Monday, February 04, 2019

PMP Protein: Emotional Quotient – A Risk Factor

By Manjunath R, PMP        

        Taking ownership is the best way to get the things done. No matter what project management methodology is adapted, taking ownership always works. It is all about involving completely and taking accountability of the consequences. One needs to give his or her mind, heart and soul to the activity involved and make sure it is delivered with maximum possible efficiency. It requires lot of attention to detail. In the sense, one needs to understand the consequences of each actions. This is nothing but risk analysis. 
        Risk analysis is carried out in planning stage. Also, during execution unexpected things prop up and will become threat to the project progress. One such risk is emotions flowing through the project TEAM. The emotional balance of team members plays a very important role in the journey of the project. The emotional quotient should be kept in a watch list. If pulse of the team members isn’t understood properly, it will have an impact on project constraints. 

        Most of the times, a good rapport between the team members will be a great motivational factor. The team leader needs to respect the team member’s emotional bonding with the rest of the team. Efforts should be made to have an honest relationship, not only for the sake of the project, but also otherwise. 

        An honest relationship always works, may it be professional or family or social life. Team motivating programs should be designed to enhance the cohesiveness of the team.  If team members happen to lose faith in one another, then the fate of the project will be at stake. Having said that, people should not mix up their personal problems with profession. The distinction should be manifested. 

Conclusion: To summarize, every team member including the team lead, should have a great bonding which will eventually contribute to the self-development as well as strategic alignment to the vision and mission of the organization. 

Author: Manjunath R
Manjunath R is a project management professional in construction industry. He is a graduate Civil Engineer. He has been involved in construction industry as Deputy General Manager working for REVA University. He has worked with several reputed organizations in Bangalore. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI). 

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