Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Book Review - I Want To Be A PMP: Concise Book with A Logical Flow

By Abhinav Tiwari, PMP

I cleared PMP exam on 3rd April, 2017. When I started preparing for the PMP Examination, I struggled at first to find study resources that fit my style of learning. 

I was very happy when I discovered Satya's e-Book 'I Want To Be A PMP'. It not only presented the material in a manner that I appreciated (i.e. concisely and with a logical flow) but he also provides the reader with a proven strategy to prepare for and pass the exam as well as numerous learning tips in each chapter.

Unique Features of the Book:
  • Practice questions at end of each chapter will reinforce the concepts and improve your understanding.
  • Videos on Earned Value Management (EVM), Critical Path Measurement (CPM), Conflict Management and Risk Response Strategies are added bonus and very well explained. 
  • Formula Gold card to learn the important formulas. 
  • Explanation of mathematical problems with clear examples.
  • Flow charts for Change Request, Deliverables, Change Log and Issue Log. 
  • Flow charts for work performance data, work performance information and work performance report. 
  • Emphasis on key inputs and outputs for each process. 
  • 600 questions in 3 mock tests which were very close to real exam and will help in determining weak and improvement areas.
  • Satya reinforces the concepts he wants to impart to the reader through use of repetition and carefully crafted process flow questions at the end of chapters.

Brief Profile:
Abhinav Tiwari, Senior Consultant, Workday & PeopleSoft Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC). Linked profile: 

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