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PMP Success Story: Hard Work and A Lot of Sacrifices Finally Paid Off

By Alok Jain , PMP

I heard of PMP® exam quite a few years ago and also heard that it is very difficult to crack and at that time few of my managers flunked the exam. When I decided pursue this certification I had to select an institution to get coaching. At that time, I wasn’t aware of any good one. A friend who took training in PMP gave some reference but that didn’t suit my schedule. After some research, I came to know about one and it was suitable for my dates as well. I was fortunate in selection as I met Satya as coach.  

PMP Coaching Experience
I still remember when Satya was teaching the PMP processes, he told that at the end of training we will remember all the 47 processes and at the end of the 4th day it was absolutely correct. I personally remembered all the process at least by name and order.

Satya relates most of the topics with day to day examples so it is very easy to understand. During the class, Satya will share lot of tips and ways to remember the things, you just need to be attentive in the class and you will get brief idea of almost all the topics and concepts.

Own Study
After attending the class room training in the end of October 2016, I first went through all the notes I have taken during the class, the material shared and all the blogs/articles Satya has asked to read during the classroom training.

Satya’s eBook - I Want To Be A PMP

Then I requested Satya for access to his book “I Want To Be A PMP”, I started going through the book and I must admit that Satya has written the book in a very easy and understandable language. The book is very precise and covers everything with examples, lot of tips to remember the content. 

There are lot of videos shared by Satya which explains some of the difficult topics in detail. Moreover, Satya puts constant efforts in explaining the topics and keeps on sending the updates to the books.

Honestly speaking this is the only book I had referred along with the PMBOK® guide. But before even opening PMBOK guide, I have had a thorough walkthrough of Satya’s book and I felt that almost every topic is covered by Satya in his book.

  • In the beginning, I used to study 1-2 hours a day for 3 month.
  • During this time, I have completed one thorough reading of Satya’s Book and somewhat PMBOK guide as well and attempted one full set of question paper, my score was 67%, then I realised that I have had to put some extra efforts.
  • I generally spend some time in my personal health by going for walk/Gym in the morning time but to put in some extra efforts I started studying more by cutting down my gym time and in the last month I have stopped even going to the Gym.  
  • Since I get up early and I have cut down my Gym time I used to get 4-5 hours in the morning so I have utilised this time to study and I have started scoring well in the mock test paper.
  • I realised that it’s the high time for me to schedule the exam, So I scheduled my exam just after 10 days as I was scoring very well in mock papers.
  • I utilised those 10 days in studying as much as I can and stopped studying one day before the exam.

PMP Exam Experience
  • Since I am an early bird I had scheduled my exam in the morning hours i.e. starting at 8:00AM on 3rd April 2017.
  • I reached exam centre well on time and my exam started 10-15 mins early as I took very less time in reading the instructions.
  • I had received numerical questions on Earned Value Measurement (EVM), Critical Path Measurement (CPM), and Decision Tree Analysis (DTA). 
  • Most of the theoretical questions were scenario based; also, I had received questions on type of documents being updated in processes. 
  • In the very first hour I was able to complete 60 questions. I have not taken any break until I have completed 150 questions, then I took a break and was able to complete 200 questions in 3.5 hours.
  • Work was still not over as I had marked lot of questions and I had to review them, and just before 30 seconds I had ended my exam.

And after few minutes I can see congratulations on my screen, it is the moment for which I had put in lot of efforts, I compromised on plenty of things and in the end I was fortunate that my hard work and efforts which I had put were successful.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife and family for their sacrifice and Satya for his guidance to make me PMP certified.

Brief Profile 
Alok Jain: I am currently working as Assistant Consultant in Tata Consultancy Services and I have almost 9 years of experience in development, IT service management, transition management and IT project management.

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