Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Book Review - I Want to Be A PMP: Read Through End-To-End, Practice, Revise, Make Your Own Notes and Clear The Exam

By Manas Das, PMP

Why this Book?
  • The book is well-paced and has a certain rhythm to each chapter.
  • With the skillful thoughts put in by Satya to come up with this book, it’s very much exam oriented and the writing style is very neat and clear with topics very well elaborated for easy understanding.
  • I certainly want to buy this book as this will surely help me in my PMP® preparation in more focused and right way.
  • One can use this book as a stand-alone preparation book along with PMBOK® guide 5th edition.

Overall Book Review – I Want To Be A PMP
  • The introduction chapter provides an overview of the key information for understanding the material covered in subsequent chapters their general order of importance.
  • From exam point of view all the yogic tips and tricks that are given in each chapter are extremely important for someone to take a note of it while reading through the chapters and will give some extra insight on what someone need to know about Project Management.
  • Many concepts are explained by videos for easy understanding through visualization.
  • Also, many references are given to Satya's blog where the topics are well explained in elaborated way with examples which is an added benefit of this book.
  • The practice exam at the end of each chapters allows to review the material and test your understanding with respect to actual PMP exam.
  • The key abbreviations with respect to PMBOK and PMP are well explained.
  • The book also provides an insight to the real-world project management tools like Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera which will really help in enriching the experience and usage of the tool in practical world of Project Management since these are the tools used in most of the enterprise companies round the world.
  • The book has a special attraction for the Formula based questions that appears in the exam and helps as a ready reference.

Review Of Chapters in the Book – I Want to be A PMP
  • The Book has multiple chapters (from Chapter 1 to Chapter 17) in order of precedence.
  • There are some themes that appear throughout this book and some terms that are repeated in most knowledge areas. E.g. OPA, EEF, Management Plans for each Knowledge Area, PM Plan, Baselines (Scope, Schedule, Cost), Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information and Report, Change Requests etc. These are some of the most important topics to understand which will help to see how each concept relates to overall project management process and someone may frequently see these concepts on the exam. 
  • In order to really retain the information learned from this book someone needs to review it couple of times.
  • In particular, it’s important to review the PMI-isms in each chapter and the Process chart in Chapter-4, Page -6, 7 (Section 3.4: Interaction among the Processes).
  • Having a solid understanding of the project management process and the material presented in this book will not only help someone pass the exam, it will also enable the knowledge to apply in real world projects.  
  • To conclude with a one liner 'Please go through the book start to end, prepare your own notes, revisit the book again and again. Practice, practice and clear the exam'.

Welcoming the aspirants to PMP club.

Brief Profile: Manas Das, Project Manager Infosys Technologies
Manas Das has 12+ years of work experience and is playing a Project Manager role for retail portfolios in North-American geography for Enterprise Application Services.

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