Friday, July 14, 2017

Book For PMI-ACP Exam Prep: "I Want To Be An ACP"

[NEW Book: I Want To Be An ACP - 2nd Edition  (Link)] 

I am delighted to announce the public availability of the book for Project Management Institute's (PMI®) Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP®) certification examination.

"I WANT TO BE AN ACP - The plain and simple way to be a PMI-ACP"

This book consolidates my learning, while training, coaching and mentoring fellow professionals on various Agile courses such as Agile PMP, PMI-ACP, Agile Development with JIRA etc. The inspiration to write this book came from the free questions that I’ve made available on this blog, which has helped many professionals pass the PMI-ACP exam. Below are a few comments by successful ACPs. 

"Thanks !!!  I passed the test. The test was similar to the practice test, a lot of situational questions.", Angela Crew, PMI-ACP, Bell South, United States

"Satya, Thank you for your help at the last moment for self agile realization. I cleared test :)", Deepak Manchanda, PMI-ACP, Canada

During their preparation and after passing the exam, many call from different corners of the world. Though most of them don’t reside in my time-zone, I take their calls whenever possible to help them with their preparation, to learn from their exam experiences - which book or material they referred, and what could have helped them in a better way. 

The key learning from almost all of them was this: there is not any proper book available which truly covers the contents mentioned in the Examination Content Outline (ECO). This book, hence, incorporates the feedback of successful PMI-ACPs. 

Thank You to all of you who helped me writing this book. 

This book has been internally published since April of this year. Many professionals, including many successful PMPs, have since purchased this book. This post is a formal announcement of the book going fully public.

Key Features of This Book: "I Want To Be An ACP"
  • In-line with the ECO for PMI-ACP and PMI-ACP Exam 2015 Changes. 
  • The book references all PMI recommended books (total 12) from the ACP examination perspective.
  • 100s of tips are shared throughout the book, which will help you to know, understand and focus where questions are tricky.
  • Over 400 practice questions (mostly context and scenarios based), including 3 full length PMI-ACP Exam Question Sets.
  • Many real life and practical examples, including usage of practical tools such as Atlassian JIRA.
  • Simplified content and languages with lots of figures for visualization and understanding

Overall Content of the Book: "I Want To Be An ACP"
  • Number of Chapters: 10
  • Number of Pages: ~550
  • Number of Questions: 400+
  • Full Length Questions: 3 
  • Each question set has 120 questions
  • Each question set is accompanied with detailed answer set
A number of practice questions, excluding the ones from full length questions, are available at the end of every chapter.

To know the breakdown content of the book, please check the below index (partial one). The detailed index is part of the book. 

Index of the Book 
The partial index of the book is shown below (Embedded PDF) You can scroll or open in larger screen by clicking the arrow on right in the embedded frame, to see the content.

If you are want to buy or have any queries on  this book, please send a mail to 

Book Excerpts:
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