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PMP Protein: Top PMP Apps to Assist You

By Sindhu Sreenath, PMP

Part of studying for the PMP® exam involves recollecting structured concepts, formulae used for manual calculations, and terms that could be hard to remember if not used on a regular basis. 

While PMBOK® remains your absolute number one guide to PMP success, I found certain alternative approaches that will help you work on the PMBOK concepts and prepare for the PMP exam. 

Listed below are apps that I found useful during the course of my study. I used these apps as reference material while waiting in long queues, waiting for someone, stuck in traffic, or even while I lazed in bed.  

1. PMPro: It is one of the best Apps from a content, structure and aesthetics perspective. Here you can gain quick references to Formulae, Flash cards, Inputs-Tools and Techniques-Outputs (ITTOs) and even a Dictionary highlighting important terms that are sorted out alphabetically. While a well simulated Mini-PMP test of 50 questions timed for an hour is available, unlock the full PMP exam for US$9.99. They have around 1000 practice questions sorted according to knowledge areas.

2. PMP Exam Mentor: This is another well-organized application explaining concepts sorted via knowledge areas and process groups, and also through 40 project framework topics. You can get access to 1200 free questions based on knowledge areas and 688 Flash Cards. 

3. Pocket Prep: While the payed version of this app is much better to use, the free app also has its features. It allows you to send reminders counting down to the day of the exam, and alarms that remind you of your preset study-hours. It also has 'question of the day' reminders that help you answer and check the in depth explanation. Take tests and record your performance, the metrics to which are displayed on the dash board helping remind you of your strength and gaps in your knowledge.

4. PMP Exam Prep: This is probably the only app that allows you to gain 35 PDU's via paid Prep Course's that include Exam Slides, Offline MP3 Audio Files and Streaming videos. Apart from which you have access to 1 free quiz consisting of 100 questions. A detailed score analysis based on Time and type is also part of the free app. Check out their PMP Exam Videos app as well.

5. PMP Study Kit: This app stands out for its assorted terms and definitions which make a great reference used for revision on the move. It provides access to 360 questions based on Framework, Ethics and Knowledge Areas. The UI is very friendly however it does not have a timer feature.

 While there exist many other applications, this is a condensed list based on my personal preferences. Use the apps only to help as reference points, and the PMBOK as the ultimate guide. Best of Luck!

Written by Sindhu Sreenath

Sindhu Sreenath is an IT Professional & Product Technologist working with Intel Corporation, India as a Program Manager. She is a certified PMP from Project Management Institute (PMI). She has been applying Project and Program practices for over 4 years on managing Product Enabling teams and is now keen on developing her IT Product management skills. She has represented India in Rugby and has played Basketball and did Athletics for her state, at national level. In her spare time she enjoys Travel, Videography, Fitness and sports and is involved in several community and volunteering activities.She can be reached at and her travel account can be accessed on Facebook or Instagram.

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