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30 Free Questions with Answers on PMI-ACP Examination (Part - 1)

The questions for PMI-ACP have changed. For the latest questions, refer the below link.

  [NEW PMI-ACP Questions and Answers on Latest PMI-ACP Exam (Link)]

[ This series - Part - 2 ]

The questions are based on my personal experience in the PMI-ACP examination. Though I tried a few questions from a few providers, did not find any one closer to the real PMI examination. The questions in the exam are rarely direct and always tests your understanding. 

In this series, there are 15 questions (close to the real examination). 

Question – 1: Velocity is used for Iteration as well as Release Planning. It is typically the sum of delivered user stories. Which of the following is not TRUE about velocity?

A)    Even if the work is fully complete other than few bugs, it will not counts towards velocity
B)    While measuring with velocity, there is no scope to correct estimation errors
C)    As velocity informs on all the "done" stories, in a way it tracks the customer satisfaction
D)    Velocity does not inform on the productivity of the team

Question – 2: Which one of the following is correct about Kanban?

A)    No estimation is required in Kanban
B)    In Kanban Team Leader plays the Role of Coach as in XP
C)    Team focuses on completing features as quickly as possible but is not constrained by a time-box
D)    All of the above
Question – 3: An user story is very useful for the project. Till what time, the user story cards are considered relevant in an Agile project?

A)    End of iteration
B)    End of release
C)    End of project
D)    When work related to the story is complete
. . .
. . .

The question set is available in the embedded PDF below. 

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  1. Dear Satya Narayan Dash,

    Thanks a lot for excellent article on PMI-ACP questions. This is really helpful.

    Regarding questions 14 and 15, answers mentioned as B - but the explanation talks about answer A. Kindly clarify the same.

    Waiting for your Part 2 PMI-ACP Questions.

    Have a great day.


    1. Thank you Amar for informing.

      Have updated the answers.


  2. Dear Satya,

    Wish you are doing great.

    Waiting for your Part 2 PMI-ACP Questions. When can I expect the same?

    Thanks for the needful.


    1. In my next post, which will be a week or so.

      Stayed tuned!

  3. Nice post. It helped me a lot.

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