Friday, September 29, 2017

PMP Success Story: Systematic Study and Practice - Keys To PMP Success

By Sandeep Meloth, PMP

I have been practicing project management for more than 10 years, but was never serious about taking PMP certification. 

It was a chance encounter in my company’s external trainings list that prompted me to take up the PMP coaching workshop. 

PMP Coaching Experience
During the workshop, I was able to appreciate many concepts like for e.g. the Project Management Plan document which I had developed for many projects without knowing its importance. 

I wish I had taken up PMP certification few years ago to make project management an enjoyable experience.  Satya has a structured way of teaching and the end of the workshop, the 10 process areas and 47 Knowledge areas are registered in your mind.  His tips are tricks for certain topics and preparing for the exam are really helpful.

Own Preparation
After the workshop, I made a list of topics like Earned Value Management (EVM), change management, mathematical questions etc. that I need to understand better and made a deeper study of those topics. Other than I Want To Be A PMP book, initially I referred the Headfirst PMP book for getting an overall understanding of the topics and referred Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep book which I found to be useful when it comes to detailed explanation of topics. Also, I made a copy of the questions at the end of each chapter from the reference books in one place so as to practice in the last month before the exam. I also found the questions in the form of crosswords to be a useful way of learning.

In the last one month before the exam, I practiced all the questions that I had gathered and also worked out few full-length mock exams. 

About the Book “I Want To Be A PMP”
Actually, my sole intention of purchasing this book was to the cover the newly added 2016 changes. However, I found many useful contents like explanations on mathematical questions, many videos etc. in the book. And the best part were the 3 full length practice exams that is provided as part of this book. 

By taking these 3 full length practice exams, you are equipped for the worst case and can be rest assured of clearing the exam in the first attempt.

Final Words
It is not enough to get PMP certified but practicing project management with a good judgement of the guiding principles of PMP and ethics can only make us a successful Project Manager. 

Brief Profile 
Sandeep Meloth is a Product Engineering Specialist in a leading MNC

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