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CAPM Success Story: A Journey Towards The Crux Of Project Management

By Mahesh Venkatachalam, CAPM

I passed my Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) examination on 16th March, 2019. I completed my PMP/CAPM training in the month of November 2018. Going for CAPM certification was an act of official profile augmentation.

Training Experience
The classes for PMP/CAPM were led by Satya Narayan Dash in November 2018. He is a veteran in the turf of project management. At the end of the session, an evaluation was done and based on it, I was asked to appear for the CAPM exam in March, 2019. I was apprised by Satya to clinch the exam date and then prepare for the exam.

As per the directions given, I scheduled my exam on 16th March, 2019.
Post training, I planned to go through the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition to comprehend the concepts before D-Day!

Own Preparation
PMBOK 6th edition is not so subterranean to describe all the project management theories. Hence, I began researching online, studying numerous websites to congregate an in-depth knowledge of the portions corresponds to PMBOK guide concepts. 

These are the websites which I used for reference.

Following are the books I referred.
  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Sixth Edition 
  • PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy, 9th Edition 

My preparation started with the CAPM Handbook. It furnishes a definite frame of the examination.
Initially, I read the book and then proceeded with the PMBOK guide for the same chapter. A mix and match approach assisted me to understand the concept. “The Standards for Project Management” renders a framework about the "Process group".

  • ITTOs (inputs, tools& techniques, and outputs) performs a significant role to grasp the project management fundamental. Above said artifacts encouraged me to work on the ITTOs and the process flow.
  • Designed a mind map for all the knowledge area and the processes.
  • Every day I consumed around 2 hours for the preparation. 
  • Satya bestowed a few essential files which explain critical path, earned value management (EVM) calculations and other concepts.

Exam excitement made me be on sabbatical for a few days to revise and accommodate myself into the exam mode. I scanned all of my training notes. These were the decisive last moments. I have travelled through all the possible hard-hitting prep questions which I had compiled, exercised all my brain-dumps, and started going through the PMBOK glossary.

CAPM Exam Experience
The exam was pretty multifaceted but had very crafty questions. Fortuitously, I received 2 questions associated with EVM and critical path. I finished the exam in 2hours and 40 minutes. I utilized the remaining 20 minutes to analyze the questions. The inspection was considerably fruitful. I snubbed the exam survey due to anxiety. 

The moment of truth then dawned when I clicked submit, the moment I’d been waiting for, these past few months was here at last. “Congratulations on Passing the PMI Examination” appeared on my screen. It was an exalted feeling to see that and I gasped a deep sigh of relief. I marched out with a big smile on my face, returned all the scratch material to the facilitators and collected my results. 

As I drove out and away from the building I shared the moment of delight with my family and friends. It was an awe-inspiring feeling, a wondrous journey and I’m very glad I made it this far. This experience provided me with immense self-confidence and encourages to streamline my goals.

I would like to take this moment to personally thank Mr. Satya Narayan Dash. 

I hope my experience helps you to prepare yourself to endure the exam.

All the to everyone preparing for the CAPM exam, and wish you good luck!

Brief Profile
Name: Mahesh Venkatachalam
Current Role: Working as a Solution Consultant for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India. I've over 12 years of work experience.

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