholder register creation and updates, resource management, cost management, earned value management - to name a few. 

Below, the updated content for Practical PMP with MS Project 2016, if you want to know what will be available for you in this course.

Updated Course Content: Practical PMP (includes PMP Exam 2016 Updates) with MS Project 2016:
  • Practical PMP with MSP 2016 - Course Overview (Link)
  • Practical PMP with MSP 2016 - Complete Course Detail (Link)
  • Practical PMP with MSP 2016 - Certification Process for PMP, MS Project (Link)
  • Practical PMP with MSP 2016 - Course Benefits (Link)
  • Practical PMP with MSP 2016 - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) (Link)

I am certain this course will provide immense benefits to aspiring PMPs, who want to have proficiency with MS Project 2016 - side by side.

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