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30 Free Questions with Answers on PMI-ACP Examination (Part - 2)

The questions for PMI-ACP have changed. For the latest questions, refer the below link.
[NEW PMI-ACP Questions and Answers on Latest PMI-ACP Exam (Link)]
It has been quite sometime since I have had my blog post. I could not write in last few months. Nevertheless, I check your mails and respond whenever I can. [This series - Part - 1] 

This one - the free question set on PMI-ACP - has been long pending. A number of people have asked on it. I keep on getting mails on it. Some people have mentioned it is very close to the real exam. And there are comments on this blog as well.  

Would suggest that you take this one and earlier post of 30 PMI-ACP Freee Questions Part - 1  together, when you do your practice. Note that these are not verbatim  questions from PMI-ACP exam, however, the essence of the exam is there. 

Question – 16: Below are the number of stories to be developed in a team. In first iteration, the team was able to complete Story A, Story B, and 50% of Story C. What is the velocity of the team?

A)   9
B)   11
C)   5
D)   4

Note: I remember some additional questions being asked on the same table and there are graphical questions based on burndown chart. You need to be clear in your understanding on those aspects.

Question – 17: Earned value management is Agile project is most appropriately used at which level?

    A)   Story

    B)   Task
    C)   Iteration
    D)   Release

Question – 18: As per Lean methodology in Agile framework, which one of the following is true?

    A)  Most errors are due to oversight of the resources and skill gaps
    B)  Most errors are systematic in nature
    C)  Most errors are due to motivational issues in the team
    D)  Most errors are due to management oversight and organisational structure 

. . . 

. . .

The question set is available in the embedded PDF below. 

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