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PMP Protein: Organizational (Project) Management – A Facelift

By Manjunath R, PMP

Management is neither about blaming one another for the failures. Nor it is about beating around the bush. Management is neither about putting the ball in other’s court. Nor it is about implementing and practicing irrelevant standards. Management is definitely not about controlling people.

Management is alignment of thoughts, processes and efforts in line with vision and mission of an organization. Management is about streamlining and channelizing the energy flow towards achievement of a common goal. This needs a lot of insight into the abilities, weaknesses, strengths, egos, interests, ambitions of people involved. 

Directing the people may bring short term success, but eventually fails to bring out the long-term goal seeking attitude and commitment. It is so obvious that the human nature is so influenced by the environment around. If the environment is kept aligned with the goals, then, for sure people will also have the same influence in their actions.

In order to design the management tools for strategic alignment, we need to have an understanding of laws of nature. If we observe nature, we will understand how it works. Seasons after seasons come and go. They are all connected and self-driven. No one creates a path for the river to reach the sea. The river flows in a gradient obeying law of gravity. Tools, techniques and processes should be so designed that they should collectively lead to the success effortlessly. 

An important factor which influences the strategic alignment to the vision and mission of an organization is the kind of people involved. Whether they are self-motivated, visionaries or they have to be groomed, the kind of people will decide the fate of the organization. 

If likeminded people with positive attitude sharing a common passion work together for a common goal, work becomes fun and goals are achieved effortlessly. 

One more important factor which influences the strategic alignment is awareness of the purpose of the establishment of the organization. Most of the people are unaware of the purpose of the establishment of the organization in which they are working for decades. Nor they will be aware of the vision and mission of the organization. With people like them, organization may run, but, can’t grow tangibly or intangibly. Neither will the organization have any social value nor productive working atmosphere. 

The working atmosphere should be so high with energy and enthusiasm that people should forget everything else while working. Creating such environment will also lead to personal growth and happiness of each individual. 

The best way to create an enthusiastic environment is to make the stakeholders beneficiaries of the success or failure. It need not be only tangible. It’s the sense of ownership which adds the flavor to the involvement of people.  

Fear is one major factor which spoils the working atmosphere, thus bringing down the productivity. This is also major factor leading to employee attrition. Fear may be due to boss, client, customer, not meeting the deadlines, not meeting quality standards etc. Fear also brings down the confidence level of an individual, thus bringing down his/her capabilities. Efforts should be made to identify and keep any kind of fear out of the system. 

Many organizations start working without creating ambient atmosphere to work. It is like jumping into the freezing ocean without proper accessories and gears. Even a champion swimmer can’t be able to make it. Organizations should focus on creating proper tools and techniques which motivate, appreciate, elevate one’s capabilities, so as to make them a better person. This will have tangible benefits like increased productivity and intangible benefits like employee satisfaction and development. 

Creation of tools and techniques is an iterative process. It needs continuous improvement from time to time. Regular feedback from employees will surely help improve the process.   

As Technology changes from time to time, human behavior also changes. Keeping this into account processes should be altered and framed. 

Author: Manjunath R 
Manjunath R is a project management professional in construction industry . He is a graduate Civil Engineer. He is passed out from BIET (VTU) Davanagere in year 2005.He has been involved in construction industry as Deputy General Manager working for PDD Infratech. He has worked with several reputed organizations in Bangalore. He is having 12 plus years of hands on experience. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI). 

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