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Sample Videos: PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

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As noted in the earlier post, content of this course has been used successful PMPs and is being used by aspiring PMPs. 

Post its public availability, there have been requests by aspiring PMPs to check few sample video, which will assist them in finalizing. Earlier the access to sample videos was somewhat restricted and was provided on request basis.

In this post, there are 9 sample videos, which have been made public. The access to these videos is completely free and can be seen at the YouTube channel of Management Yogi.

The videos are from:
  • Welcome (3 sample videos)
    • Video 1 - Welcome
    • Video 2 - Yogic Quote And Credit
    • Video 9 - Best Wishes
  • Lesson - 2: Introduction (2 sample videos)
    • Video 2.2 Understanding Project
    • Video 2.3 Project Management
  • Lesson - 3: Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle (4 videos)
    • Video 3.1 - Learning Objectives
    • Video 3.3 - Organizational Structures
    • Video 3.4 - Functional Organization
    • Video 3.5 - Weak Matrix Organization
You can check these videos one by one.

Part 2 of this series: More Sample Videos on PMP Live Lessons (Link)


Videos: Welcome

Video 1 - Welcome (0:44s)
The first welcome video.
Informs about the PMP Live Lessons briefly.

Video 2 - Yogic Quote And Credit (2m:22s)
Yogic Quote starting off with the video lessons, along with people who are credited in making this course.

Video 3 - Best Wishes (0:30s)
Final welcome video in the PMP Live Lessons course.


Videos: Lesson 2 - Introduction

Video 2.2 - Understanding Project (6m:11s)

The definition of a project is deceptively simple. But it packs punch with information.
This video elaborates on it.

Video 2.3 - Project Management (2m:50s)
Like project, the definition of project management, looks simple. But it isn't!
This video explains on project management.


Videos: Lesson 3 - Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle

Video 3.1 - Learning Objectives (1m:24s)
Learning objectives of this lesson, i.e., Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle (PLC).

Video 3.3 - Organizational Structures - Basics (2m:41s)
Various possible organizationl structures.
This video talks about the basic, but important information about these structures.

Video 3.4 - Functional Organization (3m:49s)
Details about Functional Organization, with examples.

Video 3.5 - Weak Matrix Organization (2m:58s)
Details about Weak Matrix Organization, with examples.
Includes Yogic Tips for this kind of structure.

I believe this will help you to understand more about this course and will help you to finalize. 

To know more about this course and what is "Guaranteed PMP or Your Money Back Program", 
please refer:
PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

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Part 2 of this series: More Sample Videos on PMP Live Lessons (Link)

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