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30 Free PMI-RMP Questions with Answers (Part - 2)

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This is in continuation of previous post: 30 Free PMI-RMP Questions with Answers (Part - 1). The previous post, on RMP questions, was well received. Already, many have got the access to the questions. 

Just as a note: you can see the answers to the questions only when you have the access. For that you have to send a mail as noted below. For further explanation on why the selected answer is correct, you can refer the book - I Want To Be RMP

This post contains the final 15 questions. For first set of 15 questions, you can refer the earlier post.  

Question – 16: For your activities, you are finding that there can be many possible events which can create risks. And those events can also be product of several other events. Which distribution you would use?
(A) Triangular Distribution 
(B) LogNormal Distribution
(C) Normal Distribution 
(D) BetaPert Distribution

Question – 17: In a risk analysis for the activities of a project, following activities came with the criticality index as shown below in the Tornado diagram.
Figure drawn with Primavera Risk Analysis Software

Which activity (activities) has/have the least chance to be on the critical path?

(A) A1140, A1160
(B) A1160, A1030 
(C) A1140, A1160
(D) A1020, A1080

Question – 18: In the following decision tree, what is incorrectly put?

(A) On the paths from the decision node to a chance node, the monetary value should be put.
(B) On the paths from the chance node to a decision node, the monetary value should be put.
(C) On the paths from the decision node to a chance node, the probability value cannot be put.
(D) On the paths from the chance node to a decision node, the probability value cannot be put.

Question – 19: For a project manager to be successful in risk management, there are many responsibilities as well as activities to perform. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?
(A) Owning risk response actions.
(B) Developing the project risk management plan.
(C) Applying contingency funds. 
(D) Auditing risk responses for their effectiveness.

Question – 20: Your project is under execution for last 3 months. Some of your stakeholders are not very satisfied with the way risk management is happening. This input has also reached your sponsor. Your sponsor has asked you to do an audit for the risks in the project. You are aware that just two weeks before the audit has happened for the project. Now you want to find out the frequency needed for your audit. Which document or plan will give you such information?
(A) Risk Management Plan.
(B) Risk Register.  
(C) Risk Response Plan. 
(D) Stakeholder Register.

. . .
. . . 
. . .

Question – 28: You are looking at the Earned Value Analysis results for your current projects. You find out that the schedule performance index (SPI) is 0.8 and the cost performance index (CPI) is 0.67. You also found the estimate at completion (EAC) is going to be much more than the initial planned budget, i.e., Budget at completion (BAC). This can pose new risks for your project. You are into which process and using which technique? 
(A) Control risks; Variance analysis. 
(B) Control risks; Variance and trend analysis. 
(C) Control risks; Technical performance measurement. 
(D) Control risks; Reserve analysis.

Question – 29: For an activity in your schedule you are considering the extremes of uncertainty of the activity under consideration. Also, you believe, for this activity, the intermediate values have equal chances of occurring. What kind of probability distribution will be considered while doing a risk analysis?
(A) Beta distribution.
(B) Symmetric triangular distribution. 
(C) Asymmetric triangular distribution.
(D) Rectangular distribution.

Question – 30: Fallback plan is part of ___________________:
(A) Risk management plan.
(B) Project management plan.
(C) Risk register. 
(D) A separate plan.

The question set is available in the embedded PDF below. 

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