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PMP Success Story: Lucky To Have I Want To Be A PMP Book

By Ritu Parna Sahoo, PMP

The PMP® certification is acknowledged globally, which motivated me to take it up. I was not aware of Satya’s class and came to know on his book much later while browsing. 

I primarily followed the PMBOK guide and I Want To Be A PMP book. They are sufficient to clear the exam. 

Own Study

For the exam, I had this approach. 
  • I have spent nearly 4-5 hours daily for 3 months.
  • I read “I Want To Be A PMP” for more than 5 times and attended all practice questions at the end of each chapter along with Full Length Questions and Answers. 
  • The only material that I followed apart from “I Want To Be A PMP” book is the PMBOK guide 5th edition..

I have always made sure to clear my concepts after reading “I Want To Be A PMP” and then referring the PMBOK guide 

The main obstacles which I faced was to justify my work and give time to my preparation. 

But last but not the least where there is a will there is a way.

Book Review - I Want to Be A PMP
The approach and explanation in I Want to Be A PMP book gave me the confidence and preparation required to pass for this exam. 

The video contents, exercise, flow diagrams along with the explanation was based on real world examples. It broke down complex concepts into plain language with lucid explanations which really simplified the matters and emphasized an understanding of foundational concepts. Take additional notes on your part with respect to video contents, exercise, flow diagrams etc.

This book will give you the tools to pass the exam and mock test will test your knowledge in the best possible way. I was very happy to find challenging questions and accurate information, as well as, a very similar style to which the actual exam is given. Features such as timed exams and showing exactly which areas that you need to focus your studies on were key for me. 

I surely recommend I Want to Be A PMP book to aspiring PMPs.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
  • Have a very good night sleep. You need to be refreshed for the exam. 
  • Practice on Mock and target to score minimum 85% to crack real PMP exam but it depends heavily on what set of questions you practiced and scored. 
  • Make sure you follow the hierarchy among all 47 processes, which comes after whom and why. 
  • Remember the concepts which is very important when answering the questions. 
  • Practice on ITTO's, remember the tools and techniques along with the numerical questions. 
  • Mathematical questions are generally very easy to score and simple. 
  • Time yourself in my case I made sure not more than 1 minute and in some places, I quickly answered saved about 15 mins at the end to review the questions again and once which were marked for review. Answers are so similar that it will confuse you; but they are only for a few. 
  • Some questions are lengthy, not all. If you are not able to get it at first instance mark one of the answers and also mark it for review and move ahead this saves time remember to review those questions again.

  • Control the exam, do not let it control you. Critical part is to control your anxiety level/patience for 4 hours and select the best answer.
  • Preferably don’t take breaks in between such as drinking water, going to rest rooms. Every time you step out you will be scanned for security reasons and this way you will lose over 10 minutes. 

All the best to PMP aspirants who are reading this piece and believe it is helpful. 

Brief Profile: Ritu Parna Sahoo, Project Manager, Microsoft Corp.

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