Wednesday, January 24, 2018

MS Project 2016 Agile Features Now Part of Live Lessons

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With the new Agile Features, in MS Project 2016, now you can work with two Agile methods - Scrum and Kanban. 

In view of the new addition, the video course - MS PROJECT 2016 LIVE LESSONS - has been updated, to include Agile. 

They are available as part of the a New Lesson.
MS Project 2016 - Lesson Agile - Working with Agile Methods

This lesson has been added, with the associated .mpp files.
This lesson has explanations on:

Scrum Method
  • A Summary on Scrum
  • Creating the Product Backlog
  • Prioritizing Product Backlog Items
  • Managing Sprints
  • Adding and Assigning Resources for Scrum Project
  • Tracking Sprint Progress
  • Reporting for Scrum Project

Kanban Method
  • A Summary on Kanban
  • Creating the Kanban Backlog
  • Adding a New Workflow State
  • Adding and Assigning Resources for Kanban Project
  • Moving Backlog Items into Columns
  • Tracking Kanban Project Progress
  • Reporting for Kanban Project

A number of practical MPP files have been added as well to guide you through this new lesson. 

Overall Updates for Agile Features
  • Number of New Videos for Agile Features: 26
  • (Total number of videos now for MSP 2016 Live Lessons: 240)
  • Lesson Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes and 17 seconds
  • Practical Files for Scrum:  7 MPP files
  • Practical Files for Kanban: 7 MPP files

All practical files, for this lesson (and also all other lessons), can be downloaded.

If you have any question/clarification, please send an email to
If you want to see some sample videos, before taking your decision, you are welcome to do so. 

  1. With these new updates, the guarantee remains as before.
  2. For new and existing users of this course - MS PROJECT 2016 LIVE LESSONS - all these updates are FREE of cost.

Videos Courses on MS Project Agile and Hybrid-Agile:
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