Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PMP Success Story: PMP Test is Not Difficult, If You Have Prepared Well

By Nutsa Datuashvili, PMP

I’ve been planning on PMP® for last couple of years. However, only after I left my job to relocate to another country with my family, I was able to find time and prepare for the exam.

PMP Coaching Experience
I have had university level education in Project Management. But, I thought it would be best to refresh my mind, so I looked at the options available in the country I was living at that time. Nicosia University offered training on PMP. 

I really wanted to have a classroom training but ended up taking online course. Satya Dash was my coach for the PMP exam preparation, which frankly was very helpful.

My Own Study
I had 2 months of preparation. Last month I sat for 3-4 hours each day (exclusive weekends). I read Rita’s book 2 times - chapters and questions. I suggest you read the book twice. Do all the questions in the book. then every day do mock test. Analyze your results and revert back to book to understand wrong answers/gaps. Try looking up topics on the internet and reading further about those gaps. this was very helpful to me. 
Materials Referred
  • Rita’s book
  • PMBOK® Guide 
  • Oliver Lehman’s mock tests
I didn’t have a plan until I scheduled the exam. But, after scheduling for the exam, everything got real. I chose the book to stick with, I wrote down a plan. 

My PMP Exam Experience
I scheduled at Nicosia University, Cyprus. I took the exam in November 2016.

I didn’t have any except I wrote down formulas and flowcharts – flowcharts deliverable flow, CR flow, data flow etc., which I had from Sayta. These I wrote down before starting the exam. I took couple of breaks, had water and chocolate at the end as I was getting exhausted :)

Frankly, test was not difficult. I remember doing mock tests which seemed much more difficult. Mathematical questions were very easy.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
- Dos:
  • Have a plan/timetable and follow it. 
  • Pay and schedule the exam in advance according to your plan.
  • I strongly suggest you read relevant chapter after every training session.
  • Do read Rita’s Book twice. 
  • Mock tests are a must. 
- Don’ts:
  • Do not procrastinate. 
  • Don’t need many sources that will cause confusion.

Brief Profile: Nutsa Datuashvili, experience in construction and development, infrastructural projects, cultural heritage.

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